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Bare Bottoms and Cheerleaders. More Updates of the week.

Well my friends its not only Friday but its the weekend before Christmas.  I hope many of you are taking some well earned time off for the holiday week.  Unfortunately for your humble narrator I cannot, I have the the 2007 Spanking Awards to finish! and the last thing I would want to do is leave you Dear Reader wondering who the winners were while I goof off. 

I think its now time to finish our updates of the week. 

Lets start out with something we can all agree on this Holiday.  Lisa from Girls Boarding School is one of the most gorgeous spankee's on the scene today.  I mean look at her.  She is perfect! The only real problem is if faced with the opportunity to spank this beauty I would probably just stand there and drool on her perfect rear end rather then spank it. 
Girls Boarding School Girls Boarding School OTK Spanking Over the knee SpankingMale Spanking Female Spanking with a paddle

With the little time I have to watch the idiot box I tend watch the Discovery Channel.  From time to time they have shows about women's Prisons.  Most of it is fighting, swearing, who's"disrespecting" whom ('re behind bars, how much more disrespecting could you want)  and other idiotic behavior. But the odd thing I noticed on my reality trash TV is that none of those women bore anywhere near the striking resemblance of the lovely Nikki Flynn.  From Bars and Stripes.
Nikki Flynn Prison Spanking Nikki Flynn Spanking

There is alot of you out there that crave good old fashion M/f Domestic spanking.  I can understand this Dear Reader.  As much as I hate to say it the schoolgirl theme needs a bit of a rest for a while.  While Schoolgirls are great to spank,  Wives need a bit of correction now and then as well.  From Spanking Mags
Naughty Wife Wife Spanking Painful Spanking

I remember one day being in my girlfriends apartment when a friend of mine called me there.  After determining where we were going to meet I hung up the phone only to be asked by said girlfriend how could yours truly communicate with my friend only by grunting into the phone.  Now men for the most part can convey long and complex ideas over telecommunications by simply grunting to each other.  It is indeed a secret language.  Hence the reason why most of us cannot fathom women's obsession with talking on the phone for hours.  Luckily this pretty little thing's roommate puts an end to the yakking.  From Bad Tushy.
 Spanking Spanking Spanking

I know I ran Kailee yesterday but she is also on Firm Hand Spanking getting her very naughty bottom spanked with a HairBrush.  And since it is my absolute favorite implement I have to show it to you. 
Bare Bottom Spanking OTK Spanking Kailee Spanking Hairbrush Spanking

Many Geeks survive the angst of high school by fantasizing about sex with a pretty cheerleader.  Fortunately for me that was not the case.  I only fantasized about spanking the pretty cheerleader.  But what many geeks like myself learn over the years is that when you run into that cheerleader at your school reunion they inevitably still dressed the same they did in high school, waits tables,  has a litter of kids and lives in a doublewide.  Perhaps putting one of them over my knee back then might have done them some good.  From Spanking Server
Cheerleader ass Spanking Cheerleaders Cheerleaders Spanked

Finally for this week Elizabeth Simpson in Spank My Bottom (via SpankPass) takes this lanky tall girl over here knee to deliver a nice over the Jeans Spanking.  In a couple of interviews I have done taller girls tend to say they feel ridiculous when bent over a knee because of their height.  If they only knew how hot they looked. 
Jean Spanking Female Spanks Female F/f Spanking Spanked Girl



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