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A Trophy Wife Gets Spanked and an Excellent Spanking Movie from Northern Spanking

Well Dear Reader this is the last weekend before Christmas and Your Humble Narrator has gotten exactly 2 things out of his list to buy.  Its not for the lack of trying mind you,  after 5 hours of shopping last weekend stores have indeed frustrated my attempts.  Now normally I would rather chew off my own arm than go to a retail store.  But sadly online shopping is indeed not possible this year due to my ongoing war with my mailman. 


Now not shopping in a retail store in a while I can tell you if spanking sites treated their customers even remotely like the stores do they would indeed be skewered upon these pages.  Not enough people working, clueless clerks, and infuriating loss control policies.  I actually waited 20 minutes to get a $22.50 item that was locked so you couldn’t get it off the rack, while there are plenty of other items greater in value that one could simply pick up only because this item was deemed “electronic”.  In addition I absolutely refuse to allow someone to check my bag after I have purchased and item, which indeed led to a few disagreements with the minimum wage security guards.  (Just for your information they have no right to search your bag or check your receipt unless you are at Costco or like stores,  there it is in the contract you sign). Ah but this indeed is the only year I will have to do this since I will be moving back to my beloved city in the summer to piss of another mailman. 


Ok then time to finish up the Spanking Updates of the week!


Rather then have some minimally conscious worker in a uniform demanding to check your items stores should make public examples out of shoplifters and be able to spank them publically.  I would imagine there is nothing worse than having your bottom bared and spanked listening to the jeering crowd.  Given in this update by Bad Tushy there are only two fellow incarcerated ladies and they indeed should probably keep it down lest Ms Law comes back and spanks them.
0015 0020 0057 0066 0098 0118


Now that I am divorced, middle aged and have a sports car I indeed need to find a trophy wife to spank.  One preferably bratty and considerably younger than your humble narrator to crash White House Parties with.  Ironically I have had more success dating younger females now then I ever did when I was young and they indeed enjoy a good spanking.  Seeing that Your Humble Narrator lacks hair and has the physique of a hedgehog this indeed is a puzzling phenomena.  Ah but the mysteries of life are simple here with Natalie the bratty trophy wife getting spanked by her husband for snubbing her very expensive Christmas Present.  From Sound Punishment
 PC108694 PC108700 PC108704 PC108721 PC108747


A happy spanking Christmas from our Dear Clare Fonda who incidentally looks incredibly spankable in that little black Dress.  From My Spanking Roommate or the 4 site Clare Fonda Pass
r41e04l r41e12l r41e21l r41e31l


The holidays is of course about getting together with friends and family to eat drink and be Merry.  Unless of course you are Susan Gilbert and drink 3 bottles of Champaign thus inevitably making a fool out of her self.  While she might have been quite merry once John gets her home the spanking tends to ruin the merriment.  From Firm Hand Spanking
sgc_b001 sgc_b010 sgc_b017 sgc_b022


This update from Northern Spanking is indeed way to cute not to mention.  In fact it is indeed one of the more creative spanking scenes this year.  And to think I almost missed it (the pictures were messed up and just out of a whim I decided to download the movie).  What I found was and excellent spanking movie in 5 parts which indeed makes your Humble Narrator annoyed that I have not shown it to you sooner.  Entitled Strictly Come Spanking,  it is a take off on the various reality dancing and singing show’s that pervade our televisions complete with commercials!,  Indeed I am quite upset they didn’t ask your humble narrator to be Simon Cowell (hey I have man boobs!) .  None the less with dancing and spanking we indeed have a winner here.  My hats off to Northern Spanking for this wonderful update. 
vlcsnap-13041585 vlcsnap-13041949 vlcsnap-13047673 vlcsnap-13047875


I am indeed quite excited about this girl Lila as a regular on Real Spanking Institute.  She is really gorgeous and quite spankable.  I would however like to see some good hard M/f OTK spankings for this lovely girl since she looks so damn good in a schoolgirl outfit.  Your Humble Narrator will await with bated breath.  From Real Spanking Institute or the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass
9263_004 9263_058 9263_035 9263_078


Years ago I caught a kid trying to break into my car.  I had gone to pick up my girlfriend for some function or another and when I came down out of her apartment I found a kid trying to open my door.  He of course didn’t see me as I walked up behind him and tapped him on the shoulder.  Now yes Dear Reader the logical thing to do would have been to teach him a very painful lesson.  But I realized first he was quite young (maybe 15) and second he was from the neighborhood which if I had hurt him I am sure my car would have been trashed some other evening.  So I told him not only was he breaking into my car but he was indeed doing it quite badly.  Now should it be a pretty girl with her underwear peeking out from a short little dress I am sure I would have handled it a bit differently.  Perhaps putting her over my knee and giving her a good spanking right then and there.  From Fetish Flixx
Image6 Image10 Image26 Image41


I think next year I am going to have a an award for the most ridiculously dressed person in a spanking video.  In this update Tiki gets spanked quite hard by my friend Dallas.  And it is indeed not Tiki who’s outfit violates the senses.  In fact she looks scrumptious in that schoolgirl outfit particularly after her poor bottom is caned and paddled.  Is that a leisure suit Dallas is wearing?  From Dallas Spanks Hard
vlcsnap-13058892 vlcsnap-13059175 vlcsnap-13060164 vlcsnap-13060584


Our Friend David Pierson is indeed on a mission.  Being quite the color coordinated guy his goal is to make Lavender’s bottom the same color of her pink panties and skirt.  Now I could say he is intent on making Lavender’s bottom lavender.  But due to your Humble Narrator’s somewhat color blindness I haven’t the slightest idea what lavender is!  From Punished Brats
IMG_5260 IMG_5248 IMG_5232 IMG_5239


We have seen a couple of over the banister spankings this week and quite honestly they strike Yours Truly quite dangerous for the spankee.  One wayward smack or a too hard of spank could send them jumping over the railing not to mention the possibility of shoddy carpentry causing the rail to collapse sending our lovely Molly plunging over the abyss.  All this for just a spanking!  Its their bottoms that we want to hurt not send them to the hospital!  not to mention what one would explain to the insurance adjuster.  “Well you see I had her bent over the railing here naked and I was caning her and it just collapsed”  From Girls Boarding School
prod0577_pic01 prod0577_pic03 prod0577_pic14 prod0577_pic15 prod0577_pic06


Sarah Collins is back in trouble at the Women’s Prison of Bars and Stripes getting a paddling she will remember for a long time.  And since Sarah is indeed so beautiful it will be one that I remember as well.
  sarah_bitchslapped_005 sarah_bitchslapped_030 sarah_bitchslapped_068 sarah_bitchslapped_086


Elizabeth Simpson (I almost wrote Jessica Simpson which of course would be incredible) getting an OTK Spanking on her bare ass at OTK Spank
Image1 Image8 Image17 Image21


And FINALLY for tonight,  (sorry this update took a tremendous amount of time,  I am indeed glad to be finished with it).  We have Sinn sage in adorable knee socks spanking and getting spanked by Ariel X on Spank Sinn.
011 013 018 022



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  • Actually Brush Strokes. That is the jacket Ben Stiller wore in his 'SKY' vodka adds on billboards all over the country when the movie 'Zoolander' came out. I have friends in the business. In this case a wardrobe girl I did the movie Dr Dolittle with leant it to me. It was meant to be an over the top fun thing to wear. Now may I point out something to you. People read this blog to find out about the particular spanking that took place…. or maybe you should change the name of your blog to 'The Wardrobe Spot'. Now go out and do your F_ing xmas shopping…. wink

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