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2010 Spanking Awards: New Spankee of the Year

This indeed is one of my favorite Categories of the Spanking Awards each year.  We of course come here to celebrate the new ladies who have entered our Spanking World.  This year has indeed been a boon for us Dear Readers.  We have had new naughty girl come out of the woodwork this year!  It seems that I am not the only one who noticed with many of you nominating your favorite new Spanked girl. 

On a separate note,  My apologies to all of you who nominated Lila Night from Real Spanking.  She was actually considered for this last year.  Which of course would technically not make her “New”  thus ineligible for the award. 

So lets get on with the voting for the 2010 New Spankee of the Year!

The nominee’s are…….

Aiden Ashley
Courtesy of Spanked Sweeties

001 006 046 049

Sophie Grey
Courtesy of Real Spanking

9597_002 9595_037 9728_016 9769_013

Courtesy of Punished Brats

IMG_3290 IMG_9116IMG_3469 IMG_9360

Sophie Nova
Courtesy of Dallas Spanks Hard and Good Spanking

sophie1_01 001a sophie3_05 002

Courtesy of Real Life Spanking and Spanked in Uniform

monique_paddled_lesson_P1010155 monique_spanked_late_P1010349 ep19_20 ep19_22

Adrienne Black
Courtesy of Firm Hand Spanking

abc_a001 abc_a010 abc_e018 abc_i010

Nikki Rouge
Courtesy of Dallas Spanks Hard

wee1_04 fifth1_08 wee1_17 fifth2_03

Zillie Defeu
Courtesy of Northern Spanking

NSI095-ZS030 NSI095-VZ059 NSI095-ZS035 NSI095-ZS014

Kayla Apple
Courtesy of Firm Hand Spanking

kac_c001 kac_e017 kac_b009 kac_f016

Lorraine Little
Courtesy of Punished Brats

IMG_2210 IMG_0416 IMG_0740 IMG_0703 







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