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A Proper Spanking is on the Bare Bottom

Ah it is about that time again Dear Readers.  Time of course to explore the weeks spanking updates from our hard working spanking houses.  I think today I will forgo my usual diatribe since I watched Glenn Beck last night and some disgraced congressman tried to show us navy guys in tickle fights.  I honestly cannot come up with anything better than that.  So indeed Dear Reader please enjoy the first installment of the Spanking Updates of the Week!


Let us begin this week with a Spanker Spankee duo who simply clicked in their day.  Time has given us George and Gracie, Tracy and Hepburn and Spanking has brought us Coach and Monica.  Monica of course after having her lovely bottom spanked by Coach more times than I think she cares to remember gets yet another bottom burning spanking for our next update at Real Spanking.  Apparently being made to stand in the corner for 20 minutes indeed did nothing to improve her attitude, perhaps then an OTK Spanking will do the trick.  Also available though the 8 site Real Spanking Pass
5998_002 5998_015 5998_033 5998_043 5998_048 5998_054


I’m not quite sure what is indeed going on here this week Dear Reader.  I had always thought the mantra among us spanko’s is that the only proper way to spank a naughty girl is on the bare bottom!  First coach fails to pull down Monica’s panties and now our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian only saw fit to paddle Julie over the Jeans?  What indeed is this world coming to?  Is hell freezing over? cats and dogs living together!  The horror!  Though in fairness it does look quite cold and the last time Julie got the paddle on the bare she cried so much they had to stop the spanking.  So perhaps this indeed is for the best, Plus her ass looks fantastic in those tight jeans.  From Real Life Spanking
julie_jeans_paddling_car_P1010376 julie_jeans_paddling_car_P1010375 julie_jeans_paddling_car_P1010382 julie_jeans_paddling_car_P1010386 julie_jeans_paddling_car_P1010392 julie_jeans_paddling_car_P1010394


There is something to be said for a elegant female who looks like a million bucks in a slinky black skirt facing a spanking.  While there is indeed no evidence that Kathy is a little rich girl in need of a good bare bottom spanking one of course can infer why indeed Peter Schoober spanking her!  Then again with a woman that beautiful do we really need a reason?  From Spanking Server
snapshot20100310135959 snapshot20100310140055 snapshot20100310140116 snapshot20100310140230


And what do we have here Dear Reader a new girl has come to get a spanking from Chelsea Pfeiffer.  Dear Readers meet Charlotte Vale, a pretty 25 year old who has been doing fetish and hardcore for some time.  Not that I am taking glee in the misfortune of the mainstream porn industry but indeed we have been seeing many girls from that area branching out into our little hobby as of late.  This indeed could  bode well for us Dear Reader.  From Good Spanking
002 006 014 020


On Spanking Mags this week we have a little ditty entitled “Too Much Pudding” which of course begs the question of now Niki Flynn and her friend could have any pudding if they don’t eat their meat!  And while pudding denial was great in concept they Niki and friend apparently kept their stash elsewhere resulting in both of them being put across a gym horse and getting a wickedly hard spanking with a tennis shoe.

vlcsnap-2010-03-10-14h55m41s99 vlcsnap-2010-03-10-14h55m58s16 vlcsnap-2010-03-10-14h56m05s89 vlcsnap-2010-03-10-14h59m03s224


Lupus Spanking treats us to yet another one of their wonderful films on installment.  This one entitled “The Teddy Bear (2)” chronicles three young girls who have been sent off to a reeducation camp during the communist period.  One of them, an attractive young blonde has been caught sleeping with of course a capitalist pig teddy bear!  Punishment of course is harsh in the communist regime  for such transgressions. 
snapshot20100310150632 snapshot20100310150735 snapshot20100310150752 snapshot20100310150843


It used to be that streaking was in good fun.  Some idiotic yet harmless thing college students do when they have drank too much.  Now days of course it is likely that one would be thrown in jail and made to register as a sex offender since we are indeed “Tough on Crime” but the idiocy of our laws of course do not in any way suggest a pretty girl such as our  perpetual schoolgirl Emma Brown should indeed not get a good hard spanking because of it.  From Sound Punishments
vlcsnap-2010-03-10-15h37m10s164 vlcsnap-2010-03-10-15h38m36s255 vlcsnap-2010-03-10-15h40m20s11 vlcsnap-2010-03-10-15h40m59s143


It really pains me to say this but Honestly Dear Reader I feel like Girls Boarding School has really gone down hill as of late.  I mean they still produce some wonderful spanking but really not enough of it and this from one of the former powerhouses of the spanking world!  I’ll give you an example,  The last scene they started was of the beautiful Irelynn Logeen.  They started it plus or minus a day or two on 2/11.  It is a great spanking with a beautiful girl and it runs about 18 minutes.  Now any site would be forgiven for releasing it in increments.  But GBS decided it would be a appropriate to release it in 18 PARTS!  What indeed genius has decided in this day and age with high speed internet that 18 one minute parts  would be appropriate? Furthermore, the final parts were finally posted a day or two ago.  So now it takes a month to post one spanking scene? Even worse the spanking does not start until part 10 so indeed their customers have to wait half of the month to see some spanking!  This of course doesn’t include the picture sets that count as a daily “update” .  Now listen Dear Reader you will not find a more ardent defender of our spanking houses but this is simply milking it.  Even worse is their customers on their forums are complaining quite loudly.  Forgive me Dear Reader but there are plenty of Spanking sites out there that offer a fair amount of spanking each month for a fair price and right now GBS is not one of them.  Well they do have a new scene this week starting the very pretty Molly and Simone.  Let us indeed hope they learn their lesson and maybe we will get to see the full movie before the summer time. 
prod0583_pic01 prod0583_pic09 prod0583_pic18 prod0583_pic23


The only drawback to spanking with a wooden spoon is that they tend to break over well paddled bottoms.  Particularly if the naughty girl in question is clenching her cheeks in pain and you are spanking her with conviction!  And if you don’t have another around how indeed will you cook and what will you finish spanking her with!   From Spanking Family
FAM0022-006 FAM0022-023 FAM0022-067 FAM0022-062


You know, I am indeed the last person to complain or even notice poor writing.  This indeed is because I had 12 years of useless English Teachers telling me that I would never EVER be any kind of writer.  (of course blogging wasn’t invented yet).  But while I might indeed regard English Teachers professional standing next to the guys that pick up garbage on the side of the road (hey at least they do something useful). They were correct in one thing.  Your Humble Narrator’s writing and punctuation is indeed atrocious.  Being completely devoid of any kind of rule set behind grammar or punctuation it indeed has to be incredibly poor writing for me to even notice.  Unfortunately Rough Man Spank has gotten my attention.  Now I know English is indeed not their first language but their synopsis of their spankings make absolutely no sense what so ever!  What is so and so’s “accepting” mean anyway?  Well thankfully we do not have to be literary geniuses to produce good spanking material or incidentally a good spanking blogger. 
03014 03068 03075 03089


And finally for today we indeed have two pretty young Japanese Schoolgirls getting their bare bottoms spanked.  No indeed they have not summoned Godzilla or any other radioactive monster.  Instead these girls wrote their school essay’s on the Sea Sheppard. Now since our friends from the land of the rising sun find whales along with every other endangered seagoing species, so damn tasty this of course offends their teacher resulting in a whale of a spanking good time.  From Handspanking
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  • Greetings! Actually there were a few of our members who requested a paddling just over the jeans so I obliged. Those who have had hard paddlings over their jeans will know they don't offer much protection anyway ;)

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