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A Painful Over One Knee Spanking and Monica Spanked in a Short Skirt

Well Dear Reader our elections are over.  Now of course it is time to deal with the fallout and get back to important things like Women getting their lovely bottoms Spanked. Now my liberal commie brethren are indeed in the process of licking their wounds but even more entertaining is the sudden realization of our new Republican Masters that they now have to contend with an element in their party which is more or less insane. Featured here on Women who Desperately Need A Spanking,  Sarah Palin and her Tea Party Minions are quite difficult to control.  Like the evangelicals before them unfulfilled promises to save the life of zygotes in rape victims or dictate who and which hole one can have sex with simply will not do for our Tea Party overlords.  They want action! 

Unfortunately as this election has proved some of them are a little more batshit than many of us are comfortable with.  while such craziness is tolerated in the south and some area’s in the Midwest.  Us costal folks prefer someone who don’t belong in an asylum.  Thus our GOP friends are now racing to find someone,  ANYONE who can beat Caribou Barbie for the nomination for President.

But enough of my rant Dear Reader,  You came here for Spanking.  And Spanking indeed you shall have.  For it is time to continue the Spanking Updates of the Week!

Lets begin today as we often do with the red bottomed girls at Spanked in Uniform.  This week we have the very cute Monique.  Now our Spanking scenes are not always the most realistic scenario’s as enjoyable as they are.  But our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian truly Jumped the Shark here.  A meter maid being spanked for giving out too many tickets?  Hell in my beloved city you are lucky you don’t get a ticket for double parking when you stop at a red light!  Well We can forgive Triple A for his lack of reality research since I am sure he was quite distracted with the idea that soon this lovely girl would be over his knee getting her hot little bottom Spanked. 
ep12_13 ep12_3 Monique Spanked ep12_9 ep12_14 Painful Spanking

Our Terrible Tom is back on Girls Boarding School!  Executing the difficult Spanking maneuver the Over One knee Spanking.  Now Your Humble Narrator loves this position It give the Spanker superior leverage and keeps the Spanked girl quite prone since she is using her arms to steady herself lest she ends up falling on her face.  However in order to pull something like this off one has to be quite tall and the Spankee small like this unfortunate girl here.  Now Yours Truly is rather vertically challenged and doubt I could use this position unless I was Spanking a midget.  (hmm,  Midget Spanking,  kind of cool in perverse sort of way,  I will have to think about that some more).  In any case this tiny girl is Marita who I would assume is the first time she was Spanked because she is crying quite hard after what is an excellent Spanking. 
vlcsnap-2010-11-02-16h37m50s224 Over One knee Spanking Spanking Hurts vlcsnap-2010-11-02-16h40m55s16 vlcsnap-2010-11-02-16h41m11s190 Painful Bare Bottom Spanking

The hardest working woman in Spanking is finally finishing up her 2010 Spanking Epic Exclusive Education 2 on Girl Spanks Girl.  An epic indeed Dear Reader.  As you can see from this hard Spanking of Sarah Gregory and Aiden Ashley (I think) getting their round bright red bottoms Spanked once again in front of the class. 
ei24l Sarah Gregory and Aiden Ashley Spanked Girl Spanked at school Sarah Gregory Spanked Hairbrush Spanking Paddled in the classroom

Ah the Senior Prom.  A time for limo’s and expensive dresses tuxedo’s and of course lots of drinking.  Of Course a young man spends most of his time trying to get the expensive dress off of his date which is quite worrisome for a mom.  I certainly would if my date was Caroline Grey or Kali Redmond.   Now you could order her a chastity belt but as we found in the 13th century they don’t work very well.  Instead Lucy has found a rather novel approach to keeping their dates libido in check.  What self respecting girl would undress with such a red bottom!  From Northern Spanking
Caroline Grey and Kali Redmond NSI090-LCK077 NSI090-LCK081 Caroline Grey Teen Spanked by her mother Spanking on the couch NSI090-LCK146 NSI090-LCK149

Oddly I am a fan of Judge Judy.  I find the woman incredibly amusing and I wouldn’t be surprised if she enjoyed a bit of Spanking now and then.  Now the one thing that drives her nuts are disputes with cell phones which I whole heartedly agree.  Why indeed is it so hard to pay ones bill!  It seems that our lovely Monica has the same such problem.  Thankfully (at least for us) such mistakes can indeed be corrected with a Spanking!  From Real Spanking or the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass.
8200_005 8200_013 8200_030 Spanked with a strap Monica Spanking 8200_070

Lets, for a minute discuss what constitutes a Bare Bottom Spanking.  Now one of course would expect it to be quite simple.  If their pants and panties are pulled down,  well that’s a pretty good indication that their bottom is bare.  But take for a second our hot Allison Miller.  Now under that definition she is not getting a bare bottomed Spanking since she has a tiny little G-string on.  However in essence it offers no protection to her wonderful Ass from the Spanking she is receiving.  Now one might wonder why bother indeed!  Well I can understand a model’s desire for modesty from time to time.  Is it really necessary to have one’s hoochie hanging out to get a good Spanking when this small nod to modesty is available and in essence a Bare Bottomed Spanking?  Something Dear Reader to think about.  From Firm Hand Spanking.
Allison Miller bootcamp_g008 Allison Miller gets A Spanking Spanked on the bare bum with a shoe bootcamp_g011 bootcamp_g023

You know,  When it comes to Spanking Experience I rarely know what is going on.  There are two girls.  they get naked one Paddles the other,  It hurts … the end.  But then again how is this different than any other Spanking Update?
EXP157_24 EXP157_26 EXP157_45 EXP157_48 Naked Spanking EXP157_54

And Finally for today,  When I was young I always dreamed of a school where the hall monitors would Spank the Bare Bottoms of pretty Schoolgirls.  If such a school existed I am sure the job of a hall monitor would be quite sought after by the student body.  They could even give out rulers!  From Cutie Spankee
sc2_y01 sc2_y10 Japanes Schoolgirls Spanked sc2_y35 sc2_y37 Spanked by the hall monitor sc2_y42 sc2_y49


2 comments to A Painful Over One Knee Spanking and Monica Spanked in a Short Skirt

  • iwasrobert

    Oh, I hope Sarah Palin wins the GOP nomination in 2012. I daresay even Joe Biden could win against her. Maybe Christine O'Donnell could be the Tea Party VP pick :-D

  • Kriss

    That's indeed the reason I hate thongs in general and would want them banned from "professional" spanking: Models that would otherwise (and have previously been willing to) do actual bare bottom spankings now more and more often appear in these unappealing thongs instead. And basically, with thongs you get none of the mystery, innocence and cuteness of panties, while also getting none (or at least very little) of the satisfaction and sexual beauty of the true bare bottom beatings. It's the perfect bad compromise, the unhappy middle ground. Maybe in these post-election times, thongs should be re-named into "Democrats", masters of achieving the worst of all worlds!

    Oh, and a short definition of "bare bottom" would naturally be the point of undress where it can't be bared any further. Thong spankings are thong spankings, not bare bottom spankings (you could make an argument for "bare cheeks spanking" though), and again, the worst state of undress in spanking.

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