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A Hard Spanking for Ashley Rose

It has been reported that millions of our cousins across the pond have been struck down with something called “Winter Vomiting Disease”.  Which incidentally is about as descriptive a name concerning what it does as the name of this website.  Now not to be cruel about their fate but I say good!  Better that they have such an affliction than us!

Which brings me to my next question,  do the British vomit like us Americans?  Now while I have not worshiped at the porcelain god for probably over a decade.  I can indeed remember feeling the sick pangs of my stomach churning only to retort with a four letter word starting with a big fat F as I rushed to the bathroom.  This is indeed a good thing since when I concluded my explicative it was usually on the U which conveniently left my mouth wide open for the contents of my stomach to spew forth.

But the passive aggressiveness and the politeness of British society sometimes precludes one from issuing such a fitting statement.  Since the British seem to favor the word “Bloody” which for whatever reason they sound so wonderful saying.  One must wonder what affect it must have trying to blurt out a multi-syllable word while laughing at one’s shoes.

It is indeed something for us to ponder as tossing one’s cookies is such a personal thing.  But hey, I enjoy pondering bodily functions no matter how violent they may be.  Much like I ponder the ways and reasons our girls get spanked on the Spanking Updates of the week.

Well it seems while Anikka Albrite got her fair share of spankings from her step father growing up.  She was also quite older than her sister who was often left in her care.  Of course nothing teaches a younger sibling that you mean business than a good hard bare bottom spanking.  Something I am sure her younger sibling to this day doesn’t appreciate.  Neither incidentally does another young 24 year old model by the name of Ashley Rose who stands in for Anikka’s sister who wisely declined.   From Spanked Sweeties.  or the better valued 5 site Clare Fonda Pass.
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You know while we are indeed related by blood our British Friends and us American’s seem to go to extremes about certain things.  For example,  our hillbilly brethren in our southern states have the stand your ground laws which allow anyone to shoot whatever minority frightens them.  One the other hand you have doctors in the UK attempting to ban kitchen knives and the home office stating you may only defend yourself with a briefcase or like unsharpened thing.  You would think that there would be some sort of middle ground for the defense of your life and limb. Unfortunately the radicals on both ends usually win.  Soon it will be illegal to spank such naughty girls as lovely Zara in the UK and in the US,  well we will just shoot them in the ass.  From English Spankers.
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You know Dear Reader,  Some guys are breast men,  some are legs men,  some (including myself) are even ass men.  But one of the most attractive things on a female body for Yours Truly is the eyes.  They say that the eyes are the window to the soul which is quite convenient in giving up naughty behavior they are also something that I am indeed fascinated with.  I mention this because Real Spanking has a girl with some of the most exquisite eyes I have ever seen.  (not to mention bottom).  Dear Reader meet 18 year old Autumn who incidentally enjoys the riding crop but has yet to feel the thud of the wooden paddle on her very nice bottom.  hmmm.  I wonder what she will be spanked with next.  Also available though the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass.

As I have written about,  Your Humble Narrator is really really enjoying his enormous new phone.  As you might recall some months ago,  I had purchased this monstrosity simply because my fingers were way to fat to properly text anything but gibberish on any mobile device.  Thus I was overjoyed when I found what they call a Phlablet.  The one really amusing thing is that after I bought an SD card I realized I was walking around with almost 80 GB of storage on this thing.  A mind blowing fact as I remember saving spanking porn on 1gb Jaz drives (which I think I still have).  Hell I could have put my whole collection back then on my phone and nary worry about space.  But times of course are changing.  We have a whole generation of lovely girls who know not what it is to be connected with a vast trove of information for every minute of every day.  Thankfully some things of course do not change.  Like Spanking them when they refuse to do as they are told.  From Punished Brats.
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Meanwhile, with all these Brit’s doing the Technicolor yawn our friend Kyle Johnson is in sunny California spanking his sisters friend played by the adorable Samantha Woodley which is slightly less creepy than giving a bare bottom spanking to ones sister even if it is played by the too cute to spank Kat St James.  From Firm Hand Spanking.
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Well I must say,  what better place to placed during a epidemic of talking on the big white telephone than a hospital!  Unfortunately the nurses much like here in America tend to be ambivalent to the needs of their wards.  Fortunately it can be corrected with a well built strap and an exposed bottom.  From Spanked In Uniform.
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Finally for today,  It seems that our friends in the land of the rising sun are rethinking their priorities.  51% of the females think that they should indeed stay at home.  Of course what they don’t realize by default they should of course be spanked since it is quite difficult to spank anyone who is supporting you.  This of course is not lost on them.  From Handspanking.
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  • Abby Sage

    The Norovirus has indeed struck down many Brits (not me I am glad to say but I know lots of people who have suffered.)

    As for the anglo-saxon 'F**k', we love to say it, it sounds especially good when spoken with a clipped, British accent. :)

    (I added an 'indeed' for your friend. I wanted to see if I could destabilise the counting. What else is a brat to do?)

  • Morbius

    Dunno about what I say before throwing up, but it always ends up with me shouting ROOT…..ROOT as I stare down at a Pavement Pizza ;@

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