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Bare Bottom Spanking for Snow Mercy and A Japanese Girl gets Spanked by her Grandmother

Well Dear Reader it seems that it is indeed time for the Spanking Updates of the week.  Where I indeed try to review all the updates of our favorite naughty girls getting their bare bottoms spanked!  But before we begin I just wanted you to know that there is a new spanking movie review of a wonderful Shadowlane movie on my new site Spanked and Fucked.  The movie is entitled In the Red and it features Angela Faith getting quite the spanking among other things.  Now without further ado lets get on with this weeks spanking!

In the United States Dear Reader it seems that we never want our children to grow up unless indeed it involves shooting people in a foreign land or crimes which Texas can execute people for.  They of course raised the drinking age to 21 and even one state is making insurance companies cover “children” until they are 27.  So as logic would have if these adult children are indeed still children in peoples eyes then it should indeed be legal to spank them well into their 20’s.  The typical 18 year old girl of course is quite naughty and indeed in the need of a couple of spankings a year.  Our Yasmin on Real Life Spanking this week is of course no different. 
yasmine_reminder_spanking_P1010131 yasmine_reminder_spanking_P1010134 yasmine_reminder_spanking_P1010135 yasmine_reminder_spanking_P1010138 yasmine_reminder_spanking_P1010152 yasmine_reminder_spanking_P1010147

I have come to the belief that Kay Richards sits scantily clad in her apartment all day just waiting for someone one to enter so she can throw off her clothes and spank them.  A rather impractical existence yes, but not unpleasant to think about.  The unsuspecting Nikki finds out the hard way about Kay’s naked maniac spanker tendencies on My Spanking Roommate or the 4 spanking site Clare Fonda Pass
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I’m a little concerned about Spanking Server as of late,  Too much back whipping and not enough good old fashion spanking for the past couple of weeks. But then again that is indeed simply a preference of mine.  For your Humble Narrator I simply cannot think of why one would whip someone's back when there is a perfectly good ass to spank.  But I suppose there is indeed room for the two since once again they have some incredibly beautiful eastern European girls getting their spanking due. 
snapshot20090805144624 snapshot20090805144644 snapshot20090805144719 snapshot20090805145114 snapshot20090805145134 snapshot20090805145157

This one from Good Spanking is not exactly new,  But I have no idea Dear Reader how I missed this wonderful spanking.  Snow Mercy looks absolutely adorable.  And while she is indeed grinning for the camera,  once that hair brush comes in contact with that beautiful bottom of her it does indeed wipe that grin off her face.
010 001 006 007 012 008

Sexual curiosity is indeed part of growing up,  but when your mother is a stern Russian woman being caught in not so innocent fun with another girl is indeed not a good idea Dear Reader.  Now this woman is indeed an expert spanker executing the tough over one knee spanking with ease.  Both these young girls bare bottoms get beaten quite nicely in one of the hotter spankings this week. from Lupus Spanking.
snapshot20090805152336 snapshot20090805152416 snapshot20090805152351 snapshot20090805152443 snapshot20090805152457 snapshot20090805152507

Now facing your first spanking is indeed a daunting task for a young lady.  Particularly when one is tied to a bench and jeans pulled down to reveal your quite bare bottom.  But this young woman gets though a quite brutal bottom whipping with flying colors.  Though she indeed looks rather nervous.  From Rough Man Spank
03018 03075 03082 03088 03089 03092

There seems to be an influx of spankee’s of color as of late Dear Reader,  I have actually seen a bunch of them recently. And it is indeed time.  Black woman are of course just as naughty as any other female and indeed deserved to be spanked.  Janelle here feels the sting of the hard wooden paddle though her very tight jeans, leaving her ass quite sore on Real Spanking or the 8 site Real Spanking Pass.
4502_008 4502_013 4502_023 4502_039 4502_037 4502_050

Spanking Bare Butts and Bryanna’s wonderful ass is making tribute to the Nu-west spanking of old.  A wooden chair,  a bare wall, one solid hairbrush and Bryanna spanked OTK.  Surprisingly Bryanna quite used to hard spankings given to her by her husband is indeed not a fan with being spanked by your Humble Narrator’s namesake. 
b7 b16 b24 b34 b42 54

Once again our young schoolgirl Rachel is indeed in trouble.  And since she has not learned from any of her other spankings at school this time she recieve a number of strokes on the bare bottom with a rather think and nasty looking cane on English Spankers
npp980012 npp980025 npp980028 npp980030 npp980021 npp980036 npp980033

Although a bit repetitive I think I am indeed enjoying Bars and Stripes punishment for violating the rules at the Woman's Prison.  You see each day of solitary they bring a new person in to spank you!  How devilish Dear reader for in solitary one only has to think about is the next spanking one will get.  I think Amelia Jane Rutherford will indeed watch her step while she is incarcerated.  Well lets hope that she doesn’t watch it too carefully. 
amelia_solitary_day3_000 amelia_solitary_day3_006 amelia_solitary_day3_014 amelia_solitary_day3_015 amelia_solitary_day3_021 amelia_solitary_day3_037

Respect for one’s elders is quite an important concept in Japan.  Dissing one’s elders of course will earn you a bare ass spanking! Particularly if your grandmother who is very displeased with your attitude has no qualms about taking you over her knee and pulling your panties down.  From Handspanking
r5-15 r5-17 r5-28 r5-40 r5-37 r5-35


1 comment to Bare Bottom Spanking for Snow Mercy and A Japanese Girl gets Spanked by her Grandmother

  • Raymond

    I don't believe Janelle is a part of an "influx" of black spanking models. She came from the older days of RS and I don't believe she returned when they re-opened. I agree with you that it is about time for more, though. Despite Outlaw's tireless efforts, there just aren't enough black girls going over the knee.

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