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A Paddle for a Sorority Girl

Not content with banning fat people from drinking gallons of soda,  insisting that we horrid dirty smokers not indulge in our vice even outside and insisting that everyone give up their guns since his subjects cannot keep from shooting themselves.  The Idiot of my beloved city, The nanny stater himself has a new scourge to combat.  He wants to limit doctors from prescribing painkillers since people might of course abuse them.  Of course this doesn’t actually help the vast majority of citizens that actually might use painkillers for their intended purpose, like you know… kill pain. 

Taking a page out of our southerner brethren's handbook who made it so one had to present ID, and be tracked by the government to get a decent pack of cold medicine lest some hillbilly might make meth with it.  Our New York Nanny Nincompoop feels that us commoners who go to emergency rooms cannot of course be trusted with such powerful pain killers regardless if you have a broken leg or not.  After all you will not in fact use them to sooth the pain from the gunshot you got with the illegal gun imported from another state that allows you to exercise your constitutional right.  You will sell them! 

Indeed if you are rich,  and summon a doctor to your home to cure what ails you, this of course is not a problem!  As we all know rich people do not in fact have any problems whatsoever with addiction as the coke addicts of wall street can attest. 

As I am sure some of my endangered moderate republican readers might think about well….  all of their elected party members.  I as a liberal wish indeed this idiot would go away.  He gives us a bad name.  Unless of course he was for spanking those who dared oppose the plutocrat.  Then I could kinda agree with him,  at least if only hot young women were the ones who drank buckets of soda like on the Spanking Updates of the Week!

You know something has been annoying me about my friend the Cameraman.  Now while he of course films wonderful movies of incredible looking girls getting spanked like Riley on Spanking Sorority girls.  What in the world is going on with blurry stills.  I noticed it a couple of months ago and its only got worse!  Now don’t get me wrong Dear Reader, I am about the antithesis of a fine photographic artist as one can get.  But even in my dull state I can work the focus ring.  Now this wouldn’t be a big deal to me if he was known as something like “Not Cameraman” But the name “The Cameraman” suggests that indeed he knows how to operate a camera and subsequently knows how to focus! Perhaps I should not talk as if I saw this young thing in her tight gym shorts I would indeed be quivering with excitement.  Also available though the better valued 5 site Clare Fonda Pass
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I know I have promised this before Dear Reader.  But change takes patience and time.  You see from the day I laid eyes on her I was under the the distinct impression that Zoe Page could use a spanking herself, ideally for our pleasure.  I have petitioned her lucky future husband who assures me she is spanked something I indeed have my doubts about.  I have contacted our friend the Cake Boy but to no avail.  We wait yet again,  meanwhile we can enjoy her spanking the hell out of the unlucky Jessica Jensen who perhaps sometime in the near future will get her revenge.  (Though I would rather have her contract such a thing out to a male).  From Triple A Spanking
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You know I just never got fashion Dear Reader.  Something my better dressed friend like to mock Your Humble Narrator.  Seeing that due to my color blindness any sort of color coordination is a effort in futility.  I have adopted the mantra that I would rather be comfortable than to look good.  Thus those who fawn over the world of fashion confuse and confound me.  Unless of course they end up wearing something that might be advantageous to be spanked in.  Thus tells the story of the adorable Mei Mara who foolishly shows up to Chelsea Pfeiffer’s house with a short little dress with the bottom cut out.  Needless to say it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what young Mei thought she needed.  From Good Spanking.  
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I am a firm believer that we need to enact a law for someone to pass a simple test to allow one to breed.  After all in most states you must pass one to purchase a gun!  This of course unfortunately is a little to late since our baby boomers who have screwed up the sexual revolution, the Democratic Party, the Republican party, Wall Street, CEO Pay and now social security managed to not teach their children how to properly chastise a young lady.  Thus there is a whole generation of parents who have never properly applied their hand to the bare bottom of a wayward girl.  Thankfully we have women like Sarah Bright who is quite adept at teaching mothers just what a teen girl needs.  Obviously the strangely colored Bow is not impressed but after a few sessions of making her bottom quite red she will learn.  From Spanking Sarah
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Unsurprisingly the little Teen Jessica is in trouble once again.  I am still waiting for her bottom to fall off but considering the number of spankings she has suffered over the years I feel that while she might not learn from her mistakes she at least has a extraordinary resilient bottom.  From Spanking Teen Jessica or the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass.
1514_010 1514_017 1514_039 1514_059 1514_067 1514_085

I was wondering when we would see the next spanking of Firm Hand Spanking’s forum moderator.  For a long time their faithful following begged young Sabrina Scott to agree to atone for her transgressions.  She resisted but as we all know eventually our girls come around and know a couple of good hard spankings will do wonders for their behavior.  Apparently the first round of spankings she got,  were not enough!  Time to up the bar!
tlc_ba001 tlc_ba004 tlc_ba006 tlc_ba017 tlc_ba020 tlc_ba024

Finally for today our favorite Dirty Old Man called me the other day.  It seems that he was perturbed that he was driving in the left lane,  doing the responsible thing by driving 5 miles under the speed limit while a number of cars had the gall to beep at him.  Unfortunately for her young Yvonne was one of those impatient people.  After all where are all those youngin’s going in such a hurry.  Don’t they know that shouting at clouds doesn’t start until 3 in the afternoon and reruns of Matlock doesn’t start until 5? Thankfully for us all that escapes the DOM and results in a very painful bottom for the young naughty girl.  From Spanked Coed’s
vlcsnap-2013-01-11-21h08m49s73 vlcsnap-2013-01-11-21h09m25s177 vlcsnap-2013-01-11-21h09m45s102 vlcsnap-2013-01-11-21h10m20s216 vlcsnap-2013-01-11-21h10m36s120 vlcsnap-2013-01-11-21h11m09s187


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  • Indeed Count: 5
    Current Front Page Indeed Count: 35

    Imagine if he started taxing the use of the word "indeed". You might need to actually start using the word thoughtfully instead of cramming it into whatever sentences you don't find pretentious enough. Horrors!

  • iwasrobert

    Would it be constitutional to tax speech? I assume "free" means "unfettered" rather than "as in beer". An interesting question indeed!

  • Morbius

    Speech/word tax Avoidance would be the achilles heel. ned flanders would pay very little "Indeedily Doodily neighbourino"
    with all the red zig zag underlining on this post it would not bring much revenue!

  • smuccatelli

    Michael Bloomberg, in addition to being one of the most annoying people on the planet is, indeed, dangerous to anyone who values any kind of personal freedom.

    He's also a giant, gaping ASSHOLE! Fuck him and the horse he rode in on!

  • A good old fashioned sorority paddling is always welcome.

  • Personally I think you need glasses. I am open to criticism, but the photos you posted from "cameraman" look every bit in focus as the others. I think you just like to nit pick on my sites since Clare left.

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