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vlcsnap-1882474 A Dear Reader wrote to me a couple of weeks back asking me if I had heard of a Spanking Site that he came across.  Now I won’t mention his name since I take the privacy of my readers very very seriously,  he indeed knows who he is.  But since I try to do everything I can for my readers (after all you guys are the reason for The Spanking Spot), I indeed told him I would put it on my list of sites to review.  Well Dear Reader today I make good on my promise,  and quite honestly I am happy I did for this is indeed an interesting not so little site!

Site offerings and Cost
I have absolutely no idea who runs this site, or indeed even how long its been around.  But it doesn’t appear to be a fly by night site.  From the amount of material they have available it looks as if they have been around for quite a while.   When I first logged in to 1st Choice Spanking for a second I though I had indeed been ripped off!  But happily Dear Reader it was indeed nothing for you worry about (that’s my job).   It was simply a function of a lousy site design,  But once you get though the quirks they actually have alot to offer.  vlcsnap-1901859

1st Choice Spanking is solely a movie site,  with no pictures other than the movie promo’s themselves.  Now when you log in you are greeted by a number a whole bunch of thumbnails entitled “What’s coming next” which are not yet available for download.  It does indeed take a bit to find what is available.  (you need to click on NOW).  but once you find them there is quite a bit to see. 

Now I can say this Dear Reader,  that 1st choice spanking does not produce any of their own material.  This looks to be many of the English Spanking movies along with many others that we know and love.  It also appears that they cycle their available material (don’t worry they give you ample time to download it).  Which while not optimal one can understand to keep bandwidth and storage costs in line. 

vlcsnap-1902181 At the time of this review I counted 50 movies for download.  Each movie is indeed a full length and not broken up into parts.  Average length is about 50 minutes which would give one almost 42 HOURS of spanking goodness to enjoy.  In addition the movies that are not “released” yet are available in flash and there are 52 of those should you get bored of the ones that are available for download. 

Right now Update frequency is unknown,  and to tell you the truth Dear Reader not knowing the history of the site does make your Humble Narrator a little nervous.  So I will indeed keep my subscription open to make sure they are indeed updating and if not I will add an addendum sometime in the future.  vlcsnap-1903078

Cost to join this site is $29.99, indeed not the cheapest but reasonable for what one gets.  There is no option for a longer term join which is a shame.  Please be aware that the list of movies they have on their home page is NOT everything you get to download (the ones that aren’t “released” are available in flash”

So at the price per month and not counting any movie that is available in flash only one can expect to enjoy some wonderful Spanking at a rate of about 71 cents per hour.  Not a bad deal indeed. 

The Girls
1st Choice Spanking  have a good mix of girls to be spanked,  Young, wives, Asian girls and even A female of color or two.  Basically it runs the gambit of types of Spankee’s. A girl spanked for everyone so to speak.  There are a few girls that I recognize from the English Spanking Scene but of course most of these films were made some time ago.  So I am by all means not an expert.  So Dear Reader look for yourself
vlcsnap-1881032 vlcsnap-1881200 vlcsnap-1882268 vlcsnap-1883207 vlcsnap-1882133 vlcsnap-1884344 vlcsnap-1880081 vlcsnap-1881618 vlcsnap-1884241

Scenes, Outfits, Film Quality and of course the Spankings
As one can expect from the UK they have a healthy focus on spanking wayward schoolgirls.  This is not to say that this is at the expense of all other spanking scenes and outfits since there is quite a bit of domestic spanking to choose from as well. 

Also being UK centric one can expect much use of the UK’s favorite spanking implement,  the cane!  I can say that for Cane lovers that this site is indeed a treat.  Also one can expect a nice OTK warm-up with either the hand or the slipper from most of the movies before the cane becomes involved. 

The Spankings are hard,  Not brutally so , but hard enough that most of the girls receiving one wince and complain,  A few tears are produced but one can wonder if they are believable, yet another hallmark of UK spankings.  There is a pretty equal mix of M/f and F/f as well.   But again Dear Reader take not my word for it,  but see for oneself.
vlcsnap-1908149 vlcsnap-1908597 vlcsnap-1908977 vlcsnap-1909159 vlcsnap-1910104 vlcsnap-1910714

This brings me to the film quality,  Now here 1st choice spanking shines.  You see most of these moves filmed long ago are available vlcsnap-1912766 elsewhere.  But these guys seem to try to give one a value added spanking for your dollar.  The movies are available in both low and high quality.  And quite honestly the high quality movies are the best I have seen of the older spanking movies.  Obviously not high definition due to the medium available at the time.  But high enough definition that they look quite good maximized on my 22 inch monitor.  Now again Dear Reader, I do want to stress to you that the quality will not hold a candle to the more recent spanking films but one again must be realistic in what to expect when re-mastering these older Spanking movies

So the bottom line Dear Reader,  is did I enjoy it.  Actually I did,  not one of my favorites but a solid offering to the spanking internet.  Again my one major concern is the update schedule but should I be completely wrong and they indeed do not update anymore or it is updated unreasonably infrequent.   there is more than enough to get your monies worth for a month’s subscription. 

vlcsnap-1925419 Who will NOT like this Spanking Site
Again I must stress to you Dear Reader that this is not unique material.  These moves ARE available elsewhere.  So if your looking for never before seen spanking then I suggest you stay away.  If bad site design bothers you then I would suggest you think twice as well

Who will LIKE this 1st Choice Spanking
Collectors take note!  they have alot of movies that I haven’t seen in quite a while (and many not at all).  And in superior quality than I have seen on other sites.  Most of these movies are available only on PPV now so there are really some gems here for a much cheaper price than one can find elsewhere.  I can say as long as they continue updating then I will indeed stay a member. 

If your interested it can be found at 1st Choice Spanking


5 comments to 1st Choice Spanking

  • Joe

    I love this site!!!

    Thank you for the great review.


  • tim

    hullo i wonder if you could do a review of Chelseas website spanked angels sometime best wishes,tim .

  • iwasrobert

    Apparently this particular site has been online since 2006.

    The same owners also run Broadband Spanking and Spanking College, which have also been around for some time and are movie sites along similar lines.

  • morbius

    i joined late last year for 180 days and it was great i could view loads of films. but only about a third of the list. the problem was They never updated. Ever!
    one off glitch or pattern i dunno

  • xxx

    i love it.who wanna try to me?

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