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Anikka Albrite Gets Her First Spanking in Daisy Dukes

Well Dear Reader we are back with a brand spanking new year.  What 2013 will bring us I do not know.  I do hope the year will be filled with the punishment of very naughty girls and of course stupid republicans I can complain about.

So far so good of course!  Our conservative crazies are refusing to give myself and my fellow northeasterners a relief package since Sandy came and ruined our Halloween.  Of course they seem to forget all of the help we gave them when disaster after disaster hit the southern states, and of course the fact that in states terms we are the 1% and our southern states are even lower than the 47%.

But that of course can be expected from our least productive congress in the history of this great nation.  Their actions even enraged Republicans like Chris Christie who threatened to eat them if they continued their tomfoolery.  Personally seeing what congress looks like I would have to imagine that this is considerably less stomach turning than threatening to spank them.

So to get that image out of our heads let us turn to girls what we indeed are overjoyed to spank on the Updates of the Week!

What indeed do we have here Dear Reader!  A new naughty girl from Spanked Sweeties.  Dear Reader Meet Anikka Albrite.  A lovely 23 year old sprite who despite her young age has quite a few adult movies to her name.  Though having sex for a living has nothing to do with preparing to get spanked for the first time on film.  Growing up in Denver Co,  she is no stranger to spanking as she used to get them quite often from her stepfather as our favorite Cameraman is delighted to recreate.  Also available though the better valued 5 site Clare Fonda Pass.
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Unlike today when I was young strapping lad, it was looked down upon for your daddy or mommy to purchase you a car.  Sure there were some exceptions.  For instance this well to do friend of mine was promised a Saab for her 17th birthday.  Which she got!  Though it seems her parents had a sense of humor and purchased her a 1967 Saab with 3 cylinders which with more than one passenger the others quite literally had to exit the car to climb any substantial incline.  That is why today I sit looking with disbelief and wonder of the foolishness of parents that purchase their teen an expensive vehicle like the Ferrari that young Marisa promptly trashed.  I honestly don’t care if any of my offspring are the next Zuckerburg.  They are getting a supercar over my dead body or in Marisa’s case over her red ass.  From Punished Brats.
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Since I am in the mood for reminiscing, as you all can probably relate there were our different clicks growing up.  You had your nerds,  your cheerleaders, your pretty people, your brainyacks and perhaps the most brutal and disliked your jocks.  Now anyone who was indeed picked on knew that for the most part the Jocks were not exactly brain surgeons and all one had to do is survive High School and one could then bask in the sweet satisfying revenge in having one of them take your order at McDonalds.  But it seems that in our 24/7 techno world they are even ruining themselves faster.  Perhaps indeed someone should explain to the football players of Stubenville, Ohio that perhaps it isn’t the smartest thing to record yourself admitting to the rape of another student even after the halfwit police in the football town decided to sweep it under the rug.  As you might know Dear Reader rape, is generally frowned upon in our society.  Particularly cracking yourself up as you brag about it unless of course if you are a conservative crazy,  then its a gift from God.  But for those of us that are not batshit crazy this generally gets you the same treatment by your cell mate named Bubba.  Something I assure you is not pleasant.  Perhaps the very hard slippering that the lovely Clover Rock is getting is slightly more pleasant particularly due to the fact she is in a tu tu.  From English Spankers.
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So my father who grew up in the streets of my beloved city did not exactly have the eloquence of your humble narrator.  In fact his ability to swear was indeed legendary among our neighbors of our little suburban hamlet.  My sister however did not of course heed his warnings and insisted on dating some rather unsavory characters.  Much like little Kiki one night she was dropped off by a (ahem) gentleman with hair longer than hers.  My father upon looking out of the window exclaimed “What the FUCK is that” for all the neighborhood to hear.  Which might I add I found quite amusing.  Now she indeed did not get a spanking but Kiki surely does.  From Real Spanking or the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass.

Well personally I thought that Bars and Stripes have been easy on young Lilly.  After all she is indeed incarcerated.  There should be some unpleasantness associated with incarceration.  Particularly if she is among a number of very pretty girls who get spanked regularly.  It is good to see that the prison system is finally catching up with her.
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In a pleasant surprise Dear Reader,  It seems that Allaura Shane is back.  After all a girl with a motor mouth such as hers could not exist without a good hard spanking.  While I much prefer her getting properly spanked by a member of the opposite sex.  I must say that Allison Miller does a pretty good job.  From Firm Hand Spanking.
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Finally for tonight,  We have a rather cute Japanese schoolgirl learning what it means to defy her teacher.  So defiant she is that she is subject to a old fashion OTK Spanking.  From Handspanking.
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    Off to a bad start this year. Some of these read like you were playing the most pretentious game of mad-libs ever.

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