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An Election Spanking

Yes Dear Reader, despite the efforts of our conservative crazies, the people have indeed spoken!  Much to their surprise they have decided that the party of R (Rape) perhaps is not quite mentally stable enough to lead our country.  Now being a political junkie I did something on election night I almost never do.  I watched Fox News coverage of the election because nothing is more amusing than watching reality come crashing down upon the heads of wingnuts.

When they called Ohio one could hear the collective cries of our tea party twits.  In fact Fox News refused to acknowledge the win for almost an hour as they dealt with their grief.  Even going so far as hauling their election experts out of their windowless room and berating them for calling the election since as we know math and science are not exactly our republican’s strong point.

Of course now that the stark reality has invaded our crazies delusion they are reacting in quite the reasonable way.  Calling for armed insurrection since the majority of people have the gall not to agree with them!

But indeed my joyous celebration is short lived as yet another storm is bearing down on my humble abode.  It seems that winter storm Athena is coming to pay your humble narrator a visit with winds that are sure to knock down the few trees that sandy indeed did not.  So once again my generator is out and your humble narrator is ready.  But while I once again wait to sit in the dark it is indeed time to bring you what you came for Dear Reader.  The Spanking Updates of the week!

We begin today with yet another petulant model that our favorite long suffering Greg seems to keep hiring.  But the gleeful cries of BAAAAD GIRL will indeed not echo though the garbage strewn hills of New Jersey for it is Greg’s friend the Other Mystery Spanker who is given the honors to Sara Liz.  Now being a leggy 28 year old runway and playboy model she indeed is used to better digs than what our humble friend can afford.  But of course there is no reason to be rude about it!  I just hope she doesn’t have any more bookings until her tender tushy heals.  From Bun Beating Fun!
vlcsnap-2012-11-07-11h21m48s66 vlcsnap-2012-11-07-11h22m02s202 vlcsnap-2012-11-07-11h22m28s206 vlcsnap-2012-11-07-11h23m01s23 vlcsnap-2012-11-07-11h23m21s233 vlcsnap-2012-11-07-11h23m48s221

Well here is an interesting one Dear Reader.  Now the fact that the Girl Scouts have those delicious thin mints that precludes me from spanking them.  There is no rule about them spanking each other!  Unfortunately for the stunning Veronica Ricci she is indeed on the receiving end of her den leaders hard hand on Girl Spanks Girl or the better valued 5 site Clare Fonda Pass.
es09l es18l es22l es28l es31l es33l

You know Dear Reader, this new girl our friend David Pierson has on Punished brats Marisa, is really growing on me.  She made her debut some time ago but damn can this girl take a spanking.  In fact I would say even our friend David has upped his spanking game.  Not to mention her hard painful spanking using my namesake which brings her to tears, she is indeed cute as a button and a very very fine ass.  From Punished Brats.
325 270 279 303 309 251

It seems one of my favorite spankees is back.  The impossibly blonde Kelly Wilson is applying to be a high end escort.  A Service I would surely engage in.  But it seems the Madame’s standards are quite a bit higher than she thought.  Plus indeed some of the clients have this rather strange spanking fetish which indeed can be quite painful.  From Sound Punishments.
vlcsnap-2012-11-07-12h16m25s52 vlcsnap-2012-11-07-12h18m04s41 vlcsnap-2012-11-07-12h17m21s126 vlcsnap-2012-11-07-12h17m57s224 vlcsnap-2012-11-07-12h18m16s158 vlcsnap-2012-11-07-12h18m25s245

Just in time for Halloween Dear Reader.  While your Humble Narrator was sitting in the dark shivering it seems Pandora Blake decided to film a ghost story.  Of course this particular ghost has a thing not for haunting but for spanking the inhabitance of his home.  Unfortunately for Amelia Jane Rutherford and Pandora Blake the cane he uses is very very real and indeed painful.  They even have a behind the scenes video with Amelia getting caned by her brand new husband.  I guess Hywel got the obey in on their vows.  From Dreams of Spanking.
Dreams-of-Spanking_ghost021 Dreams-of-Spanking_ghost020 Dreams-of-Spanking_ghost014 Dreams-of-Spanking_ghost030 Dreams-of-Spanking_ghost026 Dreams-of-Spanking_ghost041

I am indeed sad to say that my sources tell me this is indeed the last spanking scene we shall ever see the incredible Irelynn Logeen in.  But fear not Dear Reader, her last spanking could not of course simply be over her tight little jeans.  I am sure in the coming weeks we shall see her going away spanking on her bare bottom as it should be.  From Bars and Stripes.
irelynn2_shortbreak - 026 irelynn2_shortbreak - 039 irelynn2_shortbreak - 047 irelynn2_shortbreak - 049 irelynn2_shortbreak - 058 irelynn2_shortbreak - 063

You Know Dear Reader,  if there was one flaw in the act of spanking, it would be what to do with a naughty girls flailing legs.  If I were to redesign nature I would indeed make them a little shorter or make the knees not bend as much because flailing feet can really interfear with the spanking you are giving her.  Of course if you have two naughty girls in which to spank like our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian has well you can put one to good use holding the victim’s legs while she awaits her turn across your knee.  From Real Life Spanking.
sam_lies_in_trouble_again_P1010203 sam_lies_in_trouble_again_P1010207 sam_lies_in_trouble_again_P1010210 sam_lies_in_trouble_again_P1010211 sam_lies_in_trouble_again_P1010217 sam_lies_in_trouble_again_P1010220

Ah what to do when finding a random gorgeous cheerleader like Kelly Morgan skinny dipping in your pool.  Well I could think of a number of things but since her bottom is already bared why not give her a well deserved Firm Hand Spanking.
cheer_j003 cheer_j006 cheer_j010 cheer_j012 cheer_j020 cheer_j021

Finally for today as we all know school is taken quite seriously in Japan.  Students study for years for one test that determines their entire future.  Of course one does not want to bring shame to ones ancestors. This it is no surprise that teachers there employ stern punishments to keep the students in line.  Like of course a bare bottom spanking.  From Handspanking.
v19-04 v19-10 v19-17 v19-19 v19-21 v19-26


2 comments to An Election Spanking

  • iwasrobert

    Poor Karl Rove. The "New Majority" turned out to be on the other side! And watching him implode on Fox News was priceless. Anyway, the only real disappointment was that Bachmann won reelection. I guess every Congress needs a resident village idiot.

  • Kelly Wilson…..*swoon*

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