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Allison Miller’s New Tattoo and a whole lot of Spanking

Well Dear Reader we all love a good sex scandal.  Leading the news this week that our own General Petraeus, the head of the CIA has been caught playing hide the Salami with his biographer, a quite hot one at that.  Seeing that both these two are military one of course can reasonably be assured there was at least some spanking going on. 

Meanwhile something called a Justin Bieber has broken up with his long time girlfriend Salina Gomez,  which also begs the question did he in fact spank her.  Sooner or later I am sure we will find out. 

But onto more concrete examples of our naughty ladies getting spanked.  For it is time of course to start our Spankings of the Week!

We begin this week with a new rather uncooperative girl this week on My Spanking Roommate.  And why indeed should Anita be cooperative.  Kay Richards wants some information about her former girlfriend.  Information that Anita is not willing to give.  If there were only some way to compel a pretty girl to talk though extreme discomfort!  Ah yes there is and that is exactly what Anita gets on her very bare bottom.  Also available though the better valued 5 site Clare Fonda Pass.
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Wynter Skye has innocent, almost angelic quality to her.  If we didn’t know any better we would be hard pressed to imagine that she does anything so naughty to warrant a spanking.  But as we know with all our lovely ladies,  looks can indeed be deceiving.  Behind that angelic quality is a girl seething with all sorts of naughtiness.  Just waiting for the right time to pounce.  Unfortunately for Wynter that time was in front of the headmaster which earns her 30 strokes with the cruel cane on her bare bottom.  From English Spankers
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Ok,  they are just fucking with us now.  A article just came across my news feed stating that “scientists” have now linked spanking with higher incidences of cancer.  Yea……  sure…… ok,  the anti-spanking zealots really need to stop now,  they are getting rather ridiculous.  Soon we shall have OSHA invading our hard working spanking houses claiming it is an unsafe work environment.  Not to mention it is since girls are there to be spanked!  Like the incredible Irelynn Logeen getting her bare bottom spanked for the very last time.  From Bars and Stripes
irelynn2_shortbreak - 167 irelynn2_shortbreak - 178 irelynn2_shortbreak - 184 irelynn2_shortbreak - 187 irelynn2_shortbreak - 190 irelynn2_shortbreak - 198 

Well it seems that pretty little Lauren has gone for a hair color change since we last saw her last spring.  It also seems that she has been quite mischievous during her vacation from Real Spanking Institute.  Danny of course wastes no time reminding her just why she has been enrolled there and what happens to girls who don’t follow the rules.  Also Available thought the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass

You know Dear Reader,  many people like to complain there is no accountability with government.  The truth is there is absolutely no accountability in the “private sector”.  Since the CEO took the helm of my former corporation who so unceremoniously laid me off a week before Christmas.  He has lost 80% of the value of the company.  Now forgive me Dear Reader,  but can you indeed think of any job where you lose 80% of the value of anything and still not only remain employed but enrich yourself by millions of dollars?  No…  neither can I.  Thankfully David Pierson takes a different approach to his business and spanking seems rather effective.  From Punished Brats
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It seems that our favorite firecrotch Allison Miller is sporting a new tattoo.  Across half of her body!  With all due respect Dear Reader, I cannot fathom why girls do this to themselves.  I know I am not alone when I say I find that wholly unattractive.  A little tramp stamp or some other innocuous thing is not a big deal,  but on your whole front?  Well at least it gives us a very good excuse to give her a very painful spanking.  From Firm Hand Spanking
dance_c001 dance_c003 dance_c005 dance_c016 dance_c018 dance_c020

Sammie and Liesje are in trouble again with our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian.  Perhaps in a bit more trouble than they expected.  Instead of putting them across his knee and handspanking them for which he is indeed famous.  This time they need a little extra to keep them in line.  Unfortunately for their fine bottoms he selects the birch do do the deed.  From Real Life Spanking
sam_lies_in_trouble_again2_P1010227 sam_lies_in_trouble_again2_P1010236 sam_lies_in_trouble_again2_P1010240 sam_lies_in_trouble_again2_P1010230 sam_lies_in_trouble_again2_P1010231 sam_lies_in_trouble_again2_P1010235 

Finally for today, when one is living in a big city like Tokyo, space is indeed at a premium.  Thus it behooves our young ladies to find a roommate.  Of course like here they can sometimes get on each others nerves.  What indeed could be better than settling disputes than with a good old fashion spanking.  From Handspanking. 
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4 comments to Allison Miller’s New Tattoo and a whole lot of Spanking

  • My Spanking Roommate always do such cute sets.

  • Anonymous

    Allison Miller's tattoo isn't new at all. She has had it for at least as long as she is doing modeling. I generally don't like tattoos too, especially such big ones, but she is so beautiful that it looks very cute and sexy on her :)
    I wonder what is written there and what is its meaning …

  • Morbius

    Alison Miller Tatoo
    Oh dear, thank goodness its not Permanent.
    er you can rub them off can`t you? like doodles?

  • NEAH

    I swear Firmhand is photoshopping out some visible labia shots on the recent Allison Miller sets. In Dance Captain C, Dance C11 you should be able to see the piano between her legs, but the floor goes all the way up.

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