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Adrienne Black Gets Her Very First Spanking and Spanked for a Little Pot

I am hoping Dear Reader that his silly thing we have called the “War on Drugs” Is finally coming to the end.  Despite Canada feeling it is prudent to extradite someone for selling seeds over the internet.  You see Dear Reader, California has a good chance of finally legalizing a plant!  Now what is amusing that all the nonsense that our law enforcement over the years has been spouting is coming back to haunt them in the most ironic way. 

An old trick used by growers in rural areas is to locate a area where hemp grows quite naturally (its is of course a week).  Hemp is of course a type of cannabis plant yet it has little or none of the qualities that makes our silly government hate it so much.  Thus the growers “inform” the police about a large grow right before harvest time, which rural police not being the sharpest tools in the shed go “raid” the natural field of hemp and then declare they have found lots of the horrible life destroying weed worth 20 bazillion dollars in street value.  The police of course are happy since they have a nice big bust they can brag about and the growers are happy since the police are now back to sleeping in their cars and trying to catch out of town speeders. 

The truth is, its worth absolutely nothing.  As with seedlings or any kind but a mature flowering plant but our law enforcement insists on over inflating its worth to make bolster their self importance.  However now with the legal medical marijuana laws law enforcement is finding the tables turned.  A Maine man who was quite legally growing for his medical condition (I need to get that medical condition) found himself quite mistakenly raided of his small plants which the police gleefully declared at the time was worth $2000 a plant.  So being that law enforcement is never ever wrong the grower is now happily suing them for $38,000 or $2000 per plant for destroying his precious crops.  I find this Dear Reader a bit of poetic justice. 

But indeed this has nothing to do with Spanking!  Unless of course you want to get high and spank someone.  But then again that might be self defeating since you would simply just get the munchies and spend the time you should be Spanking eating a bag of Cheetos.  So Dear Reader without further ado I bring you the updates of our Hardworking (and perhaps sometimes stoned) Spanking Houses with the Spanking Updates of the Week!

There are some girls Dear Reader that simply ooze refinement and class.  Firm Hand Spanking’s new find, the very very lovely Adrienne Black is such a girl.  Now the fun about spanking such girls is that they tend to be quite incensed at such treatment and the attractive Adrienne indeed does not disappoint.  Furthermore she seems rather snobbish which makes seeing her incredible ass over Earl Grey’s knee all the more delightful.  To put the final touches on what is perhaps a perfect Spanking debut is that Earl spanks her surprisingly hard for a first timer. Nothing too brutal of course, (we wouldn’t want her to run screaming from the room) but a good solid hard OTK Hand Spanking. 
Adrienne Black Adrienne Black First Bare Bottom Spanking Adrienne Black Spanked abc_a016 Bare bottom Spanking for Adrienne Black Her first Spanking

I swear I must have a mental Block as of late for Spanking Server.  I missed them again last week!  I am indeed the one in need of a Spanking.  How of course could I forget the site who’s girls are plucked from that mythical eastern European village (which we have still yet to find) were are the girls are absolutely knock down drag out gorgeous and quite naughty!  Am I a fool?  Wait don’t answer that! 

Katie Gold Katie Gold Spanked snapshot20100526133421 Girl Bent over and spanked snapshot20100526133554 Bare Bottom Paddling

On Clare Fonda’s Spanked Call Girls the resplendent Ashley Orion is getting another OTK Spanking from the stern and hard handed Snow Mercy.  While she looks rather innocent Ashley seems to have been starring in films that are much much more than simply Spanking which is perhaps why she is getting her bare ass spanked here!  In fact she seems to be quite the “it” girl in the teen hardcore niche.  Of course while we do get to see another side of her knowing that,  her exquisite ass is not bright red and stinging with those sites. 
Ashley Orion Ashley Orion Spanked OTK SpankingTeen gets a bare bottom spanking  18 year old spanked Ashley Orion Caned

Ah Mr M’s New finds Erin and Charlotte are on Real Spanking this week with their very first spanking.  Of course we have seen them spanked on Real Spanking Institute last week but traditionally new girls at Real Spankings have their spanking screen test first.  So we se both these very attractive girls in their birthday suits over the knee of the hard spanking Betty.  The 19 year old Erin and 25 year old Charlotte have not had much in the way of experience with disciplinary spankings.  But oddly it seems that Charlotte had been spanked on Real Spankings once before (4 years ago).  Well I do hope both girls are there to stay.  Also Available though the 8 site Real Spanking Pass
9524_003 19 year old gets a spanking Naked Spanking Bare Ass Spanking

9529_002 Spanked over her knee 9529_010 Girl spanked hard

How fitting this next Spanking on Punished Brats after my tirade about the whacky weed.  Carissa finds that there is a zero tolerance policy concerning our beloved plant.  Now the question is, when it becomes legal (and it will eventually) can we spank our girls for having some?  And does spanking hurt more or less one one is high and full of cheesy poofs?
IMG_1256 Over the jeans spanking Mother spanks her daughter Girl gets her pants pulled down and spanked Over the panties Spanking IMG_1235

There is indeed nothing like an attractive girl stripping off her hot red underwear in preparation for a spanking.  Though I am somewhat amused she chose to keep her socks on but that is inconsequential Dear Reader for having her bottom bare is the important thing not her feet.  From Spanking Experience
EXP134_4 Bent over and paddled Spanked with a slipper Spanked in the lunge position EXP134_47 EXP134_51

Our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian has a new girl in need of a spanking.  Dear Readers meet 30 year old Cindy who was spanked quite severely by her boyfriend.  Unfortunately like many Spankee’s when the relationship ends they are quite out of sorts when it comes to have their bottoms spanked.  Unlike typical sexual frustration which can be relieved with various toys, I would have to imagine Spanking oneself is quite unfulfilling.  Thus her call to triple A.  She has a very tight hot body despite her somewhat interesting taste in makeup application. From Real Life Spanking
Cindy's first spanking cindy's_first_spanking_P1010405 cindy's_first_spanking_P1010410 woman gets her bare bottom spanked cindy's_first_spanking_P1010418 Painful OTK Spanking

The lovely Lydia is back on English Spankers this week getting a Spanking in a rather narrow stairwell.  Now Such locations may not be the most conducive to filming a girl getting a bare bottom Spanking but when one’s energy levels are low the confined space is a godsend in keeping the girl in position while her ass is stinging quite severely.

english-spankers-npp594007 english-spankers-npp594030 english-spankers-npp594022 Strapped on the stairs Wife is spanked by her husband Red bottom Spanking

And Finally for today our young hairdresser takes a bit too much off her customer’s hair.  Quite angry since now she will look quite ridiculous at the cosplay festival she gives the girl a good hard spanking on Handspanking
n15-01 Japanese girl Spanked Japanese girl spanked over her panties n15-15 Bent over and spanked Bare Ass Japanese girl gets spanked


2 comments to Adrienne Black Gets Her Very First Spanking and Spanked for a Little Pot

  • Jim

    1) I agree that Firm Hand's Adrienne Black looks very, very lovely.

    2) Perhaps the reason that Spanking Server's "mythical eastern European village" is so difficult to find, is that like the mysterious Scottish village Brigadoon, it appears only one day every hundred years (though to the villagers, the passing of each century seems no longer than a day). That being so, some of the "historical" dresses occasionally seen on the site might not be historical to the lasses…

  • Ergoat

    Thank you for your commentary on the ridiculous War on Drugs and the value of hemp! If consenting adults want to spank each other for smoking weed, all the power to them. But the War on Drugs is a undemocratic, non-consensual blight upon freedom loving peoples.

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