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In my zeal to get my column done last week it seems that I missed something rather strange.  Thankfully a very astute Dear Reader pointed it out to me.  Someone at Firm Hand Spanking either has really awful Photoshop skills or they have found an alien to spank.  Behold the below photo.


Notice something rather strange Dear Reader?  Now I can understand a spanking model’s desire for modesty.  I personally don’t particularly like when a girl is splayed exposing her nether regions unless it is in the context of kicking while getting spanked.  But considering how close female genitalia is located to their buttocks a peek now and then is generally inevitable.  Strangely this poor thing does not have to worry about such things.  Perhaps on the strange planet Miss Stockton comes from they reproduce asexually and simply rips in half creating a new being.  Where liquid waste is excreted I simply do not want to think about. She must be the envy of women everywhere who have ever felt the pangs of menstrual cramps.  Perhaps the other explanation is that they have a new position at Firm Hand.  The Vice President of Photoshopping Naughty Bits.  I do indeed wonder what the qualifications are for such a position.  Do you need a masters degree in something?  Perhaps editing mainstream films for Christian Crazies who might be corrupted by a boob or two might be of help.  I for one would like to interview this talented individual who I shall now call VPPNS!  Before we go on,  let me remind you in addition to Ester Slaba, my friend Ludwig’s favorite Spankee (Other than Kaelah of course).  I have also included a revealing profile on Joelle Barros on the Spanking Model Database.  Now let us see what the rest of the spanking internet is up to.  (Unless they are spanking aliens).

I stand corrected,  Spanking has been fatal in 1907


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2 comments to Alien Spanking

  • LOL… I have usually tried to ignore those images, like the ones with the extended knickers or blurry pants. Allaura Shane is one very guilty party of insisting her "bits are not shown". damn them for having genitalia sop close to their butts!!!

  • I am happy to see that you obviously enjoyed our Q & A post, Brushstrokes. :-)

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