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A Wheelbarrow Spanking And Missy Rhodes Red Butt.

So for the pleasure of those of you who don’t live in the United States,  one of the more crazy Christian movements is called the dominion movement.  This is of the thinking that one’s offspring will quite likely to be as crazy as you are thus you should have as many of them as possible thus finally out breeding us secular liberal scum who won’t let them nail the 10 commandments to any free surface lest they forget them. 

Prominent nutcakes include the Duggars who haven’t quite realized that it is a vagina not a clown car.  But I digress,  for through their incredible scientific minds they have determined that catching the gay is in fact a direct result of having sex with demons.  You see succubus and succubi  come to you in your dreams and…… do things to you.  Some things you might actually like!  This of course somehow turns one gay and is responsible for all other ills in life.  Like spanking!

Now I would like to hazard a guess what a spanking demon looks like.  In fact I would muse that there are at least two very different spanking demons.  For our spankee’s I would have to imagine a Lovecraftian character with hundreds of rotating arms and hands made of wood.  For us spankers however I could imagine a beautiful perpetually naughty creature who’s ass turns to stone the moment you strike it.  Horrible creatures indeed!

Thankfully most of us live in the 21st century where we actually have this thing called science.  Which we know better than our scientists in this case since spanking girls is indeed good for them.  Particularly on the Spanking Updates of the Week!

We begin today with a girl about the furthest thing from any creature Lovecraft dreamed up.  The one and only bundle of cuteness Missy Rhodes!  Even with the rather silly outfit the girl is simply adorable.  What of course makes her more adorable is of course being held firmly over the knee with her panties pulled down getting an old fashion OTK Spanking.  From My Spanking Roommate or the better valued 5 site Clare Fonda Pass.
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Ok there was a little snafu on the voting for the Best Facial Expression during a Spanking.  It seems my software has the nasty little habit of replacing the previous poll with the newest poll.  That is all fixed now thus feel once again free to vote to your hearts content.  My apologies, perhaps I am the one that should be spanked.  But I assure you that no one really wants to see that.  What you do want to see is the bottom bruising spanking that Sally Spark is getting on Spanking Sarah.
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There is an old joke that Brushstrokes dies and goes to hell.  Your Humble Narrator finds himself in a long hallway with 3 other men in a long dimly lit hallway lined with doors.  The devil,  appears and leads us to the first door and opens it.  He says to the first man “Cake Boy,  this is your hell” and from behind the door is the most ugly hideous looking female he has ever seen.  As the door closes you can hear the screams of terror.  We walk to the second door and the devil opens it.  He says “Dallas this is your Hell”  and from behind the door comes an even more ugly and hideous female (in addition to a room full of dolls).  Once again you can hear the screams as the female has her way with him.  Finally he opens the third door. Much to my joy a gorgeous blonde female appears.  The Devil points to me and says “Amelia Jane Rutherford this is your hell!”  From Triple A Spanking
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Now since the Republican Party has an issue with Poor People, anyone with lady parts, brown people, those who have caught the gay and of course lost the election badly.  They did the only logical thing.  They nominated all angry white men to chairmanships house.  I mean all of them!  Well one can hope they will change.  Or the other possibility is that they get to spank their underlings when they don’t toe the party line and insist that rich people get tax breaks.  Which of course is what CEO David Pierson is quite upset about.  Luckily there is a nice heiny to take his frustrations out on.  From Punished Brats
IMG_2834 IMG_2843 IMG_2846 IMG_2849 IMG_2852 IMG_2860

Ooh what indeed do we have here Dear Reader?  A new naughty girl on Real Spankings.  Dear Reader meet 25 year old Zoe, who has never been spanked in her life!  The Horror!  This indeed must be rectified immediately.  I cannot imagine all the naughty things she has done in her life that has not been addressed.  Thankfully the wonderful Betty Blaze takes care of that for us.  Also available though the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass

I guess indeed there is some advantage to opening your home to a poor hot exchange student.  Just make sure she gets a dose of what happens to naughty girls in your country.  From Regulation Knickers
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Finally for today Dear Reader, usually a teacher sends a note home which ends up with the girl getting spanked.  But what happens if her mother refuses to discipline her?  Well then I think it is only fair for the teacher to apply her preferred method of punishment. Which of course we all know is a good hard bare bottom spanking.  From Handspanking.
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10 comments to A Wheelbarrow Spanking And Missy Rhodes Red Butt.

  • Quiddite

    I bet I could write a program that could perfectly replicate your writing and posting style – it would have phrases like "My dear readers" and copy and paste news and commentary from the Democrat moonbat or communist websites. Finally, it would tie in the inane political rambling with spanking somehow…you would never have to work again!

    Of course, that would make you the first blogger to actively fail the Turing test.

  • jeremy

    I really like the Malone/Rutherford spanking at AAA. Looking at their recent offerings, I am very encouraged. Just when I thought everything 'spanking' was getting boring, they have upped the ante. Claire has done her share, but a lot of the sites were just getting stale. I like the look of the models at AAA, the high quality and the positioning. My girl tried the wheelbarrow, with much successs. I think we are on the verge of a new age.

  • I'm with you Jeremy, Wheelbarrow spankings all the way!

  • iwasrobert

    I seem to be unable to recast my virtual ballot. The page still says "Thanks for voting". Are you sure your software wasn't created at 66 Canal Center Plaza?! :-)

  • Thanks for your votes of confidence, guys. I wasn't sure if this would go down well as it was a personal fantasy of mine and then I decided to film it for the members with the delightful Mishka who got me hooked on this position! Every girl I use now goes through the wheelbarrow spanking position as I love seeing and giving them… (can't think why, lol)
    Just wait til you see Joelle Barros, Carissa Montgomery, Ashley Graham and Nyssa Nevers from my American filmshoot spanked in that position without their panties protecting their modesty! *schwiiing schwiiing schwiiing!*

    Molly and Amelia had a good laugh filming that and I liked the variety of very different films recently, I'm still smiling thinking about that day!

    *naughty grin*

  • smuccatelli

    Succubus and succubi (the plural) are female demons. The male equivalent is incubus (or incubi) which would, logically, be the ones to visit your dreams and give you "the gay".
    Unless you're a girl. Then, never mind…

  • Brushstrokes

    Quiddite you sir are brilliant!

  • Atom

    "For us spankers however I could imagine a beautiful perpetually naughty creature who’s ass turns to stone the moment you strike it. Horrible creatures indeed!"

    For once you've used word "indeed" helpfully and not gratuitously.

    For most of your posts, if you would replace the word "indeed" with nothing, your text would read a lot more amusingly and a lot less irritatingly in 99% of cases.

    Otherwise, very good effort.

  • iwasrobert

    Attempting to cure Brushstrokes of his stylistic quirks is like attempting to cure someone of being Gay – not only is it impossible, there's really no need to begin with.

  • Atom

    Comparing Brushstrokes' gratuitous use of the word 'Indeed' with being gay is a grave insult to gay people.

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