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An Naked OTK Spanking And Allison Miller Meets the Strap

On Monday I had mentioned I might miss a post or two since I was on a death watch for a loved one.  Sadly I am on a death watch no more,  My Mother has indeed passed on after a long and painful illness.  Now if you have read my prose for any length of time she was, unsurprisingly a politician.  A republican one at that!  Now being the type that kicked doors open for female opportunity one can indeed question the taste of a memorial for the woman on a site dedicated to Spanking Women.  And you would be right!  since she would indeed be turning over in her freshly dug grave.  But this intro is indeed not about her Dear Reader,  it is about something much much better. 

While sitting in a room for hours at end, staring at a closed box,  a ritual I have always loathed, (as she did).  Her bitterest political rival showed up. Growing up a son of a politician, this man could have been the anti-Christ for all that I knew.  But he came anyway,  Perhaps, as my father put it “to make sure” but I think it was for another reason.  Respect for one’s rival.  You see friends and family might be the most important for us, but your enemies are a close second.  Where indeed would we be without our antagonists.  They help shape and guide us just as much as our friends!  When all is said and done, respect for one’s worthy opponent is indeed an honor. 

But grieve not for me Dear Reader, I had the rare and fortunate opportunity to say my goodbye’s by her bedside. Something I now am humbled I was able to do.  Life of course goes on,  the sun is shining, children are playing and of course Ladies are getting Spanked.  Thus it is time to finish up our Spanking Updates of the Week!

I am not sure which I am more enthralled with.  Allison Miller getting strapped my a metal studded belt (ow) on the hot ass of hers or her Spanking outfit that really shows off her incredible curves.  One of course can guess considering your Humble Narrator’s inexplicable fascination with one piece outfits on lovely ladies.  Now given I will freely admit it is about as ugly as one can get,  Plus it clashes quite violently with her red hair and even redder bottom.  But I suppose it doesn’t stay upon her long since the whole thing inconveniently has to come off to apply whacks to her bare bottom.  We really need to start building in flaps on those sorts of outfits.  From Firm Hand Spanking
Allison Miller bootcamp_b003 bootcamp_b007 bootcamp_b010 Bare Bottom Belting bootcamp_b024


It seems that Candy Blonde (great name) is having trouble with her civics lesson on Spanking Server this week.  This of course brings me to my next rant, our obtuse Teabaggers here in the states want to repeal the 14th Amendment.  I say GOOD!  Perhaps not in the way they intended it, since I am sure they feel automatic citizenship should only apply to non brown people.  Instead, I think they should give everyone a test to become a citizen, just like our naturalized counterparts.  This will result in a number of things.  First, a considerably smarter citizen population.  Second the virtual elimination of the conservative crazies since they seem to lack the understanding that freedom as laid out by our wise founding fathers does is not simply apply to the freedom do what they say. 
snapshot20100820101046 Pigtailed girl Spanked at School snapshot20100820101117 snapshot20100820101239 snapshot20100820101227 Schoolgirl Strapping

In this period Piece apparently filmed in a rather smoky room, I believe a prostitute is being cruelly caned for refusing to perform her duties on a officer while two other flappers from the 20’s look on in horror.  Not only leaving her bottom welted from the hard caning she ends up having to perform her duties anyway!  From Lupus Spanking
vlcsnap-2010-08-20-10h53m39s39 vlcsnap-2010-08-20-10h52m29s113 vlcsnap-2010-08-20-10h53m08s233 Spanked Prostitute Hard Caning vlcsnap-2010-08-20-10h51m59s62

I know I showed you this Spanking last week,  But our Portly Punisher just released the video,  which I have indeed been fortunate to view.  This I can tell you is going into my coveted directory of favorite Spankings.  Our Young Elizabeth, only 18 years of age gets a surprisingly hard Spanking considering this is her first on film.  Being in wonderful High Definition one can enjoy Her milky white bottom ablaze with a deep red hue showing us the results of such a hard OTK hand Spanking. Fantastic, simply Fantastic. From Sound Punishments
vlcsnap-2010-08-20-11h03m14s184 Naked OTK Spanking  vlcsnap-2010-08-20-11h03m53s66 Teenager Spanking Teen Girl Spanked by her Father 18 year old Spanked on the bare

Sometimes Dear Reader,  When a female does something particularly naughty one of course must Spank them until tears flow from their eyes.  These kind of Spankings of course must be reserved for the most dire of circumstances and depending on the stubbornness of the girl can indeed take quite a bit of Spanking.  Thankfully the coach’s hard hand has reduced many a girl to tears, and ever Ms Burns who has felt his sting in her hot little bottom more than she cares to know still ends up crying like a little girl when getting Spanked.  From Real Spanking or the 8 site Real Spanking Pass
6517_004 Husband Spanks his wife Wife Spanked 6517_053 6517_072 6517_078 6517_095

The incredibly hot Ellie Maye is Spanked along with her friend in a dual hard Bare Bottomed OTK Spanking this week on Strict Spanking.  Yes I know I still obsess over this girl,  but can you blame me?
Image41 Bare Bottom Spanking Image23 Image31 Ellie Maye Spanked Image52

Finally for this week we have Chelsea Pfieffer’s retro Spanking Site Good Spanking Classics, Chelsea offers an amusing tidbit about the hot well toned Nikki Steele being new on the set and thinking she knew a something about getting a Spanking.  Jewel Marceau of course teaches the platinum blonde she has alot to learn and it will of course be very very painful to her tight bare bottom.
014 015 Nikk Nikki Steele Spanked 018 022


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