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A Proper Spanking Results in a Crying Girl

Well Dear reader in addition to really really liking state sanctioned rape, obsessing about gay sex and indeed giving your hard earned money to rich people our conservative crazies now indeed want you to be naked!  This week the conservative wing of the supreme court decided it was proper for our wonderful states to conduct a strip search no matter how petty the crime.  Now I enjoy nakedness just as much as the next person Dear Reader but do you really want someone examining your crevices of your naughty regions for a traffic ticket?

This brings me to a lesson I learned years back about the Puritans.  Rather than weighing a perspective witch against a duck to determine her guilt.  These incredibly sexually repressed people used to subject the accused to a humiliating naked examination looking for birth marks and the like to suggest that she was indeed playing with the eye of newt.  Now with their obsession with nakedness and all manners of what goes on in the bedroom do you indeed see just a wee correlation with this sort of behavior?

I of course have the cure for our conservative crazies obsession with seeing us naked.  From now on before any law is passed or any decision made about strip searching.  The deciders must indeed first view Your Humble Narrator in his birthday suit.  Preferably right before lunch.  I can indeed assure you this kind of behavior will soon cease.  Thankfully you Dear Reader will not be subject to such horrors but instead be treated to the naked bottoms of very naughty girls on the Spanking Updates of the Week.

We begin this week with the age old question of when indeed we, as spankers know when a spanking has sufficiently punished a girl enough to reinforce whatever behavior we are trying to suppress.  Is it a red and bruised bottom?  Is it a simple length of time?  No!  The best indicator of when a naughty girl has indeed learned her lesson from a proper spanking is when tears start to flow.   Now while at face value this sounds rather simple.  But let me assure you Dear Reader it is indeed not.  For our girls have varied and devious ways to avoid their bare bottom punishment.  One of course must look out for crocodile tears and all sorts of shenanigans that only an experienced spanker can see.  That surely fits the description of our Dear Clare Fonda who brings naughty Celia to tears with a hard bare bottom spanking.  From Girl Spanks Girl or the better valued 4 site Clare Fonda Pass.
DSC_0475l DSC_0485l DSC_0486l DSC_0491l DSC_0493l DSC_0497bl

Bullying is a problem in our schools Dear Reader.  Then again I do question our educators failure to realize this until recently since its only been around since the beginning of time.  But then again there is indeed some truth to “those who can, do.  Those who can’t teach” plus the republican’s insistence that it is a religious right to beat the crap out of those who are different from you.  None the less with the renewed focus on such a horrible thing our educators must indeed come up with new and efficient ways to combat this.  Of course nothing deters a bully than a good old fashion spanking like these two girls get.  From Northern Spanking
NSI099-LKSP018 NSI099-LKSP033 NSI099-LKSP056 NSI099-LKSP068 NSI099-LKSP069 NSI099-LKSP075

Monica, Monica, Monica…  Will she indeed ever learn.  Well I hope not,  at least if it will result in her getting spanked less.  I am sure she has another opinion since she doesn’t seem to be enjoying this bare bottom OTK Spanking all that much.  But I am!  From Real Spanking Institute or the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass.
10984_006 10984_019 10984_035 10984_047 10984_052 10984_063

Blood of course is thicker than water Dear Reader.  Thus it is always nice to see a sister helping out another.  Particularly when she can’t seem to bring herself to properly punish her perfect little snowflake.  Thankfully she has a sister like Veronica who indeed has not qualms putting Lorraine Little over her knee and using the hairbrush on her bare butt.  From Punished Brats
DSC_0177 DSC_0170 DSC_0161 DSC_0162 DSC_0129 DSC_0152

There are spankings Dear Reader and then there are SPANKINGS.  Sometimes our girls do something so outrageous than you are forced to deliver not only a painful spanking but one that they will remember for a long time.  This indeed is the predicament we find our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian.  After finding out pretty little Angel drove home quite high and managed to foolishly outrun a oncoming train on a scooter he wisely decided that she needed a little bit more of a punishment as usual.  Thankfully he brought along his heavy hairbrush and spanks the foolish girl to tears on Real Life Spanking.
angel_severe_spanking_joint_P1010203 angel_severe_spanking_joint_P1010206  angel_severe_spanking_joint_P1010210 angel_severe_spanking_joint_P1010211 angel_severe_spanking_joint_P1010216 angel_severe_spanking_joint_P1010218

So our friends in the UK have a new plan to keep their citizens “safe”  Essentially the UK government not satisfied with filming everyone all the time now wants to monitor their citizen’s internet activities.  Of course they ignore the fact that any terrorist in their right mind will simply use encryption to hide his or her activities leading to the government simply spying on their subjects inevitably looking for spanking porn.  On the up side I am sure it will result in considerably more spankings for their ladies.  From Firm Hand Spanking
term_f004 term_f010 term_f014 term_f018 term_f019 term_f021

While spring is just completing its tenuous grip on my adopted New England.  Down south aside from being swept by tornado’s the warm weather is already there.  That indeed can mean only one thing Dear Reader.  Bikini Season!  Which of course our favorite sassy southern belle Bryanna kicks off by being made to cut her own switch and having her bikini bottoms lowered for its use on her bare bottom.  From Spanking Bare Butts.
sbbmfp49-13 sbbmfp49-03 sbbmfp49-07 sbbmfp49-08 sbbmfp49-09 sbbmfp49-11

As we all know,  The Japanese are obsessed with schoolgirl panties.  Hell you can buy them from vending machines over there.  The more worn they are the more money they fetch.  And they say our friends from land of the rising sun aren’t strange.  Thus it is a surprise that this one has been caught stealing them when surly the sale of her old ones would fetch such a high price.  I wonder if there is a market for panties girls have been spanked in!  From Handspanking
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2 comments to A Proper Spanking Results in a Crying Girl

  • It may sound mean, but tears are very cleansing and I do like to see a naughty young woman broken to the point of weeping as Clare did with Celia.

  • tim

    Yes little celiagets very big spanks from Clare ,hopefully our stupid coalition will think again,best,tim.

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