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A Hard OTK Spanking for Lila and Cropped on the Bare Ass

I believe Dear Reader that we should set up a Spanking Community.  Not one simply online as we all know we have,  but one in a more physical sense.  After all there are communities for all sorts of hobbies.  Artist communities, music communities,  hell even one politician wants to create a pedophile community by sending them all to live on an island off of California’s coast (not really a bad idea once you think about it).  So why not indeed a Spanking Community. 

Now being the free spirit I am,  Your Humble Narrator of course detests HOA’s.  For those of you who live outside the US, these are home owners associations usually run by tin pot dictators who insist that everyone live in the exact same looking box. But thankfully our covenants' would make much more sense.  Instead of fining people for silly rules and trying to foreclose on their house,  we can Spank them!  Of course the common area will have a myriad of Spanking Benches maybe some stocks oh and an assortment of Spanking Implements.  We will of course have a pool for those ladies that need wet Spankings. 

But while we contemplate such easy living and of course the HOA Nazi that will inevitably try to take over the board and demand we wear our underwear on the outside.  Let us finish up this week’s Spanking Updates of the Week!

When I first saw our Lovely Lila on Real Spanking Institute some months ago,  It was one of those jaw dropping moments as I admired her beauty.  But I thought to my self she looked like such a delicate China doll,  surely she would break receiving a hard Spanking.  But looks indeed can be deceiving, because this lovely China Doll can take one hell of a Spanking! This OTK Hand Spanking given by her enraged Gym Coach Mr King,  is perhaps the hardest (and hottest) I have seen all year.  With The Spanking Awards fast approaching I am sure this scene will be in the running.  Also available though the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass.
9721_001 9721_010 9721_015 Lila gets a Spanking 9721_047 9721_024 Girl Gets Spanked in Gym 9721_039 9721_069

Now I know these two would of course be breaking the rules in our Happy Homes of Spanking.   Yes Sinn Sage and Sarah Gregory would indeed made wonderful residence of our proposed Spanking Community.  Lets call it Spanko Land.  But regardless of the silly name we can be ensured that these girls would be breaking lots of rules.  We will however have to locate it in a warm climate so we can rule that they have to wear short shorts all the time.  From Sarah Gregory Spanking
0018_the_cheat_gal1-002 0018_the_cheat_gal1-004 0018_the_cheat_gal1-006 Sinn Sage Spanks Sarah Gregory Naked Spanking Girl / Girl Spanking 0018_the_cheat_gal1-029 0018_the_cheat_gal1-030

Your Humble Narrator is indeed not fond of Horses.  To me they are large smelly beasts that make particularly good glue.  But one of course cannot deny that the lovely girls that ride them are quite Spankable in those outfits and the crop makes a particularly good Spanking Implement.  But rather than riding them the incredible Caroline Grey has scared her cousin, Kali Redmond’s horses. This of course teaches them the Crop is not just used on horses.  From Northern Spanking
Caroline Grey and Kali Redmond Spanked with a riding crop NSI090-SKC020 NSI090-SKC015 NSI090-SKC021 NSI090-SKC029

Clare Fonda’s Spanking Epic, Exclusive Education 5 continues on Girl Spanks Girl this week with the wonderful Nikki Rogue and Kat St James getting their turn over the knee.  With their Schoolgirl dresses flipped up and bare bottoms exposed the class is of course entertained at the punishment they are given.  Though I am not sure why since all of them will of course get a Spanking.  Also available though the better priced 4 site Clare Fonda Pass
School Spanking ec05l OTK Spanking ec20l ec33l ec44l

Our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian has found out that our unlucky Loni has spent 420 Euro on a handbag!  Euro’s?  what is this tender we speak of?  Is that all that funny money of all different sizes and colors they use in Europe?  Money of course should be all the same damn color (preferably green) and size,  That’s how we can tell its MONEY!  But even in funny money it is indeed a obscene amount to spend on a handbag.  Thankfully Spanking is indeed free.  From Real Life Spanking
loni_otk_paddling_bag_P1010094 loni_otk_paddling_bag_P1010078 Painful Spanking loni_otk_paddling_bag_P1010088 loni_otk_paddling_bag_P1010085 Bare Ass Spanking

I will have to say that Emma Brown looks hot in pretty much anything she wears.  Actually with her very attractive body,  the tighter the better.  So it is no wonder that our Portly Punisher made her change 3 times.  This of course is onerous on poor Emma but than again so is the Spanking she is getting.  From Sound Punishments
PC098384 Emma Brown gets an Over the knee Spanking PC098413 PC098407 PC098471 PC098476

We have all had bad days,  But nothing compared to our young Brandi here.  Getting Spanked by two different people in the same day!  Now given it is not on her Bare Behind, but her tight little panties offer almost no protection against an OTK Spanking and then a Strapping.  From Spanking Teen Brandi or the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass
166_001 Teen Girl Spanked 166_011 166_019 166_028 166_050 Teen Spanked by her mother

Now in our little Spanko Land,  we might want to think about the extra expense of putting up a small prison for our particularly stubborn girls.  We can even get Zoe Harrison to run the place.  Unfortunately she is strictly a top (what a shame) but considering the Spanking she gives to her very own sister Natasha Byrne, can you imagine what she would do to other naughty girls?  From Bars and Stripes
natasha_sisterspankssister062 natasha_sisterspankssister077 natasha_sisterspankssister087 natasha_sisterspankssister068 natasha_sisterspankssister096 natasha_sisterspankssister114

On Slut Spanking this week our Friends from Xerotics have dug deep into their basement and found yet another never before Rosaleen Young Movie!  I wonder indeed how many more of these are going to pop up.  Now a few weeks ago we had a lively discussion on just where Rosaleen is nowadays.  But alas the common conclusion is of course she will not be returning to getting her lovely bottom Spanked.  So we indeed must enjoy the ones we have. 
vlcsnap-2010-09-09-12h26m01s239 vlcsnap-2010-09-09-12h27m12s210 vlcsnap-2010-09-09-12h27m31s131 Rosaleen Young Spanking

Now of course Monday I mentioned this will be a short week for your Humble Narrator.  I will of course be not enjoying myself in Atlantic City.  Now of course even though I state it here and a couple of days ago I know someone will comment “Hey where is our Saturday Spanking Post!”  Unfortunately once again there is none this week.  But I shall be back to the regular schedule as soon as I return.  So I leave you this week with two very hot Japanese Schoolgirls on Cutie Spankee exploring the wonders of Spanking with one another since there seems not to be a male in the whole country capable of Spanking Them.
sc3_b07 sc3_b10 sc3_b19 sc3_b23 sc3_b29 sc3_b39 sc3_b42 sc3_b47


3 comments to A Hard OTK Spanking for Lila and Cropped on the Bare Ass

  • Demontoast

    Just a heads up brushstroke but your link for Sarah Gregory's site goes to English model Sarah's spanking site

    Great post otherwise :)

  • Oh I would so love to join a spanko land. If they have nudist beaches why can't we have spanking beaches as well. LOL

  • spankoland. where is it located?

    btw, I have mixed feelings about Lila's blue(?) hair, though whatever her hair hue is, she is simply exquisite.

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