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A Spanking New Site and a Spanked in the Courtroom

While our Founding Fathers sadly did not include a Spanking Clause in our revered Constitution (The Right of course to give our ladies Spankings when they need them) they were indeed wise enough to include the First Amendment which of course gives us American’s the celebrated right to say whatever in the hell we want without Government interference.  This week that protection is being tested on the worst of the worst,  Fred Phelps.  Yes our “God Hates Fag’s “ guy is challenging a judgment against him for screaming hateful and completely nonsensical things at dead soldier's funerals. 

Now as much as I hate this guy and firmly believe all his female followers should get Spanked quite severely (we’ll get to him in a second).  This is quite important.  For if you make exception for this unpopular speech then what of course is next? Writing about women getting Spanked? 

Now When our Founding Fathers wrote these wise words,  there was another mechanism in place to combat such idiots as Freddie and Family.  I call it the Punch in the Face Doctrine.  You see back then when someone offended you, it was quite customary (and expected) to defend your honor,  Either though a duel or Punching the guy in the Face (or a Spanking if they are Female).  Of course as we have become more civilized and our law profession realized they could make quite a bit of money if they stopped people from punching each other in the face and simply sued them this practice has been lost. Leaving us of course, for better or worse where we are today.  While perhaps to advocate bringing back those days is a bit radical,  one must admit it would solve many of our issues with our lunatic fringe we have today. 

So while your mulling over that one,  Lets finish up The Spanking Updates of the week. 

Let us begin today with a brand Spanking New Spanking Site.  Our bouncing baby Website is a day old today is the brainchild of the famous hard handed Peter Schoober and his lovely assistant Heidi which promises to be yet another place where naughty girls should indeed be avoiding.  I have not of course had a chance to review it but that will be in the coming weeks Dear Reader.  So right now should you not want to wait for Your Humble Narrator’s review and join it will be at your own risk.  But knowing Peter and Crew I think it would be a very safe bet. Spanked with a carpetbeaterOutdoor Spanking 2punish (33) Spankd at work)2punish (56) 2punish (58)

Now the growing Men’s rights movement might ask,  why should a guy get punched in the face yet a woman be Spanked.  Well there is indeed a simple answer to this.  Spanking Women is indeed more fun!  Besides didn’t your mother drill into ones head that you should never ever hit a girl (expect Spanking of course).  Since it is perfectly acceptable for a Man to Spank a Woman,  this is of course our update today with the lovely Natasha feeling what it is like to be Spanked by one for the first time.  Now No offence to Clair Fonda but I think our Natasha is finding that a Man’s hand is indeed considerably more painful than a female.  From Spanked Sweeties or the 4 site Clare Fonda Pass
053 056 Over the knee Spanking 063 Natasha gets a bare bottom Spanking Spanked Callgirls

Sophie Nova in addition to being ridiculously Beautiful is somewhat of a intellectual.  This week she quips one of the wisest things I have heard a Spanking Model say, stating “That is so much worse than I thought it was going to be” when feeling the sting of Dallas’s absurdly large hairbrush.  Her Friend Nikki Rouge, while not having anything overtly amusing to say about her Spanking is of course no less hot.  From Dallas Spanks Hard
vlcsnap-2010-10-01-11h18m43s49 Dallas Spanks Sophie Nova vlcsnap-2010-10-01-11h26m37s174 Dallas Spanks Hard Nikki Rouge Spanked by Dallas vlcsnap-2010-10-01-11h29m03s98

It seems that there is a plethora of Painful Spankings this week with Your Humble Narrator’s namesake and of course favorite Spanking Implement.  This of course is delightful for no other implement makes a girl wonderfully writhe than this simple household tool when getting Spanked with it.  A fact not lost on the lovely Samantha Woodley.  From Firm Hand Spanking.
tlc_a010 Samantha Woodley Spanked on the bare Girl Spanked with a Hairbrush Firm Hand Spanking Hard Spanking Samantha Woodley

I have said it in the past,  and of course I will say it again.  80% of all punishment giving by the courts could indeed be solved with a good hard Spanking.  After all Dear Reader why spend all that money to incarcerate someone over breaking a silly law when such punishment could be dispensed with a simple hard Spanking.  It would definitely increase the demand for Bailiff Jobs and make court considerably more interesting.  From Bad Tushy
Bad Tushy Judge Spanks a defendant vlcsnap-2010-10-01-11h56m59s221 Spanking in court vlcsnap-2010-10-01-11h57m52s237 vlcsnap-2010-10-01-11h58m38s173

Well you just could never trust the help in the 18th century.  I guess that is indeed why we invented caning.  The only drawback is indeed that cane’s break,  and if Spanking a girl brutally they tend to break over her bottom.  From Lupus Spanking
Lupus Spanking Naked Caning vlcsnap-2010-10-01-14h10m44s82 Painful Caning

You tell me Dear Reader, but at least in Your Humble Narrator’s opinion, when your new Spanking position requires a electric winch,  Perhaps you have gone just a little too far.  After all We have been Spanking Ladies for hundreds of years before the advent of electricity.  Sometimes the classics are just better.  From Spanking Server.
snapshot20101001142013 snapshot20101001142026 Spanking Server snapshot20101001142117snapshot20101001142131 Girl Tied up and Spanked

Well Sophie has indeed not wasted any time getting in trouble at the Real Spanking Institute.  Less than a week after she was shown what exactly happens when the girls get in trouble.  She of course gets in Trouble.  Perhaps the demonstration was not hard enough to keep our wayward cutie on the straight and Narrow.  Mr Masterson however decides if at first you don’t succeed try try again.  From Real Spanking Institute or the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass.
9767_003 9767_007 Real Spanking Institute Schoolgirl Spanked

And Finally for this very long Week,  Our Lovely Sinn Sage is annoying her Aunt Chelsea again, this time taking her sweet time in the bathroom.  So much time mind you she hasn’t even gotten dressed which of course is quite unfortunate.  Unfortunate, for her of course since a Spanking in her birthday suit is much more embarrassing than one with her panties down and just as painful.  From Spank Sinn
Chelsea Pfeiffer Spanks Sinn Sage OTK Spanking015 Painful Spanking Spank Sinn 002


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  • iwasrobert

    According to Laurence Keitt (d. 1864), etiquette required dueling only if you were insulted by an equal. If you had been maligned by someone who was socially inferior, any form of violent retribution was supposedly appropriate. Unfortunately Keitt was not known for considering his opponents to be worthy equals.

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