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Ariel Anderssen gets 100 Strokes of the Cane, Chloe Elise Spanked with a Wooden Paddle, And Clare Fonda's Exclusive Education 3. That and More on The Spanking Updates Of the Week.

Well Dear Reader this weekend is the famous Spanking Convention hosted by the great Shadowlane and once again Your Humble Narrator is going to miss it.  So while I sit here and weep I figure the least I can do is share with you the rest of the wonderful updates of the week.  For those of you fortunate to be attending,  why in the name of god are you reading my blog with so many girls for you to spank!  Go out and have fun.  I wish Eve and Tony and the other folks at  Shadowlane the best this weekend.  While I am on the Spanking Topic.  I have updated the Spanking Spot galleries and even made it its own site!  Hopefully while I mope this weekend I'll be able to get a few more up and set up a separate site for Spanking Movies.

Your Humble Narrator thinks we will kick off today with my favorite firecrotch with a set of updates that begs the question why Amber is not doing mainstream modeling. Even setting aside Yours Truly's almost unnatural obsession with redheads this girl is absolutely beautiful.  Couple this with her ability to take one hell of a spanking you might have the perfect woman.  From Spank Amber
Amber Spanked Spanked over the Skirt Woman Spanked by Husband Spank Amber Redhead ready for a spanking

This week is quickly becoming one of my favorite update weeks of the year.  Spanking Server has one hell of an update this week.  First we have our hero Karl with one of their beautiful girls which he puts over his knee and spanks her with the authority that we have come to expect from Dear Karl.  Aljoska (I have no idea how to pronounce that) is apparently not used to getting spanked because she puts up quite a struggle forcing Dear Karl to restrain her quite firmly as she struggles over his knee.  We also have a spanking with a historical theme with one of the thickest wooden paddles I think I have ever laid eyes on.  They might as well start spanking the girls with a 2×4.
Spanking Server OTK Bare Ass Spanking Over the knee Spanking Paddled Girl Paddled on the bare bottom

It looks like Chloe Elise and Samantha Woodley are fans of what looks to be Vodka and Cranberry juice.  While the drink is quite tasty Your Humble Narrator tend to prefer a straight vodka martini.  But it is quite fitting since its about the color that Chloe's ass turns when she gets 10 swats of the paddle for drinking!  You know,  Firm hand Spanking uses the paddle probably harder then any other site.  I really wonder what goes through these girl minds when the hear the whoosh as the paddle travels at a high speeds toward their bare bottom.
Samantha Woodley and Chloe Elise Chloe Elise gets paddled Spanked on the Bare Ass With a Wooden Paddle Chloe Elise Spanked Guy Spanks his daughter

I am going to start calling Bad Tushy the Spanking site that tries to break the mold.  They offer F/f, M/f (though I would like to see more M/f) Two weeks ago they had a rare F/f/m Spanking.  This week they give us a very hot interracial spanking.  The Spanker here smacks this girl's very attractive bubble butt quite hard though once her pants come down it turns more like a bottom slap then a proper spanking.  But its a good effort.
Bad Tushy Black Girl gets spanked Spanked over the panties Bubble Butt Spanking Girl Spanking

Now this is good.  This is definitely The Spanking of the Week! Dear Reader.  Northern Spanking in conjunction with Restrained Elegance  has the stunning Ariel Anderssen who is the Bondage alter ego of the obviously equally stunning Amelia Jane Rutherford.  Well this week she merges her dark fantasies and with a little light but very acceptable bondage takes 100 strokes of the cane in one hour half end up on her bare bottom but be forewarned half or so is foot punishment which may or may not be your thing. .  The movie runs the full hour so this is definitely a treat with Ariel/Amelia reduced to tears.  There is also a narrative written by Ariel/Amelia with her thoughts on the scene.  If your a fan of her's then this is definitely something you shouldn't miss.  I am going to give this one double coverage here simply because there is so much to see. 
Ariel Anderssen Northern Spanking Bound and spanked Amelia Jane Rutherford spanked Ariel Anderssen Bound
Foot Punishment Amelia Jane Rutherford Waiting for a spanking caned and bound Amelia Jane Rutherford gets caned

On Spanked Schoolgirls we have a new girl (or one I don't recall seeing before) in their new update "Profile of a Strapped Teenager".  She is of course of age but there is always the fantasy factor.  In a Schoolgirl Uniform she gets a good strapping on the bare for violating one rule or another. 
schoolgirl Punishment Spanked Schoolgirl Schoolgirl gets a strapping on the bare bum Painful spanking well spanked schoolgirl

My Dear Clare Fonda is still releasing her third epic film Exclusive Education 3.  Last week we showed you Beverly Bacci and Jessica Bangkok.  The next two to go over Clare and Lana's Knee are Amile Waters and Kylee Reese. Needless to say they are not happy with their bare bottom spanking in front of the class.  But of course the rest of them will meet the same fate. From Girl Spanks Girl
Clare Fonda Kylee Reese Kylee Reese gets a spankiingAmile Waters gets a spanked Exclusive Education spanking

As Your Humble Narrator stated yesterday Jade Indica is incredibly hot.  Unfortunately this spanking she gets by the equally lovely Chelsea Pfeiffer is somewhat of a confined space detracting from seeing her in all her glory.  But I guess Dear Reader we all need to be crammed in a closet and spanked :).  From Good Spanking
Spanked in the mirrorChelsea Pfeiffer Spanking Jade Indica Jade Indica gets a spankingJade Indica naked Naked Spanking  Good Spanking

A stunning 19 Year old Redhead named Minacco wants to be in the movies.  Specifically Mood Pictures Movies.  The only problem is she needs to get past the tryouts for them to cast her.  For Mood Castings it means 25 strokes of the cane in your birthday suit. A daunting concept indeed.  I really wonder if they pay these girls by the stroke since this young girl seems to be under the false impression she needed to go on and begged for them to cane her lighter.  Why not just quit?  If they do indeed pay by the stroke they should indeed make it part of the film.  Nothing like incentive to take a hard painful caning then cool hard cash. 
19 year old gets a spanking Teenager gets caned naked Redhead gets canned Mood Pictures Mood Castings 

I can think of no better job where one has the opportunity to get attacked by Sarah Collins.  It would even be better if Leia Ann Woods jumped in so one could spank them both.  From Bars and Stripes
Sarah Collins and Leia Ann Woods Bars and stripes Spanked in a womans prison sarah collins gets a spanking Prison Spanking Spanked on the panties

Like many lazy housewives Bryanna enjoys sleeping during the day.  Luckily her large bosomed friend is there to deliver a spanking when her husband is off working hard to support her.  From Spanking Bare Butts
Spanking Bare Butts Blonde gets a spanking Bryanna gets spanked on the bare ass Woman spanking Women Well spanked girl

And finally for this week, another blast from the past from Chelsea Pfeiffer's vintage spanking site Good Spanking Classics.  In this one we have a bit of a spanking cat fight between Lorelei & Shawna Lake.  With this pants down all out spanking fight these ladies end up tanning each others tush resulting in a red bottom for all.
Shawna Lake Vintage Spanking Pictures Pinned and spanked Over the knee Naked Spanking Held down and spanked


This time Last Year on The Spanking Spot  A Bit O Spanking News Today

5 comments to Ariel Anderssen gets 100 Strokes of the Cane, Chloe Elise Spanked with a Wooden Paddle, And Clare Fonda's Exclusive Education 3. That and More on The Spanking Updates Of the Week.

  • Wow. That Ariel Andersson update is STUNNING. Will run off and download it at once! Thanks for the heads up :)

  • nice updates :)

    According to her new blog, Amber is indeed presently doing pro modeling. God love her!


  • jeremy

    Jackpot this week. Wow!!!! First Barack's out-of-the-park speech, and now every update here is spectacular. I am nearly speechless.

    These ladies all deserve a round of applause. I see Chloe Elise is already taking her bow. Two buns up! UU

    All kidding aside, I intend to $$$$$hell out for these gals this week. I challenge everybody who reads the blog to do likewise. I'm really struck by the quality and efforts. Amber, Clare, Chelsea, Jane, Sam, Bryanna, please, keep up the great work. If I left anyone out, sorry.

  • Glad you liked the Ariel interlude! Though I HAVE to tell you, you are going to be even more upset that you missed Shadowlane this year when I say that there has been a BRIT invasion this weekend. Leia Ann Woods and Jadie Reece are there to name but two of your faves…

  • Brushstrokes


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