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Announcing the Winner of the 2012 Spanking Blog of the Year (General Category)

Well Dear Reader we come to this.  The heavies of the spanking world.  Like Your Humble Narrator the proprietors of these spanking blogs wrack their brain day after day bringing to you amusing and interesting tidbits about the spanking world.  Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we fail.  But we do it out of a labor of love.  Thus once again it is time to honor them. 

Now of course those that were voted one and indeed the ones that win tonight are a little more on topic than Yours Truly.  But that is indeed is what makes each one unique!  Without my strange quirks and indeed saying indeed alot I simply wouldn’t be Brushstrokes!  Nor without their particularities would the winners of this year’s awards be the blogs they are. 

So without further ado….  Let us crown the Spanking Blog of the Year for the General category. 

And the winner is…..

Chross the Spankologist

Yes, I know…  What a surprise.  Well hey if you have one of the best spanking sites on the internet you tend to get alot of followers.  Plus my friend Chross’s penchant for searching the internet for little known and delightful tidbits of spanking lore and trivia.  It seems there is not a language he does not know! After all who else would we turn to discover a spanking scene that was left on the cutting floor of a 1950’s Swedish remake of a play performed once every 17 and 1/2 years by a small tribe of Arabs in remote Yemen written in Aramaic!  Although no surprise, it is well earned my friend.  Well earned. 

And the runner up is…

Spanking Blog

While most of us all know each other,  the owner of The Spanking Blog is somewhat of a mystery to me.  Probably one of the oldest spanking sites on the internet he is celebrating his 10th anniversary this year and is apparently as tireless as ever.  With his collection of spanking art,  vintage spanking scenes and of course modern every day spanking our girls get.  Once again this is a fine choice given by you Dear Reader. 


11 comments to Announcing the Winner of the 2012 Spanking Blog of the Year (General Category)

  • Indeed Count: 4
    Current Front Page Indeed Count: 30

    Its funny that your effort to actually cram indeed in as much as you can results in lower use count than in previous posts.

  • Two great blogs besides yours of course! Congrats and well deserved. xoxo

  • Cyrano

    Yes I loved the Chross site.I say loved in the past tense because I haven't been able to access his page for weeks.
    Is he still running an active site?

  • iwasrobert

    @Cyrano: I suspect that the demise of Chross' site would be a sign of the Apocalypse being imminent! Fortunately it works for me, so there must be something going on at your end.

  • Chase

    I agree with Cyrano. Chross site has been down for a while. I'm in America. I've tried links from other sites as well and it is DOWN. It did that a few weeks back and came back up. I don't know what the problem is.

  • @Brushstrokes – how did you know what I was going to post next week?! ;)

    I am really honored to win this title again :). Against a strong competitors, too!

    @Cyrano: Here is a snippet from opne of my recent posts:

    "Some readers from the US seem to be having trouble accessing the site – again. According to the feedback I got this appears to concern only readers whose ISP is AT&T.
    The available information points to some bad routing on their side (BGP error). Basically the ISP does not know how to direct the user´s request to my server. Not much I can do from my side I fear.
    Those affected should write a complaint to AT&T and in the meantime set up proxies in their browser or – much simpler – use web proxies (just google "free web proxy" and choose one). "


  • Chase

    Chross, you hit it on the head as usual. I'm back on your site!!! Thanks!!!!

  • Cyrano

    Thank you so much for the reply Chross! Yes I'm stuck on at&t but your proxy advice did the trick. So happy to
    be able to access your site again-It was/is a Friday ritual that was/is a highlight of my week! :-)
    Congratulations on your much deserved win.

  • […] of the Week Incredible. I have been voted (General) Spanking Blog of the Year again. Thanks a lot! This is really great, but it´s a title that´s not only won by me but by the […]

  • Rich Spankman

    Excellent choices. I can say for a fact I visit Chross blog at least three times a week, ( especially Fridays, for the Spankings of the Week ).

  • Chross, we are not competitors … what you do, nobody can compete with. Fairly won, I say!

    Everybody, I appreciate the votes that made me the runner-up. Thanks!

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