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A Spanking for Nina Dove

Although Kim Jong il was one one the Spanking Spot’s most fanatic fans.  I must tell you Dear Reader aside being about as weird as one can get thinking one is a god, he also had a habit of not thinking about unintended circumstances.  You see back when Best Korea figured out they couldn’t feed themselves they came up with a brilliant idea. They simply would not pay their workers since able bodied males must go to work in that country or face imprisonment.  As you might have guessed workers aren’t exactly all that productive while they are starving to death. 

But enter the women,  lacking food or anything else to do,  they started selling their wares (illegally).  Rather than give them a spanking.  Their husbands welcomed this since they didn’t exactly enjoy starvation. As these free markets became acceptable to my lunatic friend.  They flourished,  with the unintended affect that women were now the only people capable of feeding their families. 

Now of course I warned Dear Leader this after a drunken conversation one wintery night after I convinced him not to make it mandatory for his subjects to wear their underwear on the outside to check for cleanliness.  I warned him it would devastate his people for proper spankings would plummet since men tend not to want to spank the only person the stands between him and death no matter how naughty she might be. 

Thus it has come to pass Dear Reader.  In fact being the primary bread winners their ladies have got quite uppity calling their men “pets” with no consequences whatsoever! Clearly Dear Leader would be turning over in his grave if he had one.  He might of course find turning over in death bit more difficult since they stuffed him and put him on display. 

Thus Dear Reader we should indeed take this lesson to heart.  While there is nothing wrong with our lovely ladies going off to work to support your unemployed ass.  Just remember spankings still must be given.  Now off to the Spanking Updates of the Week!

While we have seen naughty Natasha get spanked before we never really knew much about her and indeed why she should get her naughty little bottom spanked by the likes of Dallas.  It seems that she is better known as Nina Dove.  A model that dabbles in just about everything and interestingly has credits to her name on shows like House and CSI.  Though considering the lack of credit’s in IMDB perhaps it was simply as an extra.  Being a mere 24 years old standing at a petite 5’3” makes her almost the perfect girl to be spanked over the knee.  I am indeed sure that her thespian training has prepared her for acting under such uncomfortable circumstances.  Or perhaps her cries of pain from the hard paddle landing on her bottom is not acting!  From Dallas Spanked Hard
bellydance2_01 bellydance2_02 bellydance2_03 bellydance2_04 bellydance2_08 bellydance2_09

These are indeed trying times Dear Reader,  particularly for me.  You see despite the holiday’s winding down my significant other’s mother is still with us.  Now I suppose it could be worse as there is a man in my beloved city who I have never met and probably never will whom Yours Truly owes both his sanity and lack of any murderous rages to since he has taken her in after Sandy inconveniently flooded her house.  Otherwise she would have been with me since the storm.  In the short time since Christmas that she arrived at my humble abode,  she has blocked up the toilet 3 times.  Destroyed countless glasses and was incensed when my greyhound got sick of her ill behaved rat yapping at him and attempted to eat it.  Yes indeed this has been a trying week.  But my spirits are lifted for our manliest spanker of them all, Karl takes yet another ridiculously hot girl to his garage and whips her little bottom while she is bent over a car lift.  From Spanking Server.
vlcsnap-2012-12-28-20h22m35s38 vlcsnap-2012-12-28-20h23m35s143 vlcsnap-2012-12-28-20h24m09s203 vlcsnap-2012-12-28-20h24m32s194 vlcsnap-2012-12-28-20h25m41s108 vlcsnap-2012-12-28-20h26m05s88

Sarah Gregory seems to be having some boyfriend problems.  Namely her mother doesn’t like hers. A number of my girlfriends in the past have surprisingly had this problem.  I wonder why!  Well they might have been scorned and ridiculed for dating a foul tempered troll but at least to my knowledge none of them ever got spanked for it (other than by me).  From Sarah Gregory Spanking
0104_heartbreaker_gal1-005 0104_heartbreaker_gal1-010 0104_heartbreaker_gal1-019 0104_heartbreaker_gal1-021 0104_heartbreaker_gal1-022 0104_heartbreaker_gal1-024

Ah sleep,  something that eludes your Humble Narrator now that he has a regular job and has returned to writing my prose that you so deeply love at night.  Something I see that young Monica seems to have a lack of.  Unfortunately she was overcome with slumber during detention.  Well she could have had a cup of coffee to stay awake but now a good hard spanking will probably do it.  From Real Spanking or the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass

Finally for today many of my Dear Readers wrote me to wish me a happy birthday.  I am touched.  But some of you other than wishing me happy one year closer to death, did of course inquire what it was like to have a birthday the day before Christmas.  I will of course tell you Dear Reader the plain truth.  It sucks.  Throughout childhood I reveled at the children who could actually have birthday parties and did not the hear the line,  “This is for your birthday AND Christmas”.  Nor does it prepare you as an adult celebrating ones day of birth by running around purchasing things for other people and then cooking for them.  In essence I do not have a birthday, which hopefully means I will live forever no matter how many cigarette's I smoke or martini’s I guzzle.  Which also means you will be stuck with me forever!  From Real Life Spanking
angelique_sidney_strapped_P1010297 angelique_sidney_strapped_P1010309 angelique_sidney_strapped_P1010310 angelique_sidney_strapped_P1010316 angelique_sidney_strapped_P1010322 angelique_sidney_strapped_P1010325


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