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A Girl in Braces Gets Her first Spanking and Lila Paddled on the Bare Bottom

There are many reasons Dear Reader to give our lovely girls a good hard Spanking.  But there are things that typically get our females in trouble more than other things.  They also happen to be the things that females are known for being bad at.  Credit cards is a good example.  Now of course credit card overuse is indeed not limited to the ladies.  But there seems to be a particular attraction toward running up large numbers on a piece of plastic for the fairer sex.  But perhaps the number one reason our ladies get their bare bottom Spanked is indeed anything to do with an automobile. 


Now I bring this up since as I prepare to return to by beloved city.  I have realized just how much my driving skills have deteriorated by not getting cut off every 7 minutes and driving in a constant state of flipping someone the bird.  In fact someone cut me off the other day and I actually got mad!  But the one that took the cake was a couple of days ago.  Someone in an SUV cut me off twice while trying to weave in and out of traffic.  Finally in my rage I caught up to the driver.  Now to tell you the truth I was expecting some dumb ass teenager or some moron you would see on the Jersey Shore.  Instead Dear Reader I spied a small middle aged indian woman aggressively trying to ram everyone off the road in front of her.  My rage in fact turned to humor seeing this quite unexpected sight.  Thus I think today we shall honor our Spanking Updates of the Week with a theme.  Women Drivers. 


Well Dear Reader I am a firm believer of the carrot and the stick.  You see I complained about Girls Boarding School’s idea of “updates” a couple of weeks ago.  But alas Tom and crew perhaps read my post and adjusted accordingly hence I feel the need to encourage such adjustment with GBS leading off the Spankings this week .  Third week,  the third new spanking and with a new spankee no less! Dear Readers meet Vanessa.  While Sarah Gregory might be the quintessential girl next door.  Vanessa is her equal in being the perfect schoolgirl.  With her young looks, beautiful bottom and braces,   she takes us back to our high school days when our raging hormones coupled with our unusual fetish drove us insane since we couldn’t simply put these girls over our knee and spank them.  Also available though the VIP Spanking Pass
prod0585_pic04 prod0585_pic26 prod0585_pic13e Schoolgirl SPanking Schoolgirl gets a bare ass Spanking prod0585_pic28


There is of course no word on Sinn Sage’s driving abilities but we do know that flying down mountains at high rates of speed is indeed not good for the lovely girl.  Clare on the other hand strikes me as a terrible driver.  The kind where you hold on to the “oh shit” handles for dear life as she brings you closer to death then you ever want to be, all the while chatting uncontrollably, checking her cell phone and maybe even driving with two feet.  Since she lives in LA this of course is all normal!  But alas we can stop speculating on poor Clare’s automobile aptitude and indeed enjoy her spanking our pigtailed sage.  From Spanked Sweeties or the 4 site Clare Fonda Pass
Sinn Sage 039 Clare Fonda Spanks Sinn Sage Gets spanked Spanking Sinn Sage 029


As you might recall Peter Schoober was the last one to have an automobile mishap running over a herd of goats.  Sadly the Society of Goat Preservation (SOGP for short) petitioned his government to have his license taken away.  Hence the barn to keep his backup transportation, a horse named Pferd.  But he found one of the activists near to his home town and in Peter’s style gave this tiny naked girl a strapping she will remember.  Incidentally I think this girl known as Karin has starred in some Lupus Films.  From Spanking Server
Girl Spanked in the woodshed snapshot20100324192411 snapshot20100324193006 Naked SPanking


Last week you might remember on Real Spanking, the lovely girl Lila got her first otk spanking from a man.  Namely the very very lucky Mr M.  Unfortunately though it was over the jeans and since we all know that a proper spanking for a young lady is on the bare bottom we were befuddled.  But Mr Masterson decides to correct this and returns to her room with a paddle she will soon not forget.  Particularly when she is Spanked to tears.   Also available though the 8 site Real Spanking Pass.
9389_007 Hard Bare Ass Paddling Paddled on the bare bum Painful Spanking 9389_013 Bruised Bottom


Ah our Dear Chelsea.  Now I would think that our Chelsea Pfeiffer is a bit of a nervous driver.  Perhaps even driving a gigantic SUV and going 5 miles below the speed limit in the left lane, jamming on her breaks as frustrated drivers dart in front of her behemoth.  But then again this is all speculation.  Meanwhile our lovely Chelsea is spanking the big and beautiful Sara Blake.  (hey even tall girls need their spankings).  A former escort and porn star she enters into the Spanking space for the first time with spectacular results.  From Good Spanking
Sara Blake 002 Sarah Blake spanked 020


This one is not exactly “new” (it was released a few weeks ago)  but Spanking Casting has rejoined our merry little band of spankers and spankee’s.  So why not bring their flag girl back?  Baby is gorgeous with a body that kills and I think any spanko would be nuts not to want to smack this girls perfect ass. 
CAS-062_4  Naked teen spanking Teen gets spanked CAS-062_53


Pandora kindly put your Humble Narrator in his place last week with his treatment of Lilly.  This is of course  needed time to time, since as you might have already noticed the words fall from my brain onto my keyboard like a bubblegum machine.  Thus today no jokes about the Chinese Government or even Asians notorious driving abilities.  Instead just our Lilly over the knee getting her bare bottom spanked.  From Sound Punishments
PA228006 PA228021 Bare Bottom OTK Spanking Chinese Spanking


The one thing that drives me insane on the road is tailgaters.  Now I am not talking about driving in the left lane at the speed limit.  I am talking about when there is traffic in front of you and some moron seems to think being 5 inches off your bumper will make the guy in front of you go faster.  Now typically I combat this silly behavior with randomly slamming on my brakes.  But in doing this I found an interesting thing.  Typically with men after the 3rd time or so they get the message and back off.  With females however, well sad to say they seem oblivious happily applying their makeup as they almost rear-end you.  It simply doesn’t occur to them that they are perhaps TOO FUCKING CLOSE!  Ah.. well this has nothing to do with the spanking this young lady is getting but then again Dear Reader you know me.  I like to rant.  From Rough Man Club
05019 05051 05064 Strap spanking


I am not much into religious themed spankings.  As you know I am not exactly enamored by religion but indeed there is a certain respect I have which I would prefer to keep my porn religion free.  Unfortunately the religious folk seem to be so enamored by spanking which makes this type of thing difficult.  So without further ado there is Elizabeth Simpson getting caned for having a dildo at the convent.  From Slut Spanking
Elizabeth Simpson Bare bottom Caning vlcsnap-2010-03-24-20h43m58s57 Caned on the bare ass


For the past month I though Spanked at home had a case of GBSitis.  With only 1 minute parts update for their last spanking and no new spankings for over a month I thought they might have jumped the shark.  But I was wrong Dear Reader since they were working on a site redesign. Honestly I hate it and the webmaster needs to be spanked or beaten with a fish depending on the sex of said webmaster.  For starters you cannot view the images now without downloading some massive (and slow) zip file. Second since they don’t offer “full” downloads once the “parts” the scene is done it is extremely hard to determine if you should waste your bandwidth for a clip that may or may not have some spanking in it.  Advice to Spanked at home?  Get a new webmaster who knows what the hell he or she is doing. 
mov101_pic10 mov101_pic24 mov101_pic26 mov101_pic34


And Finally from the files of “You are Doing it wrong” a Maid spanks a young lady looking at Spanking!  I thought the household help were the ones that got spankings not the other way around.  But then again this is Japan we are talking about so I guess we should be thankful that she doesn’t turn into a 3 headed monster trying to find her long lost relative.  From Handspanking
r9-12 Japanese Spanking r9-24 Japanese girl gets spanked Spanked Girl r9-52

Until tomorrow


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