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An 18 Year old Gets her First OTK Spanking and Pixie Amber Wells Spanked in Tennis Attire

You know Dear Reader,  I find myself wondering what goes though our girls minds when we give them Spankings.  I mean sure it is painful and unpleasant for the girl getting spanked,  but what indeed goes though their minds?  What do they focus on?  Now from the other perspective what usually goes though my mind is either "Wow I am really spanking her!" and "That was a good one, that was another good one" 

But while our job is quite entertaining,  aside from the searing pain of each blow upon her buttocks I would have to imagine being draped over ones knee is quite boring.  Do they just stare at the ground?  What indeed do they think about other than "ouch that HURTS!" .  Some girls close their eyes which seems to be rather counterproductive since the lack of visual stimuli tends to intensify the pain.  It is indeed a mystery!

But not one we will solve today for today is of course Thursday and time to kick off The Spanking Updates of the Week.

I could not help but begin this week with my our friends over at Sound Punishment.   Dear Reader meet Karen ,  A pretty 18 year old Scottish Gal.  Our Portly Punisher emailed me yesterday quite excited about this Young girls very first Spanking. Amazed by his good fortune he swears he is telling the truth that this girl simply emailed him out of nowhere and demanded he spank her on film!  Why the hell don't things like that happen to me!  Now true to her Scottish Nature you can’t understand a single word she says but who cares!  The smacks upon her young hot bottom are quite audible!  Furthermore he gives her a surprisingly hard OTK Spanking for her first Spanking ever.  Excellent work, excellent indeed, it definitely gives credence to the phrase “If its not Scottish its Crap!”
vlcsnap-2010-07-21-18h17m21s212 vlcsnap-2010-07-21-18h14m59s69 vlcsnap-2010-07-21-18h15m09s172 vlcsnap-2010-07-21-18h16m38s36 vlcsnap-2010-07-21-18h16m55s199 vlcsnap-2010-07-21-18h17m05s52

I love the game of pool Dear Reader,  I am also notoriously bad at it.  Well most of the time anyway.  There is that time of course between drink 3 and drink 5 that I can run tables with the best of them.  Unfortunately of course you just can’t have 5.  Now of course if I were playing against Adrienne Black in a schoolgirl uniform, I think I could perhaps restrain my alcoholic ways long enough to ensure she will be bent over the pool table getting Spanked on her Beautiful Bare Ass.  From Firm Hand Spanking
abc_c001 abc_c005 abc_c008 abc_c014 abc_c020 abc_c024

Some time ago you might remember, Sarah Gregory was responsible for Miss Chris, giving Jenni Mack a hard Bare Bottom Spanking.  Well Jenni as smart as she is beautiful has indeed not forgotten.  She of course returns the favor over Sarah’s pretty pink panties and of course on her Bare Ass.  Karma’s a bitch! From My Spanking Roommate or the 4 site Clare Fonda Pass
r56e04l r56e07l r56e11l r56e17l r56e21l r56e25l

Tennis apparel is purported to have evolved rather than invented.  Woman of course back in the day wore full length skirts which of course have evolved into our ultra short and tennis skirts we have today.  Now the mystery is of course how did such a sensible piece of clothing evolve into something about as delightfully Spankable as one can get?  Being a fan of Isaac Newton I have decided to come up with the Laws of Spanking!  The first rule is, given enough time any piece of woman's clothing will evolve into a great Spanking Outfit.  Particularly when Pixie Amber Wells and Lilly Anna wear it.  From Punished Brats
IMG_1405 IMG_1411 IMG_1444 IMG_1469 IMG_1446 IMG_1476

Some things just go together Dear Reader.  Peanut Butter and Jelly, Coffee and cigarettes, Booze and ……… Well just about everything!  Thus I am indeed delighted that after many years and a fair amount of drama Kailee is indeed back where she belongs.  Getting that wonderful bottom of her paddled on Real Spanking.  We find out that Spanking her with a wooden paddle is just as effective as ever.  Also available though the 8 site Real Spanking Pass
9565_001 9565_004 9565_009 9565_014 9565_021 9565_018

Julie is one of those girls who gets more attractive every time you see her.  When I first encountered her Dear Reader, I must admit I wasn’t too impressed.  But over time she seems to get hotter and hotter.  Much like her well Spanked Bottom!  Now our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian seems to me likeminded with Your Humble Narrator regarding tattoo’s.  Unfortunately for Julie’s bottom she is quite fond of them.  Now typically a naughty girl would get one in a inconspicuous and covered spot.  But when you get Bare Ass Spankings as much as Julie gets, there is not alot of places to put them.  Which of course results in more Real Life Spanking
julie_belting_new_tattoo_P1010299 julie_belting_new_tattoo_P1010301 julie_belting_new_tattoo_P1010304 julie_belting_new_tattoo_P1010310 julie_belting_new_tattoo_P1010311 julie_belting_new_tattoo_P1010312

After a brief hiatus our friends at Spanking Casting are back with us.  Now unfortunately they were on vacation so they gave us a nice compilation piece this week of the roundest hottest bottoms they have spanked.  After watching it I will have to say they need to get Baby back (the lanky redhead) for a good hard OTK Spanking. 
CAS-093_6 CAS-093_8 CAS-093_18 CAS-093_27 CAS-093_70 CAS-093_77

Finally for today we have a notion from Handspanking that we indeed need to explore.  You see women will do just about anything to lose weight.  They will buy the most ridiculous things on late night infomercials in their quest to be thing.  Well why the hell not Spanking.  Its just if not more effective than everything out there.  We could have throngs of women beating down our doors begging us to give them a good hard Spanking.  Of course it doesn’t work the way they think,  The Spanking doesn’t make them lose the weight,  but they won’t reach for that tub of ice cream when they know what is going to happen to their bare bottoms! 
n18-05 n18-13 n18-16 n18-17 n18-23 n18-24


1 comment to An 18 Year old Gets her First OTK Spanking and Pixie Amber Wells Spanked in Tennis Attire

  • It is the absolute truth that Karen contacted me via my site's help desk at Sound Punishment and requested that I be the very first person to bare her bottom and spank it. She had never been spanked before but had the feelings that she should be for years! When she said that she would like it filmed as well I was truly gobsmacked!

    So my wife and I invited her down from Scotland and using my Scots wife as a translator (LOL not really, her accent was not that bad) and camerawoman, we proceeded to film the very first spanking of this young lady's life.

    I made it a firm spanking so that she would understand that this is what she would be likely to get in future from other spankers and thus I did not spare her, purely for her own good you must understand. What you see really happened!

    I must have made a good impression on her virgin bottom because she stayed with us to make two more films before she headed back over the border.

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