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Allison Miller Paddled on the Bare Bottom and April Flowers Gets Her First Spanking

Ah your Humble Narrator is indeed more of an idiot than he realized.  Upon coming home itching to write the next installment of the Spanking Updates of the week I logged on with glee only to find my post was indeed not there!  So I apologize for being a few hours late with our next post. 


Now on to happier things.  I finally had a chance to talk with our friends over at Xerotics.  They assure Yours Truly that indeed they are still here and will be here for a very long time.  Now I know what you are going to say Dear Reader.  Is your Humble Narrator so gullible to believe such a thing when the rumors suggest the opposite?  Well I do Dear Reader and I will tell you why.  First and foremost I have been dealing with Xerotics for over 3 years.  They only appear here week after week because they treat me and their customers with the utmost respect.  Second, yes Spanking Vids is indeed gone, for reasons known only by Xerotics and Strictly English.  Whether a businesses dispute or other,  to tell you the truth Dear Reader it is between them.  I wish not to get in the middle of it and take sides.  Furthermore I have been told and I quote 


“to clarify – Xerotics is not and never was in receivership and neither were any of the sites under Xerotics.  Xerotics has Never been owned by any sub company and has always been an entity on its own which operates all our sites.”


Finally Dear Reader,  I would argue that if they were indeed in dire financial trouble the first sites to disappear would be the high definition sites which suck up so much bandwidth.  But they have indeed not.  Furthermore these rumors have been around since the summer my guess is if they were to go belly up they would indeed be there by now.  So yes I believe them,  they have never been anything but fair and honest with me. 


No one is more overjoyed that I was indeed wrong Dear Reader.  I enjoy their material quite a bit.  Plus the more spanking sites out there the better for the rest of us my friends.  I am told they are launching 2 new sites in 2010 and just finished up a 5 day shoot.  And they will appear here and forever more on The Spanking Spot


So let us indeed get on with some good hard Spanking!


Let us begin with our friend David Pierson at Punished Brats this week spanking the beautiful Lilly Anna as Bronte nurses her red hot bottom.  As you might have remembered Lilly was quite amused at the spanking Bronte got a week or so ago.  Only to be spanked quite hard herself today! 
IMG_6764 IMG_6768 IMG_6776 IMG_6792


Well apparently Adult Actresses are not immune to Diva behavior!  April Flowers who has starred in more adult films than I think she cares to remember gets her first proper spanking by none other than our favorite Mystery Spanker in a seedy hotel in Jersey.  Apparently she learned her lesson since I haven’t seen her spanked since.  From Bun Beating Fun
vlcsnap-7117474 vlcsnap-7119299 vlcsnap-7119689 vlcsnap-7121638 vlcsnap-7121259 vlcsnap-7121685


Well Kat St. James removes the metallic spandex this week and dresses in something a little more appropriate for a hard spanking at Dallas Spanks Hard.  Something tells Yours Truly she wishes she was getting spanked by Chelsea Pfeiffer just about now. 
kat2_01 kat2_11 kat2_13 kat2_18


Now that we have cleared up that matter concerning Xerotics.  I can once again enjoy their wonderful material without worrying about you Dear Reader!  Now I was also told that they are bringing the incredibly cute former spanking star Rosaleen Young back!  No word if they found some long lost footage or she has really come out of retirement!  But either way Dear Reader she is indeed one of the most spankable girls that has ever graced our screens.  But while we wait let us indeed enjoy this cheeky little tart in a G-string and too short of denim miniskirt getting an OTK Spanking.  From Spanking Digital or the better valued Spankpass
vlcsnap-7132556 vlcsnap-7133091 vlcsnap-7133395 vlcsnap-7133625


In the unlikely event Amelia Jane Rutherford asks me to fix her computer and subsequently molests me I can promise you Dear Reader spanking her as enjoyable as it might be will not be foremost in my mind.  But bar such an unlikely yet exhilarating fantasy we can at least watch her spanked in the IT Man Cometh from Northern Spanking.
NSI073B-AV098 NSI073B-AV108 NSI073B-AV113 NSI073B-AV121


What Dear Reader could one say about this other than wow I am indeed in love.  Hell with a bottom like Allison Millers I wouldn’t even want to take her pants off to spank her.  It looks fantastic in jeans!  Furthermore she takes the wooden paddle to her very bare behind.  A fitting Christmas present indeed.  From Firm Hand Spanking
medic_f002 medic_f014 medic_f015 medic_f017


What could be better than Monica getting strapped Naked?  Monica and Lila getting strapped naked!  Honestly I think Real Spanking Institute has a star on their hands with Lila.  Young, Beautiful and exotic looking she is a spanko’s dream.  Coupled with our very naughty Monica this is indeed a winner.  Also though the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass
9251_007 9251_034 9251_038 9251_087


For those of you that cannot get enough of the great Peter Schoober here is a nice bit of his early work on unfortunate girls bottoms on Elite Spanking.  Unfortunately for our young naughty girl the cane is applied to her clothed and very bare bottom. 
12 63 26 16


You know, come to think of it I haven’t seen much of the lovely Sasha Harvey as of late.  I wonder if she retired quietly, which of course would be a shame since she has perhaps the nicest ass of all the spankee’s.  If you are Christian her bottom is direct evidence in Intelligent Design since something so beautiful would be impossible to simply occur randomly!  From OTK Spank
IMG_8916 IMG_8919 IMG_8920 IMG_8921 IMG_8923 IMG_8925


And finally, FINALLY (sorry folks I am exhausted) we have a bit of a catfight on Chelsea Pfeiffer’s retro spanking site Good Spanking Classics.  Now as you all know cat fights are probably the most entertaining thing men will see in their lifetimes.  The best one I ever saw was back in the early 80’s when some genius decided to open up a under 18 club in my neighborhood.  This of course attracted other sub 18 year olds from other neighborhoods which were apparently not as gentile as we were.  Now anyone from the east coast knows the phenomena of the Guido but what they miss is their  counterpart of the opposite sex.  The Guidet!  Well Dear Reader,  The time was the 80’s and those short cloth miniskirts were in style.  Two of these girls squared off and by the time NY’s Finest got there they managed to rip each others clothes off and were rolling around on the sidewalk in their bra’s and panties which they were still trying to rip off.  Quite entertaining as you might have guessed.  Well there was no spanking but there should have been.  But there is plenty of spanking here.
002 004 006 007 012 018




2 comments to Allison Miller Paddled on the Bare Bottom and April Flowers Gets Her First Spanking

  • morbius

    good update brushstrokes
    Re Xerotics,
    I signed up for a one year deal (now completed)
    so here is my view
    Xerotics seem to be a company that produce a fair amount of new material and have a HUGE back catalogue so for new clients most deals are good value.
    However this company loves to create sites with similar material. i joined a 14 site deal it really worked out as about 5 sites and toward the end they advertised more sites! with further copies
    They are very green! ie Much recycling occurs hhehehe
    spamking vids or SE stopped new stuff about halfway through my deal and as they were the best part it was annoying.
    They are in short a world away from WYSIWYG sites such as firmhand, dallas, cfondas,cpfiefers,real lifespank,northern, realspankpass & gbs all of which are better deals

  • iwasrobert

    Like morbius, I'm not the world's greatest fan of Xerotics' business practices. It seems that Strictly English may not be a fan either.

    However, leaving all that aside it would have been sad to see them go bankrupt as they do produce particularly good content from time to time.

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