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Adult Education Spanking

As you might know Dear Reader, I do not have a whole lot of respect for our various type of educators.  I am a firm believer that those who cannot do..  Teach.  Those who cannot Teach, of course teach gym.  Its not that I have anything particular against them but considering they work perhaps 2/3 the amount the rest of us do and complain the loudest about what they get paid.

Of course, with all that free time they have more than enough opportunity to think about things that the rest of the world doesn't really care about.  Which brings me to our latest college folly.  Rather than preparing our young adults for a life of success,  CUNY,  the City University of NY seems more concerned with how they address each other.  A letter distributed to the faculty "suggested" that they cease to use gender based pronouns such as He or She to describe their students so to not offend others that presumably are not sure if they are in fact a he or a She. 

Well at least here at The Spanking Spot,  we indeed know,  the ones that are getting a spanking ore of course the She on the spanking Updates of the week!

You know Dear Reader,  One of the things I really enjoy about Dallas’s spanking both old and new, is the look on a new model’s face when his hand of steel comes down upon her unmarked ass for the first time.  You can see the look of pain, confusion and panic all in one expression!  Now I am fairly sure  that Dallas, gives models the lowdown on what they are in for when they sign up to be on his website.  After all if they just wondered how much it would hurt they could simply watch one of the unfortunate girls who formerly went across his knee.  So it shouldn’t really be a surprise to them when his hand first comes in contact with her bare bottom.  But it seems it happens more than one would think.  Perhaps they simply thought it was all a joke!  Like this young Aussie who found out differently.  From Dallas Spanks Hard.

Long time fans of Real Spanking probably remember Rachel.  She was the cute one with the girl next door looks that showed up time to time some years ago.  You might also remember she never really liked to be spanked, which of course made the whole concept of spanking her that much more fun.  Strangely for a girl who doesn’t particularly enjoy getting spanked she is back with them.  This time Mr M is not messing around.  A decently hard spanking gets some water works flowing on this spanking.  Also Available thought the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass

Not to be outdone by CUNY,  Educators in Little Rock are unhappy because the state voted to take over their failing schools.  This of course seems reasonable until you realize this is the same union that was upset after the school district had to issue rules that teachers should wear undergarments or face disciplinary action.  Now I am not sure about you Dear Reader,  But as much as I hate my HR Nazi and take pleasure provoking her.  I have yet to get a email from her reminding my co-workers to wear underwear and we don’t even work with children!   Usually it’s the teachers reminding the students that they need to wear panties or face a spanking.  From Bars and Stripes
Rosie_punishment_lines2_Rosie Scene 2 - 57Rosie_punishment_lines2_Rosie Scene 2 - 68Rosie_punishment_lines2_Rosie Scene 2 - 70Rosie_punishment_lines2_Rosie Scene 2 - 75

So I guess a family who spanks together stays together.  It seems that Angel Lee,  daughter of the famed spanker Tasha Lee wants to get into the family business as a bottom.  I am not sure if this is weird or not.  From Triple A Spanking.

You know Dear Reader, I have a fantasy,  In this fantasy I wish for girls who would come to my house and ask for a spanking.  After they have been spanked,  they go out and find other naughty girls and bring them back to me for a spanking.  Mainly so I can just concentrate on spanking them.  Our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian lives this dream Dear Reader.  From Real Life Spanking


Overly Tattooed Gutter Slut Spanking

As you might have heard me drone on about before.  My present employer (not for long I hope), insists that we treat our employees like they are in 13th grade (Lower 7th form for you Brits).  Something I refuse to do, thus the reason I am in almost constant trouble with the HR Nazi.   What has not occurred to the HR Nazi is that when you treat adults like children they tend to act as such.  Thus like in high school we too, from time to time have a mystery shitter. 

Now given,  it is vile, even for the inhabitants of this place.  I probably shouldn't write about this lest it gives the HR Nazi idea's but I do only to prove that our educators are dumber than even HR Professionals.  You School officials a Gustine Elementary, in Gustine, Texas also have a mystery shitter on their hands.  Rather than write passive aggressive emails to its student body like our HR Nazi does.  The officials decided that it be prudent to heard a bunch of 11 year olds into the gym,  drop their draws and yes,  you guessed it, not spank but inspect them for evidence of the dastardly pooper. 

Needless to say someone had a problem with this.  Though this being Texas it would have been perfectly acceptable to spank them, like our girls on the Spanking Updates of the Week. 

Perhaps the second worst place in the United States besides New Jersey,  is of course Pennsylvania.  While the Garbage State might smell like a sewer and be inhabited by unintelligible natives wondering what exit they need to get off to get home.  PA,  PA is a special shit hole to Yours Truly.  You see I had the unfortunate experience of living there for a number of years, before I triumphantly returned to my beloved city.  While it might look pretty on paper,  The only real civilized areas are Philadelphia with the worst sports fans in the world and Pittsburg,  and its….  well its Pittsburg.   More or less everything in-between are abandon coal mines,  fracking rigs,  people married to close relatives and bankrupt towns.  This of course is where My Dear Friend Gregg the mystery spanker decides to haunt to find his new naughty girls.  From Bun Beating Fun.

Perhaps the only thing worst than getting mocked by a Spanking Blogger, Dear Reader is getting mocked by a bunch of know nothing schoolgirls.  Unfortunately, Your Humble Narrator knows this now since his short people are not that short and seem to know everything better than I.  Fortunately for them I am not nearly as strict as our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian.  From Spanked In Uniform

So over the weekend Dear Reader,  I saw the movie Gone Girl.  While it wasn’t particularly bad there was two issues with it.  First it was made before and it was called Fatal Attraction.  Second it dawned on me most if not all the issues with the various females in the movie could be dealt with,  using a good hard bare bottom spanking.  A fact that is not lost on Ms Chris, nor the stunning Jenny Mack.  From Northern Spanking

You know Dear Reader,  I have been reading about this Tiny House movement.  For those of you who may not know about it.  It is the concept that we all have too much shit, and one can live quite comfortably in spaces the size of a parking space.  Now that is a bit extreme for Yours Truly but I must admit after spending many years living in obscenely expensive Mc-Mansions, keeping up with the Jones only to buy a small cottage in the middle of the woods.  Such things appeal to me.  Of course one of the golden rules of living in these small spaces is that there is a place for everything.  Now spanking someone in these tiny homes does admittedly pose a challenge but as Chelsea Pfeiffer demonstrates the mouth of the spankee is a perfect place to store ones cane until it is needed.  From Good Spanking

Finally for tonight,  Before Harry Potter,  I never knew that writing lines was a punishment.  Actually my Dear Mother made me do it as an exercise since my handwriting was so bad and she seemed to channel her nun teachers every summer when I was supposed to be off.  Needless to say it was unpleasant but being young and dumb I never quite equated it with punishment.  Just my mother being truly evil.  Well, My handwriting never got better since even at such a young age I informed her that someone by the time I was an adult would invent a machine that would spell and write legibly for me (I was right of course).  She countered that they would not invent a machine to correct my atrocious grammar.  (she was right of course).  Thankfully I never had to wear a schoolgirl dress.  From Spanking Sarah Gregory


Sober Spanking

O Dear Reader,  despite the snow storm that was coming to kill us all.  The Supreme Court of the United States Heard oral arguments about the "disparate impact" clause of the Fair Housing Act.  For those of you who might be ignorant about this historic bill,  it is indeed the one that said that White people must allow Black People to live among them no matter how many sheets they might wear over their head. 

One of the more controversial elements is the afore mentioned clause which really isn't in the bill at all, but a later interpretation of the bill, which says willful discrimination against people with regards to housing doesn't actually have to occur to be in violation.  The mere fact that protected class of people might be underrepresented in a particular population is enough.  No matter what the cause. 

So essentially someone doesn't really need to do anything wrong to do something wrong.  Kind of like our girls,  but then again they always need a spanking on the Spanking Updates of the Week. 

Now, you would think Your Humble Narrator being a stark raving mad liberal such a law forcing people to live together is a good thing.  Unfortunately it does not,  and it is likely the Supreme Court will agree with Yours Truly.  You see Dear Reader,  what the Politically Correct ruling class doesn’t realize,  at this point in history its not about race.  In fact I cannot think of one person I know who would object to living next door due to the color of their skin, and most of my friends are Republicans.  No Dear Reader its about living with the poor, Which rich people tend not to want to do.  Poor people unfortunately tend to behave badly.  Which makes the rest of us not wanting to live with them.  Fortunately no matter what the Government dictates,  people with money will spend it so well….  we can live with other people with money.  It finally comes down to one very expensive game of musical chairs.  Its as effective as forcing two girls who don’t like each other to share a room.  All you get is them spanking each other all day in various forms of undress.  From Spanking Sorority Girls or the better valued 5 site Clare Fonda Pass

You know Dear Reader,  I have always taken issue with double spankings.  Not that its particularly bad mind you. But rather than employ the energy of another person why not simply spank them longer?  From English Spankers

So Dear Reader I did something rather odd for me being me.  I quit drinking.  Well….  I quit drinking for today at least.  Tomorrow might be another story.  So if you find me dull this week it is indeed because my alcohol fueled rants are rather muted.  Now why would I do such a thing?  Well….  Lets just say I have been drinking much as of late and felt it time to take a break.  So as a present for my soberment  Mr. M presents us with the lovely Monica getting a high school Spanking on Real Spanking Institute or the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass 

One of the things we cannot get though our schoolgirls naïve heads is that you are simply never too old to be spanked,  not incidentally is it illegal.  I refer you to a strange case in Florida a number of weeks ago.  It seems that a father was disturbed by his 12 year old daughters behavior and decided to spank her.  Of course she threatened to call the police! Unfortunately for her that is exactly what her father did and the police showed up to witness her getting the painful wooden paddle since apparently they have nothing else to do other than to explain to a brat its not illegal for her father to paddle her.  Well lovely redhead Bianca didn’t try such nonsense and in turn only got an OTK Spanking.  From Punished Brats

Finally for today we have none other than the stunning Amelia Jane Rutherford getting the wooden board over her hot little jeans.  But it doesn’t do much to protect her perfect bottom.  From Firm Hand Spanking.


Blizzard Spanking

So Dear Reader as I write this there are blizzard warnings blaring at me every 15 minutes to remind me of the fact there is a blizzard on the way and the world is going to end.  I even made the mistake of venturing out yesterday from my rural retreat to get some food and gas to survive the white apocalypse.   I shall tell you Dear Reader,  seeing what people are like before a snow storm I cringe thinking of what it will be like when the zombies finally come to wipe out civilization as we know it.  People running though the isles frantically grabbing whatever foodstuff they could  when in fact they could probably survive more than a week from all the food forgotten in the back of their cupboards.  At the gas station one woman slammed into the car ahead of her for seemingly no real cause.  (other than in fact she was a woman and driving).  It was a madhouse. 

So while I wait for the 3 inches or 3 feet of snow we may or may not be getting.  Let us take a look and see what the other spanking bloggers are saying. 

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Strap-ons and Spanking

In an effort to help boost the economy, reduce long term unemployment, shrink government and reduce taxes the newly elected republican controlled congress logically began their legislative session by attempting to ban abortion and redefine rape.  This obviously is because well……  I can’t really think of anything.  On top of which any analogy I make will be less funny (or sad depending on how you look at it)  than the reality. 

Unfortunately this suggests we are facing the next 2 years much like the last two years, with congress getting absolutely nothing done because of the crazies in their party.  Fortunately we have the upcoming primary season to entertain us.  An of course the inevitable outrage when Hillary wins the Whitehouse.  In the meantime we of course can entertain ourselves with some good old fashion bare bottom spanking on the Spanking Updates of the Week!

So it appears our much celebrated cameraman is on a strap-on kick.  No less than two of the 5 sites available in the Clare Fonda Pass include the use of strap-ons as a way for the girls to “punish” each other.  I am not sure about you Dear Reader but the insertion of a large oddly colored facsimile of male genitals into various orifices generally doesn’t count as punishment the way a spanking does.   Then again most of it is indeed spanking and Jenna Sativa, Star Nine are pretty hot so who am I to judge.  From Girl Strap-on Girl.

What Dear Reader could be worse than having a hit man after you. Well I can think of at least one thing worse.  If indeed he was into spanking you before he kills you.  From Dallas Spanks Hard.


I have been away for far too long Dear Reader,  This “technically” isn’t an update for this week but it is indeed new to me.  And when can I resist sharing with you the one and only Amelia Jane Rutherford getting her bottom warmed in a tight little badminton uniform.  From Spanked in Uniform.

Speaking of which Zoe Page is also keeping busy beating Amelia bare bottom.  In addition to smacking her perfect ass she also has some work to do with Alicia Fox’s bare bottom as well.  From Bars and Stripes

Finally for this week our good friend Cake Boy had the opportunity to film the smoking hot Isobel Wren getting a nice otk spanking on her gorgeous rear.  From Triple A Spanking



Global Warming Spanking

In a rare display of sanity, Dear Reader.  The United States Senate voted 98-1 that global warming was indeed real.  Thank you for clearing that up for us.  I would assume that their next vote is to confirm that the answer to 2+2 is indeed 4.  Unfortunately only 50 of them voted that it was in fact due to human activity.  Personally I blame snails.  After all they are the ones burning all the coal.  Perhaps we should have a war on snails.  Kill a snail,  save the planet! 

For their encore,  I think they will vote that women get spanked but not because they are naughty.  But despite what 100 morons have to say,  we indeed know the truth on the Spanking Updates of the Week!

To start today, I have a good source that tells me that the Able Amsterdam Authoritarian does in fact believe in global warming.  This of course Dear Reader, is unsurprising since his adopted country’s economy is predicated on lots of people sticking their fingers in leaky Dykes.  I also heard that he is overjoyed that 98 people of the United States Senate have confirmed this despite something like 80% of the population and almost every scientist that got their degree outside of a cracker jack box already knows.  So to celebrate this acknowledgement of reality he has brought back a very naughty girl that was dear to Yours truly when he first spanked her a number of years ago.  Dear Reader,  I present you with Mandy,  who oddly is about 100% more attractive now then when he bared her bottom the first time.  From Real Life Spanking

The next vote they take in the senate will be the following.  Whether water is indeed wet,  If the earth is round and of course whether or not Jenna Jay should be spanked.  We are of course not waiting for the latter.  From Northern Spanking

So for any of you that have Netflix,  I would encourage you to look up a British show called Black Mirror.  Now I realize our brit brothers and sisters are probably laughing at this since this series is over 2 years old and (I think) cancelled.  But it seems all the rage here.  The show imagines a dystopian future with regards to the technology that invades every aspect in our lives.  In addition it imagines the Prime Minister having carnal relations with a bovine on national television, which always makes for grand entertainment.  Unfortunately I have not come across any instances of spanking which one would imagine would fit right in.  None the less we will have to turn to the lovely Chelsea Pfeiffer paddling the soon to be red ass of Alex Reynolds.  From Good Spanking

Before I left for my sabbatical I reported our own favorite cake boy was playing hid the salami with none other than Sarah Gregory.  But what he is realizing is having such a precocious girl friend is quite a bit of work.  Particularly during sleepovers.  Needless to say his right hand is somewhat useless now with all the spanking he has to do.  From Sarah Gregory Spanking



State of the Spanking

Yesterday Dear Readers,  The President of the United States gave his annual State of the Union Address.  For those of you outside the good old United States,  This is an annual address required by the constitution where the president addresses congress to tell them that everything is hunky dory.  Last night our first Kenyan President did just that.  He talked about perhaps giving everyone who wants to go to college the opportunity to do so.  He spoke about how it might not be a good idea to pay people so little that they require welfare just to get by.  And he told us that having all the money in the hands of a couple of very rich people is probably a really really bad idea. 

But with all the State of the Unions since we only have 2 equally corrupt parties in this country the opposite side wanted a rebuttal.  Where we were greeted by a maniacal smiling Joni Ernst who spoke about bread shoes and how giving people healthcare was somehow bad.  What was missing of course from both sides was any mention of bringing back the right to spank women.  Which is what we are here today to celebrate on The Spanking Updates of the Week!

We begin today with a brand new teacher at Real Spanking Institute.  Ms. Cross as with all new teachers needs to put some limits on her students.  Limits Dear Reader that the girls ultimately test.  In this case the unlucky trail blazer is none other than Lila Night.  Even worse for lovely Lila is that this woman can SPANK!  Also available though the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass.

It is a generally accepted fact here in America that African American parents are far more likely to use corporal punishment on their young-ins than the rest of us.  Statistically speaking then it is likely that young Cupcake here has felt the burn of her bottom at least a number of times growing up.  I don’t think she remembers it hurting like this.  From Spanked Sweeties or the better valued 5 site Clare Fonda Pass

It looks like while I was on my leave of absence on The Spanking Spot,  Our friend David Pierson has been hard at work recruiting more talent to ummm…..  Get spanked!  Dear Reader, Meet Candence who got her first spanking a number of weeks ago.  Not only does she look adorable in a schoolgirl outfit she can take a pretty good spanking and her expressions are priceless.  Not to mention she might have enjoyed it (watch the movie and watch the rear view).  From Punished Brats

While us American’s obsession with football mystifies the world just as their obsession with girly-men kicking a soccer ball does us.  The big news is that unsurprising to no one.  The evil patriots cheated! This of course wouldn’t matter if the Giants were in the Superbowl to once again defeat Tom Brady but sadly this is not the case.  We will have to depend on the Seahawks and the NFL to get Bill Belecheck to play football and….  you know…..  not cheat.  Personally I would like to see the Patriots disqualified and the win go to the Colts.  In addition any attractive close female relative of his spanked.  From Real Life Spanking

I will have to admit, Dear Reader,  after panning some of Firm Hand Spanking’s spanking a couple of months ago.  I will have to say that they have upped their game with their new models.  This is the very cute Portia Marlowe who takes a pretty hard and painful spanking.