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Amy Denison is Retiring from Spanking, Dallas Spanks his Ex, and Happy Memorial Day. That and More From The Spanking Spot's Spanking Updates of the Week

Well Dear Reader its Friday once again.  As an added bonus most of us in the US have an extra day off to celebrate Memorial Day.  But of course there is no day off for your humble narrator.  We have Spanking Updates of the Week to finish!  And finish we will but before we begin, we have another celebrity Spanko.  Perhaps Dear Reader he is a reader.  According to Heidi Fleiss the Ex-Madam of the stars the one and only Jack Nicholson loved to give her spankings during her visits with him.  Now Mr Nicholson is one of my favorite actors and I am proud to share a fetish with him.  But Dear Reader due to our rather secretive nature of our hobby I wonder if there are "celebrities" that read this blog.  But yet Your's truly will probably never know since privacy is probably a concern.  But if you are indeed a celebrity and in a trusting mood.  Drop me an email! I can promise you that in return for satisfying my curiosity  your secret will be safe with me. 

Now lets finish up the Spanking Updates of the week. 

Lupus Spanking is running their next wonderful movie called Close Encounters 2.  Judging from the first installment this one will definitely please.  Note Dear Reader that this movie lacks sculpting in mashed potato's, small cute aliens and an annoyingly catchy tune.  It also lacks (unfortunately) a young Terry Garr getting a spanking but there is much more here to enjoy.
 LP_Mother Spanking Daughter  SP_Father Spanking Teen Daughter on the bare bottom SP_Mother Spanking Daughter over the knee SLP_Girl Spanked with a caneLP_Girl getting the cane naked

Now this is an interesting update from Bad Tushy.  I have never seen this girl before and her boyfriend spanks the living hell out of her soon to be red rear.  I say this because usually "hard" spankings are usually on a seasoned professional.  (not that I am any expert however).  But this girl gets one hell of a spanking from her Boyfriend for cheating on him.  For this and the fact that its available in High Definition  Dear Reader I declare this The Spanking of the Week!
BT_Boyfriend spanking Girlfriend BT_Panty Spanking BT_Bare Assed Spanking BT_OTK Spanking BT_Spanked Girl

Alice was always one of my favorite Spankee's I don't think she is with GBS anymore but hey,  They have another video of her.  Our long suffering Tom gives Alice her first caning for "breaking zee wules stupid guirl!"  From Girls Boarding School
GBS_Schoolgirl waiting for a spankinggbs_Father Spanks Daughter gbs_Naked Over the Knee Spanking  GBS_Girl getting the Cane GBS_ Naked girl waiting for a spanking

NOOO!  Amy Denison is retiring from spanking.  The tall long legged beauty is getting her last spanking on Firm Hand Spanking.  Her long legs, perfect behind, and wit will be missed sorely.  Amy if your reading this good luck with all your endeavors.  The spanking world has lost a truly gorgeous model. 

No OTK for us this week from Karl and Friends but there is a strapping on the upper thighs that has got to hurt.  In addition we have a schoolgirl and a period piece in one of Spanking Servers wonderful devices.  I am trying to get Spanking Server to give us the plans for some of their spanking props.  If this occurs I will be running a piece called woodworking with Karl this summer.  Keep your fingers crossed. 
SS_Girl Getting a Brutal Spanking SS_Painful Spanking SS_Spanked on a table SS_Whipped Bottom SS_Hard Spanking

A couple of schoolgirls get a well deserved "proper thrashing" from an elder gentleman.  I wonder if there is a AARP for spanko's or if spanking parties give 20% off before 6pm.  From Spanked Schoolgirls.
proper_thrashing05 proper_thrashing11 proper_thrashing28 proper_thrashing36 proper_thrashing47

Dallas has two playmates this week.  First a very attractive figure skater that also happens to be his ex-girlfriend shows up to fulfill a fantasy of every guy who has ever gotten dumped.  This makes out to be a very intense spanking on both Dallas and Crystal's  part.  Next up is a cover girl who just couldn't take Dallas's Spanking.  From Dallas Spanks Hard
crys_isa_09 crys_isa_10 crys_isa_12 crys_isa_23 crys_isa_28 crys_isa_30

On my Dear Clare Fonda's Site Girl Spanks Girl.  Chloe and Sarah Gregory take a visit and get spanked by a Andie McDowell look alike by the name of Lena Ramon.  I have seen her before but she looks fantastic with her hair down.  I wouldn't mind seeing her go over the knee.  Of course Chloe and Sara's spanked rear's make for excellent entertainment. 
gg_Girls about to get a spanking GG_Spanked over the skirt GG_Spanked over the panties GG_Woman Spanks Girl GG_Spanked in Secret

Another Model that is sorely missed Ms Rosaleen Young.  This time being caned in a period piece.  From Fetish Flixx
FF_Rosaleen Young FF_Spanked on the pantaloonsFF_Rosaleen Young Spanked FF_Hard Spanking  FF_Caned in the 19th century

I find Emma Brown probably one of the most spankable English Girls around.  This is another gal that Your Humble Narrator would love to have over his knee.  Personally I think she looks fantastic in all manner of schoolgirl clothing.  She graces us with her presence of her bare bottom on Sound Punishment.
SP_Emma BrownJPG SP_Hand Spanking SP_Schoolgirl getting a spankingJPG SP_Bare Bottom SpankingJPG SP_Spanked Girl

Another favorite English gal of mine takes a trek up north to the hills of Scotland and because its Scottish it certainly isn't crap.  From Northern Spanking
NSI074-WR008 NSI074-WR014 NSI074-WR019 NSI074-WR025 NSI074-WR034 NSI074-WR035
I know Amber's Significant Other is creative.  But I hope he is handy.  If I were this lucky bastard I would be installing a pole in my bedroom to see my favorite firecrotch do her strip tease routine.  I just hope he gets to spank her after its over.  From Spank Amber.
SA_Bare Ass Redhead SA_Naked Redhead SA_Redhead about to get spanked SA_Spanked Redhed SA_Bare Ass

And Finally for tonight Bryanna for the first time bares it all for us at Spanking Bare Butts.  If the girls down south look like this I think I need to move.  The problem is I would probably just get my ass kicked because I just can't help myself from making fun of my southern brethren.  I wouldn't mind seeing our lovely Bryanna getting spanked in that string bikini she has on either. 
SBB_Girl in a bikini about to get a spanking  SBB_Husband spanking wife SBB_Husband Spanks Wife SBB_Spanked in the nude SBB_Domestic SpankingJPG





6 comments to Amy Denison is Retiring from Spanking, Dallas Spanks his Ex, and Happy Memorial Day. That and More From The Spanking Spot's Spanking Updates of the Week

  • Wuff

    Quick note to Amy Denison. One of the best. Warm place in my heart for her and her body of work. She will be sorely missed. She is one of my favorites. THANKS, SPANKS and THANKS AGAIN.

  • spankfun

    Well, Tom's English pronounciation may not be perfect, but only very few people in the industry are able to produce videos in a language which is not their native one. Let me tell you that even in German Tom has a strong accent.

  • "If this occurs I will be running a piece called woodworking with Karl this summer."

    lol…classic line right there. :-)

    I really dig your sense of humor and the fun you have with our fetish. And Spanking Server certainly has the largest selection of unusual 'furniture' I have ever seen. I mean, it is all in one building or what's the deal there…..


  • p.s. I heard a reference about Jack Nicholson's predilection for a warming gorgeous female bottoms years ago, tho I do not recall where I heard it. He'd clearly make a great Top, that is for sure :)

  • admin

    “If this occurs I will be running a piece called woodworking with Karl this summer.”

    lol…classic line right there. :-) "

    I was serious! :)

  • dobry spanking je northern spanking

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