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A Spanking Scandal, Jessica the Cheerleader gets Spanked and The Spanking Spot Demonstrates the Spanking Diet. That And More On The Spanking Updates of the Week!

I have grave news Dear Reader.  It seems that a scandal is brewing in the world of spanking.  It is not immune to the temptations of performing enhancement drugs.  You see it appears that there are some connections to many of our favorite spanking stars and the steroid scandal rocking baseball and the player known as A-Rod.  This is indeed a sad day Dear Readers since it is also against the rules of spanking. 

The World Wide Spanking Federation rule page 117 section 4, 3rd paragraph states and I quote “Those of us with sore bottoms and sore hands pursue the policy of a clean spanking hobby.  All Spankee’s Spankers are hereby prohibited from using  using, possessing, selling, facilitating the sale of, distributing, or facilitating the distribution any drug and/or unapproved devices or technology to enhance ones performance on the field of spanking play”  If you wonder how serious WWSF takes this policy simply ask our friend Dallas who was recently investigated for bionic arm implants.  After hours of asking him “Do you have a bionic arm” and then resorting to poking him with a knitting needle until they finally were satisfied that the claim was false.  But he recently confided to Yours truly it was indeed the worst night of his life. 

So as for you spankers and spankees (don’t forget Bubble Butt Boron enhancement injections are also banned) please be careful and play by the rules.  Nothing is worth having this blemish on the spanking world for our young fans.  what kind of message are we sending?  Spanking at all costs?  I know I know Dear Reader the betrayal is devastating.  Perhaps we can console ourselves with this week. Spanking Updates of the Week!

I knew that 2nd Favorite Spanker remark in The Spanking Spot’s interview with Sarah Gregory would get Chelsea Pfeiffer all riled up.  I guess You have to watch what you say during Your Humble Narrator’s interviews if your a spankee.  Thank you You Two!  From Good Spanking.

Lets begin this week with a excellent M/f Domestic Over the Knee Spanking.  A excellent surprise Dear Reader from Clare Fonda’s Spanking site  My Spanking Roommate.  I can tell you Dear Reader that from conversations I have had with her she is really trying to branch her unique brand of spanking out from her excellent F/f but to M/f and even F/m.  This is Faye who unwisely gave her boyfriend attitude while he was having a crisis than work.  I can tell you ladies that there is nothing in this world worse for a man than trying to solve a crisis while you stand and become nasty since we are not doing what you want us to do at that very minute.  Daring him to spank her Faye gets an unpleasant surprise.
r22s05b r22s10b r22s15b r22s20b r22s23b

Rose is reportedly a new talent from Real Spanking.  (thanks to the Reader that pointed this out to me). Here she experiences a Real Spanking Time honored tradition.  They call it a bare breasted spanking but that would connotate that their breasts are spanked and not their bottom.  But fear not Dear Reader.  it is indeed the bottom that they are spanked upon,  their breasts are exposed however to teach us a bit about basic physics.  (also though Real Spanking Pass)
8902_004 8902_006 8902_012 8902_014 8902_016 8902_024

22 Year old Roxy is Cute.  Not the type that one would expect to get such brutal spankings on Mood Pictures wonderful full length movies.  This is of course being cutsie doesn’t help you get though the searing 50 strokes you have to take on Mood Castings before even being considered in their films.  The Question is that Roxy ready for that kind of ass punishment. 
roxy_008 roxy_014 roxy_015 roxy_031 roxy_032

Your Humble Narrator has the same problem that poor Paula has,  The only difference is she wants to lose weight and Yours Truly has to.  As you might recall I managed to quit smoking some months ago,  this of course a good thing since now I will not die of the various smoking related diseases.  Instead my now massive frame will drop dead of a heart attack because I am indeed obese.  I swear I have gained a pound for every cigarette I haven’t smoked.  Well,  I suppose will power and not shoving just about any edible thing in my pie hole.  Paula needs more {ahem} persuasion which our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian and his Hairbrush are happy to provide.  From Real Life Spanking
paula_hairbrush_weight_P1010270 paula_hairbrush_weight_P1010272 paula_hairbrush_weight_P1010276 paula_hairbrush_weight_P1010279 paula_hairbrush_weight_P1010283

What better to show than a couple of Spanked Schoolgirls on the aptly named Spanked Schoolgirls
Image13 Image22 Image24 Image36 Image54

Another naughty girl joins David Pierson’s new crop of Spankee’s.  Aside from picking a most unfortunate stage name (Tina Tink) she is a challenge Sarah Gregory for the girl next door.  I will say however I will be looking forward to her more in a cheerleader uniform since I suspect very few girls look better then she.  From Punished Brats
IMG_4238 IMG_4249 IMG_4251 IMG_4259 IMG_4266

Even Full figured girls need spankings once and a while Dear Reader.  This is young and lovely Lauren.  Her first ever spanking, though I am not sure if it is ever or simply the first time as an adult.  From the look on her face it was the former or she simply forgot how much a bare bottom spanking hurts.  From English Spankers
npp907008 npp907030 npp907029 npp907034 npp907037

Not that I am complaining but Justine spends an awful lot of time in her birthday suit.  She must save a fortune in laundry.  From Spanked at Home
ta_spanking_20090217194734 ta_spanking_20090217195253 ta_spanking_20090217195405 mov064_pic07 mov064_pic19

Speaking of Cheerleading.  I always questioned if this was a “sport” or not.  There really isn’t any consequence to winning or losing.  Perhaps if the losing teams cheerleaders got spanked by the winning team, that sport would probably become alot more interesting. From Spanking Teen Jessica (or via Real Spanking Pass)
16_002 16_013 16_019 16_041 16_025 

And Finally for tonight A Japanese Schoolgirl fights off perverted tentacles and turns the tables on her teacher for a Student/teacher spanking.  From Handspanking
b14-01 b14-12 b14-16 b14-34 b14-37


6 comments to A Spanking Scandal, Jessica the Cheerleader gets Spanked and The Spanking Spot Demonstrates the Spanking Diet. That And More On The Spanking Updates of the Week!

  • Baby

    Why is it that whenever a woman isn't 100 pounds you a) refer to her as full-figured and b) make note of mentioning that she's "big" or "thick"? Not everyone likes a girl to look like a 12 year old with no breasts and no hips or thighs. That seems to be your preference, and while we all do have our preferences, it's just rather obnoxious to KNOW that you are going to comment about it. Otherwise, I really enjoy your blog.

  • Brushstrokes

    When you are right, you are right.

    I will watch my words Baby. Thank you for pointing it out to me

  • To reference your first point, Mr. Brushstrokes, I have never, nor have I ever considered, taking spanko-enhancing drugs (spankoids).

    And If I were to take them, i'd just get 'em anyway from Alex Rodriguez' cousin in the Dominican Republic. Heck, it's over the counter, right?


  • Yes, I'm afraid I have to agree with Baby my darling Brush. Lauren is CLEARLY a slim girl with curvy breasts and hips. But no way is she 'fuller figured'. I'd LOVE to have her body!

    Sure there ARE girls who definitely fit into the fuller figure and BBW category in the scene – we've worked with most of them. But having once weighed 220 pounds myself I did consider myself BBW and was proud of it, but it can be disconcerting that having lost 75 pounds, and wearing a size UK 12 I can still be considered "big".

    I have nothing against the size 0 girls either – we work with many of them too and they are equally beautiful in different ways. I wouldn't refer to any of them, like perhaps Wynter or Kami, as skinny boney waifs. That would be just as offensive as describing a girl with curves as fuller figured or thick.

    Text is difficult because of lack of intonation, but whilst it's no secret that you personally prefer the very slim girls, it does come across as offensive the way you comment on the girls who do not fit this description.

    Every woman in this scene has an appeal to someone out there. If we all liked the same thing it would be incredibly dull after all.

    Every girl who gets in front of a camera to have her bottom walloped to share with the world should be applauded for having the self-confidence and self belief to do so. So please don't make them feel self-conscious about their shape. Lord knows we get enough of that from the media. We don't need it in our own community too.

  • LOL! Yeah, I really love to walk around naked :D I don't really know how the neighbours thinks about it… I know some of them have seen me a coupple of times :p

    And I just LOVE to read about my films on your blog, it always makes me laugh :D

    Kisses from Justine

  • Baby


    I'm in love with Lucy.

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