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2009 Spanking Awards: Hardest Spanking F/f

spankingawardthumb112 This indeed was a very close vote with less than 10 votes separating the winner of the Hardest F/f Spanking and the 3rd Place.  While not surprising due to the competition out there Dear Reader it does indicate an opportunity for a hard handed female to dominate the F/f spanking genre in 2010.  So ladies my suggestions is to practice practice practice.  Should you not have a naughty bottom to spank on a regular basis a firm piece of meat should simulate a naughty bottom with the added benefit that when your done with it will be quite tenderized and tasty!  Now let us look at our hard handed winners of 2009 shall we?


And the winner of the Hardest F/f Spanking Scene in 2009 is…


Veronica Spanks Amber Pixie Wells in Grounded Chores
Available on Punished Brats

Yes our Darling Veronica a regular spanker on Punished brats took her able abilities to poor Amber Pixie wells soon to be tender bottom.  Now Veronica has indeed been on our radar for some time and probably one of the more prolific female spankers in the business. In this wonderful scene Pixie has found herself grounded for an unknown act.  While grounding is indeed unpleasant enough Veronica is intent that Pixie learns her lesson by putting a list of chores that she is to do during her punishment.  Of course being quite unhappy with the prospect of being grounded in the first place not to mention the list of chores.  Pixie finds herself getting a little snippy which of course is quite the poor decision.  Veronica to her credit decides to teach Pixie the serious nature of her transgression and do something about the sass that is spewing forth from the young girl.  With a belt!  For our unfortunate Pixie she is indeed taught a lesson with her Pajama’s down over the bed getting belted for 7 full minutes. 

IMG_6691 IMG_6694 IMG_6698 IMG_6707IMG_6729 IMG_6734


And the Runner Up is…


Lana Spanks Various Girls In Exclusive Education 4
Available on Girl Spanks Girl

Lana is indeed a favorite of The Spanking Spot.  Perhaps not the most prolific female spanker out there but her rarity is indeed met with glee from many spankers when Clare releases her yearly feature length file Exclusive Education.  With her motherly Tone and folksy reprimands to whatever poor girl she is spanking makes her a favorite among spanking enthusiasts.  This of course not shared by whatever girl is over her knee since she spanks with a firm hand and known for her use of the dreaded hairbrush and paddle. 
DSC_0123l DSC_0137l DSC_0151l DSC_0158l


Congratulations once again to all the nominee’s and winners. 



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