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A New Girl Discovers Spanking Hurts and Allison Miller Paddled in Tight Jeans

Well Dear Reader,  now that the firestorm has subsided I hope you have indeed recovered from Draw Mohammad Day.  Now if you haven't head about this new holiday it is indeed forgivable since the mainstream media completely ignored it (I assume it has something to do with not wanting to get blown up) but it created enough of a firestorm that many Muslim countries blocked sites like YouTube and Facebook! 

But fair is fair Dear Reader,  we should indeed have a offend every religion day.  For our Jewish friends we can have BLT Day.  Hindu can be eat something that goes Moo Monday.  Buddhists don't really seem to be offended by anything,  but we can work on it!  Bugger a boy of course is for the Catholics, and for our evangelical Christians we can have Darwin Day! 

The only difference is of course such violations would be met with ripped clothing or Glenn Beck ranting about it or some such nonsense rather than internet blackouts and threats of explosions.  But enough Dear Reader why indeed not have Spanking Day,  which of course is every day on The Spanking Spot.

Mr M needs to pace himself and stop confusing Yours truly.  But then again I am indeed easily confused but that is an entirely different matter.  You see he keeps debuting new wonderful girls getting spanked.  But I indeed never know what site he will be debuting on.  Furthermore they seem to get their first spanking on Real Spanking Institute then a couple of days later make the debut on Real Spanking getting one of those wonderful interviews and naked first spanking.  Furthermore we have this Charlotte here, Now I have never seen her before,  yet Real Spanking’s debut (for next week) says she returns.  But I wasn’t aware that she was away in the first place!  Oh my head hurts…..  From Real Spanking Institute or the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass.
Goth Girl Spanked Girl paddled at school Spanked at School 9531_012 Over the jeans spanking 9531_024

I am offended Dear Reader!  You see while I indeed enjoy hot women Spanked in Tight Jeans,  I must have my Bare Bottom Spanking.  So I shall indeed threaten blow something up badly!  Then of course we can have spank women in tight jeans day.  Now I of course will not be around to enjoy such a thing since even in my incompetence there will be a over reaction and the TSA will demand that no women wear jeans.  I wonder if I will be able to blog in a Supermax.  From Firm Hand Spanking
Allison Miller Allison Miller PaddledPaddled with a wooden board Paddled over her jeans Painful Paddling lifecoach_b023

You know I kinda feel sorry for Dallas when he does these Spankings.  This is Kylie who has won the understatement of the year award as she states as she temporarily stops her first spanking.  “Ow It Really Does Hurt” .  Hello…  Is she at all familiar with the concept of a Spanking, Had she seen any of his material before!  There has got to be at least 50 crying girls with glowing red asses on his site.  Did she think it was going to tickle?  Its like walking into a cigar store and being surprised it is Smokey!  Well happily her even despite her naivitivity she completes her spanking, becoming another crying red bottomed girl to serve as a warning that Spankings really do hurt!  I doubt from her reaction she will be returning and that is a shame because she is quite cute.  From Dallas Spanks Hard
vlcsnap-2010-05-21-21h22m20s10 Ear pull OTK Spanking Spanked to tears Naked Spanking vlcsnap-2010-05-21-21h24m14s130

Chloe Elise (unlike us) is quite pissed she got Spanked last week by the lovely Snow Mercy.  Unable to spank her herself she employs the help of a friend.  The one and only perpetually sore bottomed Kailee Robinson.  Between the two of them Snow is Subdued and Spanked.  From My Spanking Roommates or the 4 site Clare Fonda Pass 
r52e27l Snow Mercy Spanked by Chloe Elise r52e34l r52e39l Kailee Spanks Snow Ping Pong Paddle Spanking

It seems that our own Amelia Jane Rutherford has returned to her radical ways.  But instead of becoming a Fem-Nazi she has joined the Sea Crustaceans Liberation Front (SCLF for short)  During the campaign to save the shrimp she has been charged with making terroristic threats with a shrimp deveiner thus she has ended up being held at the rather unpleasant Women’s Prison at Bars and Stripes.  Unfortunately for her the (and being rather fancy for a prison) the evening meal was of course Shrimp Scampi, which both offended her as a fighter for crustaceans rights and as an English woman since the meal actually had some taste to it.  The subsequent scene she made could of course only lead to a good hard bare bottom Spanking in solitary confinement. 
Stripped and Spanked Amelia Jane Rutherford strapped Painful Spanking Bare Bottom Spanking amelia2_targetpractice_033 amelia2_targetpractice_077

Alas we have another Lass in trouble with the Law.  She has not perhaps reached the prison stage, and I indeed doubt she will since justice is both swift and painful at Bad Tushy.  Once again we see how petty offences should be treated in the eyes of the law rather than wasting money trying to prosecute a kid who tried to rap his McDonalds order.  Although perhaps a spanking would be in order for bad taste. 

0015 0031 Girl spanked in jail OTK Spanking Girl Spanked by a police officer 0167

Now obviously I have no idea where this very attractive girl hails from,  but she kind of reminds me of a Midwesterner .  Of course this is makes rather large area of our flyover states.  But the girls there have that pure healthy look to them.  Not too thin, no too large,  just good and plain healthy.  Which of course is delightlful to spank as my favorite firecrotch shows us on Amber Spanks
AmberSpanksMarie3b AmberSpanksMarie3d AmberSpanksMarie3f AmberSpanksMarie3h AmberSpanksMarie2j AmberSpanksMarie2n

And Finally for this week,  I must indeed cut this post short,  since I am going to the zoo.  I quite like the zoo in fact.  It is indeed one of my favorite places in the world.  But before I do I leave you with our little Sinn Sage getting a spanking from our lovely Chelsea Pfeiffer in her very attractive birthday suit.  From Spank Sinn
004  008 014015 016 018

Oh one last order of business Dear Reader.  Lupus Spanking is doing what I think is either the first or one of the first Spanking and Sex Updates which of course can be found on Spanked and Fucked


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  • iwasrobert

    You can certainly continue running terrorist operations from Supermax – at least according to the FBI director – so I don't imagine that blogging would be an issue.

    Wait, what?!

  • You have some amazing pictures here!

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