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A Tribute To Lady D

While my fan mail is indeed not overwhelming,  I often get delightful arrivals in my inbox from my Dear Readers.  Unless of course it is something inappropriate like requesting contact information for one of our lovely spanked girls I indeed try to honor any request or indeed answer any question. 

So a Dear Reader contacted me wondering if I remember writing about Lady D from Real Spanking ever getting spanked.  Now I did not recall but then again I can barely remember what I had for dinner last night and am constantly searching the house for my misplaced keys so this would be unsurprising.  Furthermore my Dear Reader was almost certain he read it on The Spanking Spot since I am honored that it is the only spanking blog he feels the need to read. 

While I looked back on my posts the search function on The Spanking Spot is about as useful as a republican scientist and indeed there are almost 1500 pages now gracing my site.  Failing that I reverted looking to the Real Spanking Website and found while most of her tenure there was dedicated to punishing the bottoms of naughty girls.  She has misbehaved a couple of times over the years and herself subject to a spanking.  5 times in fact. 

So contacting my Dear Reader,  he was overjoyed with the news and because of his enthusiasm I promised him that I would write a post just for him to replace the one lost on the pages of my wonderful site. 

Thus today I bring you a tribute to Lady D getting a taste of what she so effectively does to young girls bottoms.  Painful Bare Bottom Spankings. 
2948_007 2948_010 2974_024 2974_067 2975_023 2975_033 2976_041 2976_088 


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