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A Spanked Schoolgirl in a Short Skirt and Amy Hunter Goes Over the Knee

With all this talk about extending the Bush Tax Cuts for the rich.  (Like they need the money) I find myself where indeed are the Tax Cuts for us Spanking aficionado's.  After all Dear Reader we do society quite a bit of service and if they would let us we of course could get this country out of debt in no time.  You see  80% of the things that our Girls get Spanked for is about money.  They either spend too much of it,  goof off at a job or get fired and not make any.  Come home late presumably because they were of course Spending Money.  Hell we Spankers have got to be some of the richest people in the world to support such habits!  Furthermore Spanking combat’s obesity (well for the Spankee anyway) which it seems our President’s wife is quite keen on.

So I propose the Spanking Tax Credit.  Of course this should indeed be easily verifiable, so if the Tax Man shows up at your door you needn't worry,  simply grab your significant other,  pull down her pants and of course give her a good Spanking.  Should she be unavailable and the Tax Man turns out to be the Tax Female,  then Spank her! Of course other expenses associated with Spanking like Paddles, belts, canes, Schoolgirl outfits and really really soft pillows will also be deductible.

But enough!  It is time of course for another installment of the Spanking Update of the Week!

Perhaps Maid Service would also be deductible,  particularly if you spent all your time teaching them how to clean properly though the wonders of Spanking.  I can surely think of nothing better than to be compensated by the government for Spanking the likes of the ridiculously cute Kami Robertson.  From Spanked in Uniform

birchrod_ep13_2 Kami Robertson birchrod_ep13_8 Kami Robertson Spanked birchrod_ep13_17 birchrod_ep13_16

Ask and you shall recieve Dear Reader.  You might remember last week I lamented about Amy Hunter’s choice of Hair Color and being the one dishing out the Spanking rather than receiving it.  Well my Dear Clare corrects at least one of thes anomalies on Spanked Call Girls this week.  Amy of course has the largest collection of amusing panties to be Spanked upon in the free world.  So many varieties in fact I swear she spends all her free time shopping for them.  Perhaps that is indeed why undergarment sales are booming in our lagging economy.  Also Available though the 4 site Clare Fonda Pass.
a001 Amy Hunter OTK Spanking Over the Panties Spanking a020 Painful Spanking a025

Despite Chelsea’s Stage name just from these photo’s we can tell she has some Italian in her.  You see for those of you non-Italians there is a little known recessive gene that causes the woman of our lot to have the overwhelming urge to cover ones furniture and keep at least one room in the house roped off.  Now given the proper way to cover a couch is in plastic, but as we all know she is from California.  Now normally one of course would be honored to be invited into the room roped off with museum rope but somehow I think this cultural honor is indeed lost on the incredibly cute Sandy Skarsgard.  From Good Spanking
Sandy Skarsgard 015 Sandy Skarsgard Spanked 015a011 018

Now if one is going to use my Namesake to Spank girls one might as well get the proper one.  Preferably as lovely Lucy McLean demonstrates large, wooden with a wonderful deep stain.  Now of course none of this would make much of a difference to Caroline Grey (well other than the large and wooden part) since all hairbrushes hurt quite a bit.  But one needs a heavy Hairbrush to make an impression on a girl with all that clothing between its hard exterior and her bottom.  At least until the fancy dress is pulled all the way up.  Then it REALLY makes an impression.  From Northern Spanking
NSI090-LCK002 NSI090-LCK014 Caroline Grey Hairbrush Spanking NSI090-LCK025 NSI090-LCK030

When faced with a very in shape Schoolgirl who does not want to get a Spanking one of course can anticipate a struggle.  Thankfully Man evolved as the stronger sex for the sole purpose of putting a non compliant girls over their knees for Spankings.  From English Spankers
npp-2002002 Schoolgirl gets a Spanking from her Father npp-2002027 npp-2002029 Schoolgirl Spanked on the bare bottom npp-2002061

An essential part of Spanking is of course the humiliation a female feels when her panties are lowered.  But for our young Bailey here such mortification must by now be quite gone.  After all she gets her panties pulled down what?  Once a week?  From Spanking Bailey or the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass
4724_004 Bailey Spanked 4724_041 4724_053 4724_051 Teen Paddled by her father

Someday,  A long time from now,  my grandchildren will be rummaging though my basement as grandchildren tend to do on holidays and come across a wondrous device called a stereo and with it these mysterious plastic disks that one places on top an turns rapidly to produce music.  Much of course like I did when I was young and came across such a thing made of thick black plastic that could kill one and spun a an odd 78 rpm’s.  Most Schoolgirls of course nowadays will never have the joy of bringing an hard earned album home after a trip to the music store,  tearing though the large foldouts and cover art and listening to the staticy silence at the beginning of a record just before the sweet music emanates from the speakers.  Now all they have to do is download it!  It is no wonder that with such distractions they tend to ignore their homework.  But while technology may change the primary method to combat them has indeed not.  A good Old Fashion Spanking.  From Fetish Flixx
vlcsnap-2010-09-17-09h40m02s143 vlcsnap-2010-09-17-09h40m22s97 Over the knee Spanking vlcsnap-2010-09-17-09h41m04s11 vlcsnap-2010-09-17-09h41m25s205 Strapped on the bare butt

The strict hierarchal structure of the Japanese Culture unlike, us in the west,  dictates that any sort of public embarrassment is of course to be avoided (Unless of course it involves running around in ones underwear on game shows).  So it is no wonder that they insist on lessons for even the simplest thing ensuring that while not experts they are of course doing whatever task properly.  So it comes to no surprise that the of course have Spanking Lessons! Now while to you and me it may of course seem second nature,  especially since the first caveman put a cavewoman over his knee when she wouldn’t get off his rock.  But one must admit there is of course certain forms that make one say,  “wow that’s a really good Spanking”  From Cutie Spankee
ant_r02 ant_r09 ant_r15 ant_r19 Japanese Girl Spanked ant_r24 Hard Spanking ant_r30 ant_r34


1 comment to A Spanked Schoolgirl in a Short Skirt and Amy Hunter Goes Over the Knee

  • iwasrobert

    I have a slightly different proposal regarding the Bush tax cuts. Every squillionaire gets to keep his tax cut if he agrees to let the local Sheriff spank his trophy wife live on PPV. One smack for every dollar, with discounts for implements. Payment in parts encouraged. In the case of female squillionaires, same deal but with said lady's bottom bared by the Sheriff. Sell the PPV tickets to stimulate the economy and use the proceeds for, you know, actual economic stimulus.

    Makes more sense than anything Congress has done recently…

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