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A Bare Bottom Birthday Spanking for Chelsea Pfeiffer

In a news story I simply could never make up our favorite conservative crazies at the family research council marked the 41st anniversary of Eisenstadt v. Baird with a rant.  Now you would be forgiven Dear Reader for not exactly knowing who Eisenstadt  or Baird was and why the hell they would irritate conservatives in the first place.  But then again everything seems to irritate them nowadays.

Just a quick history lesson,  the aforementioned case struck down a law in liberal Massachusetts banning the sale of condoms to unmarried people in 1972 thus allowing us all to have sex with minimal worry about having short people 9 months later.  This of course outrages our conservative crazies because well…..  people are having sex!

In addition Tony Perkins learning a bit from the Taliban thinks that not only should single men be banned from wearing a little rubber thing on their Johnson but goes as far as suggesting that single people who have sex should be “punished”!

I simply could not make this silliness up.  Perhaps a fitting punishment in his mind is a good hard bare bottom spanking like our girls are getting today on the Spanking Updates of the Week.

We shall begin today with one of my favorite spankee’s getting a quite titillating OTK Spanking.  In his recent trip across the pond my Dear Friend Cake Boy had a run in with the stunning Ashley Graham who rather oddly thought their meeting was going to me a Lingerie shoot.  But of course we all know that Lingerie are evil because it leads people to have sex which conservatives are not having.  But incidentally it makes for a eye popping outfit to be spanked in!  From Triple A Spanking.
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Not to be outdone,  yet another concerned conservative crazy from Minnesota obviously dulled by the mind numbing cold testified his opposition about letting people who in no way shape or form affect him marry.  His opposition is that gay marriage might,  just might result in ejaculation in the colon.  Now,  I am indeed not sure about you Dear Reader,  But typically late at night when my mind is racing I try to think about pleasant thoughts.  Like someone like Kay Richards getting her bare ass spanked.  Not as in this concerned citizen’s case of where ejaculate goes after Gay sex.  In fact I would hazard a guess if this is what fills ones thoughts you might,  just might be a homosexual.  Not that there is anything wrong with that.  But that is akin to a closeted spanko pleading with our legislators not to allow spanking because it makes a girls bottom red!  From My Spanking Roommate or the better valued 5 site Clare Fonda Pass.
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It is Chelsea Pfeiffer's Birthday today!  This can only mean two things.  First,  well happy 29th birthday.  Second it is of course time for your birthday spanking.  Which Cheyenne Jewel seems to cherish since it was her that was getting the spanking last week.  Revenge is indeed a bitch.  From Good Spanking.
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We indeed have our first Jesuit Pope!  I might have mentioned this to you Dear Reader but if not Your Humble Narrator was educated by Jesuits, earning my grudging respect with their intellectual prowess and the fact that they could drink any college student under the table with ease.  From my experience they are not a bad sort.  Of course the first order of business for the new pope is to stop his underlings from buggaring altar boys or incidentally each other which a seminary friend once admitted to me.  Of course what they should go back to is what they were known for back in their heyday.  It seemed that spanking their students gave them whatever outlet they needed not to buggar people that they shouldn’t.  With incidentally the same effect!  A very painful bottom.  From Spanked In Uniform.
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The first day of spring is nearing!  just a few days away Dear Reader.  Which of course doesn’t help because it was cold as fuck today.  But spring it shall be soon.  This of course brings our thoughts to warmer weather where naughty girls don their bikini’s and misbehave.  Making of course a perfect opportunity to spank them with the minimal amount of clothing which apparently is happening to the famous and unlucky Teen Brandi or though the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass.
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Once again my beautiful muse has her will tested.  Well better to be tested in a skimpy outfit well suited for a bare bottom spanking.  But tested it is.  Let us see how well she can recite from a book while a heavy hand is being applied to her bare bottom.  From Firm Hand Spanking.
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Rule number 1 about spanking.  If they are still smiling like Masie Dear here,  You are certainly not spanking them hard enough.  From English Spankers.
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Finally for tonight,  Our favorite Dirty Old Man emailed me with a rant about shouting at clouds,  onions on ones belt and of course Death Panels.  Which I suspect he will not have to worry about for quite some time.  After all he keeps himself healthy spanking girls.  From Spanking Coed.
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