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All I want for Christmas is a Hard Spanking

Well Dear Reader it is indeed Christmas.  And after all the presents are opened and the eggnog consumed it is time to relax and kick your relatives out.  And what better way to relax then to sit back and enjoy the spanking updates of the week.  Merry Christmas to all of you and your families.  Perhaps some of you will get spankings for Christmas. 


Lets begin our Christmas edition with Firm Hand Spanking who they and their lovely brats are in the Christmas Spirit with a number of the naughty ladies posing for us.  But that is indeed not all for the ravishing redhead Alison Miller is still due her spanking from our able John Ryan attempting to get her bottom the same color of her hair! 
xmas09_002 xmas09_004 xmas09_008 xmas09_011 medic_h001 medic_h011 medic_h015 medic_h024


Lila finds herself over the knee this week, getting paddled by Betty. She was a late nominee for the hardest F/f spanking scene this year and what a good one.  Now as she is struck by the small paddle that betty is wielding she lets out little yelps almost like a tennis player does when they are striking the ball.  I am not sure it helps since this is quite a hard spanking, probably the hardest OTK spanking she has gotten to date.  From Real Spanking or the 8 site Real Spanking Pass
9265_015 9265_018 9265_023 9265_033 9265_038 9265_050 9265_058 9265_067


Dallas remembers in Nam, sitting on a ridge 4 clicks from Charlie in the valley below thinking that he loves the smell of spanking in the morning.  It smells like victory!  Now wouldn’t war be much better if it was simply which side could spank more girls?  I suspect our all volunteer army would have more volunteers then they know what to do with.  From Dallas Spanks Hard
school2_01 school2_12 school2_14 school2_15


We all know getting a spanking with a wet bottom hurts more than if it is dry.  I honestly don’t know why and it is indeed one of those things that keeps me up at night.  Now I know there are throng of you that are smarter than your Humble Narrator.  Perhaps one familiar in the physics of spanking dynamics can explain to the rest of us why this is.  Meanwhile the beautiful Jasmine gets a quite painful OTK spanking after wetting her knickers on Spanking online (or the better valued 4 site SpankPass)
vlcsnap-2126862 vlcsnap-2133769 vlcsnap-2134442 vlcsnap-2134119


When I was young I had a job running tennis courts.  I came to the realization very early on that while I enjoy the game of tennis I detest most who play it.  Dear Reader when I tell you these were indeed some of the most childish petty adults that I have ever laid eyes on it would be an understatement.  Which is a shame since seeing young nubile girls prance around in short skirts is indeed a spanko’s dream.  In fact I would argue whomever invented the female tennis attire was a spanko himself.  I mean you are carrying around a racket that looks remarkably like a spanking implement around girls with incredibly short skirts!  Which of course Amber Pixie Wells looks fantastic in.  Particularly when her panties are removed and her bare bottom spanked.  From Punished Brats
IMG_7750 IMG_7772 IMG_7767 IMG_7726 IMG_7723 IMG_7714


I spent the better part of yesterday wrapping Christmas presents, a task which I abhor.  Mainly since Your Humble narrator is quite poor at it.  If one ever receives a present from Yours Truly you will easily know since it will resemble a large piece of crinkled up wrapping paper with about a mile of tape to hold it together.   Its just one of those things that one is simply poor at.  This is not the case with our little Amy Hunter Avon sales.  In fact she is quite good at it and has succeeded selling Kate James quite a bit of unneeded items.  Thankfully her uncle is there to put a stop to it on Northern Spanking.


It seems that Kami Robertson has difficulty sleeping at night at the Women’s Prison at Bars and Stripes.  This of course is due to the fact that the staff keep waking her up and giving her spankings!  You really cannot blame them since she is ridiculously cute.  If she was my ward I doubt she (or I for that matter) would get any sleep either.  
kami_nightnurse_002 kami_nightnurse_034kami_nightnurse_042 kami_nightnurse_070 kami_nightnurse_099 kami_nightnurse_116 kami_nightnurse_108 kami_nightnurse_130


And we shall complete our Christmas Spankings with the very naked Cherry torn getting a lashing from our wonderful girl Chelsea Pfeiffer on Good Spanking.  I like that implement she is using,  I wonder indeed where I can get one.
002 014 021 022


You also might want to check out what my favorite firecrotch Amber is getting for Christmas on Spanked and Fucked

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night


3 comments to All I want for Christmas is a Hard Spanking

  • iwasrobert

    I really like it how Lila is unable to touch the floor… it adds quite a lot to the scene.

    A really great idea on the part of Real Spankings!

  • Jim

    I *know* that I'd asked Santa for Alison Miller clad in an elf cap, impishly offering me a paddle — but all I received was an umpteenth wallet…

  • I cant really see the second implement though it looks like a strap. But I believe the first one is something like what cane-iac carries. I might be wrong but If you want one I would check out there site and see if that is the same thing.

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