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19 Year Old Mandy gets her First Spanking And Sarah Gregory in a St Trinians Uniform

Last week,  my beloved state made the historic decision to allow people of the same sex who love each other to be allowed the state recognition of marriage.  In a twist worthy of the politics in this bizarre state,  the most ardent position against allowing people to do what they want to do,  was given by a democrat!  In fact even most republicans in the great state are indeed ok with the law.  After all it allows for protections for people who insist that their religion should be applied to everyone regardless of what you and I think about it.

But indeed I am glad, While I might not agree with people insisting on believing in a book written somewhere around 500 BC by some pissed off dude named Leviticus that no one seems to remember.  I do indeed believe they have the right to do it.  Unfortunately for the believers who keep insisting this book to be true,  the do indeed pick and choose.  You see Big L,  seems to have a problem with many things,  Such as Tattoo’s, blended cloth, birds, bugs, snakes, Dwarfs, childbirth, menstruation and screwing your neighbors wife.  All of which result in pretty much the same punishment that he proscribes for homosexuality.  A slow and horrible death!

But fear not Dear Reader for any non blemished Spanko believers, who has never ate chicken before.  Your soul is indeed safe. Spanking Women is apparently not something that pissed our friend Leviticus off.  Then it must be ok right?  Just make sure your paddle doesn’t have any mixed fibers on it and sacrifice a goat once and a while no matter how much your neighbors might complain.  Now off to the Spanking Updates of the Week!

Sometimes Dear Reader a girl don’s an outfit (obviously of single blend cloth only).  That indeed makes one just go WOW.  Today that honor goes out to the quintessential girl next door,  our own Sarah Gregory.  During her recent trip to our friends across the pond she showed up in what she thought was a authentic English Schoolgirl uniform.  But apparently our British friends are rather particular about their uniforms as the one she looks incredible in is called a “St Trinians” uniform as opposed to an authentic English one.  Now I indeed do not know the difference Dear Reader but if she showed up on my doorstep looking like that.  Well lets just say I wouldn’t give a rats ass if it is indeed authentic or not!  But indeed the result was the same Dear Reader for she indeed got a sound spanking for her ignorance.  I of course would have spanked her because….  well….  she looks fantastic!  From Triple A Spanking
trinians02 trinians09trinians18 Image12 trinians13 Image43 Image38

I am indeed convinced that our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian has some sort of diabolical plan to keep your Humble Narrator from completing his updates.  You see not only did I spend hours pondering the Spanking he gave Caroline grey yesterday in that little sailor uniform.  Today he presents us with the very naughty and very hot,  19 year old Mandy.  As I sat,  jaw agape, with a little line of drool forming at the corner of my mouth. I watched as our friend spank this girl’s bare bottom who for all intents and purposes should be on a cat walk (preferably getting spanked).  But she indeed has been naughty.  Being out of work she has decided to do some rather naughty webcam work.  Which of course will cease after she realize just how much a good old fashion OTK Spanking hurts.  From Real Life Spanking
mandy_first_spanking_P1010444 mandy_first_spanking_P1010447 mandy_first_spanking_P1010449 mandy_first_spanking_P1010451 mandy_first_spanking_P1010455 mandy_first_spanking_P1010458

Indeed it must New Spankee season Dear Reader!  Take note, my friends since one of these lovely girls will be honored at the end of the year with the coveted new spankee award.  From Northern Spanking comes to us the very attractive Aleesha Fox. With just the right amount of curves she is indeed quite spankable Dear Reader.  Here she is getting her first spanking from my lovely muse Leia Ann Woods in spandex and those odd little under things that women tend to wear in Europe.  A fact I only discovered when I started dating a Swedish nanny in my youth.  And yes they are are a royal pain to remove.
NSI100-LA010 NSI100-LA012 NSI100-LA016 NSI100-LA047 NSI100-LA052 NSI100-LA053

Now to get back to our wonderful silly laws that no one pays attention to except when it comes to gay people.  Since Spanking is indeed allowed but as it is here conducted upon a couch of mixed cloth.  Does both Chelsea Pfeiffer and Clare Fonda need to be stoned to death or simply one of them?  If so which one?  And what indeed do we do if one of them is menstruating,  Do we have to wait to stone them or can we simply burn them?  From Good Spanking
001 005 008 011 012 018

Sometimes Dear Reader a Spanking scene is so simple yet so intense it demonstrates what indeed a spanking is supposed to be all about and invokes how naughty girls are spanked while growing up.  The OTK Spanking that Teen Brandi gets is indeed one of those.  I am not sure what it is,  but when a girl’s legs cannot reach the floor while her bottom is beaten mercilessly is indeed a real turn on for Your Humble Narrator.  Perhaps it is the fact the spanked girl has almost no control and simply has to take her painful punishment.  From Spanking Teen Brandi or the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass
371_006 371_014 371_039 371_026 371_032 371_051

You know a few months ago I noticed that some of the older sites I used to run which eventually went the way of the dinosaurs started updating again.  Now I chose to keep this from you Dear Reader because I indeed wanted to make sure these updates were real.  But after a couple of months of steady updates I decided indeed to take the plunge into Her First Punishment again to see what was going on.  I was pleasantly surprised Dear Reade they are indeed back!  Now I think this site is owned by our friend Tom at GBS which suggests that he is indeed really back!  But be forewarned Dear Reader I stated in their review.  This is brutal eastern European spanking.
rs71p003 rs71p007 rs71p031 rs71p036 rs71p042 rs71p048

You know since our girls end up deserving Spankings usually in pairs there is some debate on what the proper way to discipline multiple girls.  I for one am in the camp of each girl Spanked individually.  Perhaps the more deserving of the two having to wait her turn and listen to the cries of her friend.  But it is indeed the individualized attention each girl needs.  However Yours Truly is indeed not the end all to spanking,  It is simply my opinion.  Besides if one was pressed for time I would imagine spanking the girls in tandem is indeed acceptable.  From Cutie Spankee.
sc3_e08 sc3_e11 sc3_e32 sc3_e41 sc3_e45 sc3_e49


3 comments to 19 Year Old Mandy gets her First Spanking And Sarah Gregory in a St Trinians Uniform

  • Colin

    Hi, St Trinian's is a fictional public school for girls.
    A public school is a private school where the girls of wealthier parents get a superior education compared to the state-funded and run educational system.
    It was a strip cartoon at first until the movie "The Belles of St. Trinian's" was made in 1954. This starred Alistair Sim who played both the Headmistress and her scheming brother (it's a comedy).
    There are now six movies, the most recent being "Fritton's Gold" starring Colin Firth.
    The original and first movie being easily the best of them and the only one which I would recommend.
    Nice selection of photos again. How do you maintain such a high standard?
    ps do watch the first movie. Alistair Sim's facial expressions are priceless.

  • Brushstrokes

    Lots of hard work Colin, Lots of Hard work

  • it's not easy, but someone has to do it……

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