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Audrey Knight gets an OTK Spanking and a New Spanking Site!

Now that the silly season is behind us Dear Reader it is indeed time to get down to more important things.  Like spanking!  Our Hardworking Spanking Houses are putting their best face (or bottom so to speak) for this fledgling of a New Year.  We have a bunch of very hot new spankee’s and even one new spanking site.  So enjoy Dear Reader on The Spanking Updates of the week!


You already know that Your Humble Narrator has a thing for Redheads so let us indeed kick this week off in style with a brand new naughty girl by the name of Alice coming to meet our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian for her very first spanking.  At 22 years old and quite single she has had a fascination with spanking for quite a while and now she is about to experience it first hand.  Judging from the bruises on her bottom it is quite a painful introduction.  From Real Life Spanking
alice_first_spanking_P1010528 alice_first_spanking_P1010533 alice_first_spanking_P1010535 alice_first_spanking_P1010545 alice_first_spanking_P1010549 alice_first_spanking_P1010552


And for a treat at the beginning of this wonderful decade we have the beautiful Audrey Knight taking a trip to Clare Fonda’s abode.   Unfortunately she was indeed not there being detained by walking her 17 dogs and carted off by animal control as one of those crazy women who collect animals.  But a good spanking opportunity indeed cannot be wasted particularly with a girl with such curves as Audrey.  So Mr. Ford gets the enviable opportunity to put lovely Audrey over his knee on My Spanking Roommate. Also Available though the 4 site Clare Fonda Pass
r42e01l r42e05l r42e10l r42e12l r42e15l r42e18l


Well it seems that Our friend Peter Schoober is out this week with a hand injury.  I have it on good sources that in a wild Champaign fuelled New Years celebration he attempted to spank the bronze statue of Lessing and broke a number of bones in his spanking hand.  Naughty girls of course deserve to be spanked with the dominant hand so we leave it up to Heidi and her expert use of the strap to punish Kristy who arrives in a particularly enticing pair of short shorts on Spanking Server.
snapshot20100106163530 snapshot20100106163716 snapshot20100106163731 snapshot20100106163752

Our lovely Chelsea Pfeiffer continues spanking the ridiculously cute Kat St. James this week on Good Spanking with those cute little panties lowered and her even more cute bare bottom exposed.  She indeed seems quite pleased with herself getting the leather paddle.  Time to use something a little more umm substantial to heat that little ass up.
001 006 008 010


A Dear Reader pointed out that Your Humble Narrator was indeed incorrect (what a surprise) last week in pointing out that Riley was a new girl at Real Spanking.  This is indeed true Dear Reader for she got many the spankings prior to their wonderful new films and is happily back getting her bottom belted by Mr M.  Also Available though the better valued Real Spanking Pass
8977_020 8977_033 8977_049 8977_059 8977_069 8977_063 8977_070 8977_071


For the Angelina Fans out there (which I am indeed one) she once again finds herself over a lucky mans knee getting a good old fashion OTK hand spanking.  Not thrilled with such a punishment she indeed starts crying after even a few smacks on her panty lad rear end and blubbers considerably when she gets it on the bare bottom.  From Spanked Schoolgirl.
vlcsnap-13590419 vlcsnap-13590749 vlcsnap-13590834 vlcsnap-13591136


We have NEW Spanking site on our hands Dear Reader.  It is indeed called Spanking Family which touts itself as the first spanking soap opera.  It revolves around a divorced man that well umm.  Does quite a bit of spanking!  This indeed I can relate to!  So how come hot women don’t parade in and out of my place in need of their bottoms beat!  So much for reality television. 
FAM0006-002 FAM0006-015 FAM0006-024 FAM0006-039


This week on Bars and Stripes we have the newly retired Nikki Flynn getting her already missed bare bottom on a bed of feathers.  This is umm…  odd to say the least but this is indeed Nikki we are dealing with.  I am sure she has been in stranger situations. 
niki_birdofafeather_014 niki_birdofafeather_020 niki_birdofafeather_029 niki_birdofafeather_041


After some time off from the Holidays English Spankers is indeed back giving Sarah a bottom tanning this week.  This is of course Sarah From Spanking Sarah fame, getting what I think is a little harder spanking then she is typically used to.  But all the better my Dear Readers. 
englsih-spankersnpp895017 englsih-spankersnpp895022 englsih-spankersnpp895024 englsih-spankersnpp895039


I guess in the Europe unlike here in America they get alot of their household help from young girls from the former eastern block.  Which is indeed much better than here since we get all our help from middle aged ladies named Gracia who even if you managed to spank them they would probably return with their 29 cousins and give you a spanking with baseball bats.  Your Europeans have it so good.  From Strict Spanking
IMG_8728 IMG_8743 IMG_8744 IMG_8752


And finally for tonight we have our favorite Japanese spanking site Handspanking.  This young Japanese schoolgirl gets an OTK spanking from her mother for selling her panties to Japanese Businessmen for reasons which I do not want to know. 
k1-04 k1-12 k1-22k1-19 



2 comments to Audrey Knight gets an OTK Spanking and a New Spanking Site!

  • If I should ever meet the cute and adorable Audrey Knight, I will have to ask her HOW she is able to withstand so much punishment to her behind.
    She took so much of it from Dallas, more from Richard Windsor, and now this fellow Mr. Ford. From the looks of things, Audrey's darling bottom should be worn down to the bone by now. But no. It always bounces back, perkier and as spankable as ever.

  • Scott

    I don't see how this could be much fun on the receiving side. My question, more than a comment is , does Ms. Knight spank anyone that requests one, or is it by invitation only. I am in need of an attitude adjustment and want someone that truly understands what its like to receive. I am no beauty and you probably wont want to film it so, I am writing to find out if this is possible and how much it costs.



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