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Amanda Rose makes Her Spanking Debut and More on The Spanking Updates of the Week

To all my Jewish Readers I wish you all a Happy Passover.  Now I know that you aren’t reading a spanking blog during Passover, but then again I’m not sure if Spanking is kosher or not.  So if you are indeed settle down with some gefilte fish and some Manischewitz wine and lets get down to some spanking. We have lots in store for you tonight so sit back and enjoy. 

We begin this week with some fantastic photography and a new girl from Punished Brats by the name of Amanda Rose.  I am hesitant since  to say this since I still love Sarah Gregory  but Amanda just might be a contender for the quintessential Girl Next Door!  But then again that’s what David Pierson is good at isn’t it.  Well since the typical person has neighbors on either side of him I guess there is room for two with that title. 
Amanda Rose Gets a Spanking Girl Spanks Girl OTK SPanking Mother Spanks Daughter Mom gives her teen a spanking

Being rather short, skinny and very nearsighted Your Humble Narrator was bullied quite a bit in school.  Now I am not saying that I am a better person for it but I don’t think I am bitter about it.  One of the things that it did teach me was to fight.  You see I think I averaged a fight a month from 5th though 8th grade, few if any started by Yours truly since well, Your humble Narrator usually lost.  However by the tail end I learned that rather then flailing wildly keeping a cool head with your opponent usually resulted in a different outcome which of course discouraged the bullying.  Now with women it was entirely different.  Guys generally would beat the crap out of each other and the next day be friends.  Women however manage to torture each other though psychological warfare that only Guantanamo bay interrogators can appreciate.  The difference is that once the headmaster gets a hold of them its far more entertaining to spank a female bully then a male one.  From Northern Spanking
Schoolgirl Waiting for a spanking Spanked in a School Uniform Student Spanked on her panties Schoolgirl SPanked Bare Bottom Spanking

Now who is this splendid thing?  Angelina Cortez at least according to the copy that accompanies this wonderful spanking.  I know not if she is a Spanish beauty Dear Readers but her golden brown bottom suggests it is true about this Chica.  I think I am in love!  From Slut Spanking
Angelina Cortez Spanish girl gets a spanking Girl Gets Spanked Spanking

Fame Dear Reader does funny things to people.  In this particular case gorgeous 22 year old Roxana Turner subjects her poor bottom to a full 50 strokes of the cane on her bare bottom.  This caning Dear Reader is not for the light hearted since our Roxana makes no bones about how hard the dastardly cane is applied to her very attractive ass.  As Brutal Canings go,  This one is pretty Brutal.  From Mood Castings
roxana_003 Naked Caning Brutal Caning Girl Gets Caned Naked Girl Gets Caned

I am convinced that Amy Hunter’s significant other has a panty fetish.  This girl has the most fantastic panties and while it is quite possible that she bought them herself with a bum like that her significant other would have to be blind not to want to cloth that rear in very entertaining clothing.  Regardless of who bought her the star panties  our dear Chelsea Pfeiffer makes sure that Amy feels her hand though them.  From Good Spanking
Amy Hunter Spanked Chelsea Pfeiffer gives Amy Hunter a Spanking Over the panties Spanking Over the knee Spanking Spanked Girl

Speaking of Amy Hunter,  her partner in crime the delectable Amelia Jane Rutherford once again dons a schoolgirl uniform to get her buns smacked.  Like in the movie review Wheatley Manor our lovely Amelia refuses to don her new school uniform preferring the old one.  The English must be a particular bunch Dear Reader but I simply don’t care what uniform she wears.  She looks Fantastic in all of them.  From Sound Punishments
Amelia Jane Rutherford      Schoolgirl about to go over the knee         Amelia Rutherford gets Spanked     Amelia Jane Spanked        Bare Bottom Spanking      

What Dear Reader could be nicer on this wonderful of weeks to have an attractive college girl get a hard bath brush spanking from our beloved coach.  When Coach was with Real Spankings I hope he didn’t have a day job since going into work on Monday trying not to brag about the fantastic ass he just spanked would simply be an impossibility.  Meanwhile the my namesake is quite heavily weighted toward the head ensuring that this Dear Reader was a spanking to remember. also available on the 8 site Real Spanking Pass
Over the Jeans Spanking Dad Spanks Teen Girl Pants down for a spanking Bathbrush Spanking Dad Spanks Teen

And so it became in the year of our Lourd 1169, our brave knights armed with the holy hand grenade went to do battle with the Knights who say NEE! Unfortunately the overindulgence of Mead and a captured NEite female distracted our brave knights and they decided to spank her instead.  Needless to say the Knights who say NEE! stole all their shrubbery.  From Rough Man Spank. 
01006 Rough Man Spank 01048 01060 Flogging a girl in the middle ages

My favorite Firecrotch Amber has been busy as of late.  Her friend Pinky a girl from a nearby college is in desperate need of a spanking.  Amber always being a kind heart obliges her making her milky white bottom a nice shade of crimson.  From Amber Spanks
Amber Spanks College Girl gets a spanking Picture 14 Red Bottom Picture 29

Beating a girls behind with a shoe is a most English invention.  One that Your Humble Narrator is kind of curious about.  What possessed the UK to determine a shoe or slipper is an adequate utensil to spank a girls ass in the first place?  I mean in terms of Spanking Fetishes this is ground zero! Do they not have hairbrushes in this fine country?  While I know of their fondness of canes I simply do not understand the utilization all manners of footwear for a good spanking.   it does make you wonder.  From Spanking Digital or the 4 site Spanking Pass.
Pigtails Pigtailed girl gets spanked Bare Bum Spanking Slippered on the bare ass

And Finally for tonight we have our usual spanking from Japan.  A pretty girl with a collar around her neck is spanked in her underwear and of course on the bare bottom from this very nice Update from Handspanking.
Japanese Spanking Girl Spanked in her underwear Asian Spanking Bondage Spanking t2-37


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  • the Serial Spanker

    I'd like to take a moment to recognize two of today's sweetest spankers. I'm referring to the lovely darkhaired Veronica from Punished Brats, and the always-yummy Clare Fonda. Both ladies are very very handy with all kinds of spanking implements, but personally I'd love to spank them both myself and then…well, go wherever the passion of the moment takes us.
    I omit the stunning blonde angel of spanking, the wife of Coach Daniels (who's name, I believe, is Elizabeth) only because I haven't heard about her in ages. All three of these hot ladies make me so glad I was born male.
    I refer to them here because I don't think they get enough credit for their wonderful efforts.
    Yes, the spankees like Pixie and Abi and Nikki and all those mouth-watering naughty girls are very special all by themselves. But add those delightful lady spankers to the mix and the result is…wonderful.
    Good luck and best wishes to all…spankers and spankees alike.

  • Dan N.

    I'm not Jewish, but like you I wish all our Jewish friends a happy Passover feast. You might also know that there are several spankos in the Christian faith, of which I am one.

    I wish for all the denizens of this board a very Happy Passover and a sublimely Happy Easter Sunday!


  • Amnda Rose !! What delight !!! Let's hope she's naughty again real soon !!!! Brilliant blog by the way !

  • James Yaakov Garringer

    I makes me want to fuck!

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