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A New Week of Spanking

Welcome Dear Reader,  yes I know that my weekly cheery start to the week is a bit late.  But now that Your Humble Narrator has indeed joined the ranks of the employed there will be a bit of scheduling change since once again I will be imparting my wit and stupidity to you at night.  Most likely with a couple of martini’s in me.  Hence I shall probably become more amusing and my grammar more atrocious. 

None the less I did indeed start my new position. Of course as is my luck I also woke up with one of my ears completely blocked, I would assume with a small piece of ear wax as I had cleaned them the night before.  This of course leads to starting a new position not being able to hear out of one ear.  Quite annoying indeed.  Thus I am to spend my evening dousing my ear with hydrogen peroxide in an attempt to dislodge whatever is blocking the sweet sound of spanked girls crying.

Which of course brings me to our next topic.  First this week is the last chance to nominate your favorite spanking personality before voting begins on the 2012 Spanking Awards.  So make your nominations post haste.  Furthermore on Spanking Girls Video you can enjoy the spanking of Julian Wells who went on to star (and not get spanked in) the critically acclaimed “Spiderbabes”. 

Now off to see what the the rest of the spanking internet is talking about. 

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2 comments to A New Week of Spanking

  • Thanks a lot for the link, Brushstrokes! I am sure that Ludwig doesn't mind you saying that I look gorgeous. He would only mind if you said something rude about me. The same goes for me, so thank you for your kind compliment. :-)

  • Thanks for the link! I hope you still find our blog interesting. We are certainly having a great time with it.

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