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The UK is all abuzz this week over the fact that a pretty hot girl got impregnated by a guy carrying the what perhaps is the ugliest genes on all of Europe.  So ugly might I add that Lady Diana who was very spankable up to her untimely death couldn’t do anything to improve them.  I don’t think I will ever get the British. 

Of course this is news in the states for some reason since we fought a war or two so we wouldn’t have to listen to such drivel.  But like all things American, we are of course a nation of complete and utter contradiction.  After all we are Christian but we hate the poor and of course for world peace while bombing the shit out of whomever is pissing us off.  Sometimes even with good reason!

But the real question is why indeed is our homely heir is indeed not concerned with spanking his bride rather than impregnating her.  After all do you know how hard it is to chastise a female after one has had crotch fruit?  All that yelling and screaming will certainly result in you dancing around the room singing some silly song with a poop machine instead of giving her a spanking like she deserves. 

Well Dear Reader as a tribute to the child that will do nothing with his or her life other than getting photographed by the paparazzi and live in large castles this Spanking update of the week is dedicated to whatever it might turn out to be.

My Dear Friend Dallas emailed me the other day to complain about the clouds overhead since apparently in his now found domicile they don’t listen to him shout at them.  But of course being the innovator that he is he proudly told me that his newest spanking DVD is in fact high definition Blu-Ray.  Since Your Humble Narrator detected that he was rather proud of this I do indeed want to congratulate him.  Meanwhile he is taking advantage of the fact that the deliriously cute Audrey Knight is up for a spanking award by re-releasing with never before seen footage of her very first spanking.  A treatment that she was not prepared for as she was Abigail Whittaker’s disciplinarian before this.  But she of course is a female and even female tops need to be spanked time to time.  From Dallas Spanks Hard.  
  vlcsnap-2012-12-07-20h14m49s93 vlcsnap-2012-12-07-20h15m01s209 vlcsnap-2012-12-07-20h15m18s128 vlcsnap-2012-12-07-20h15m58s15 audrey2_24 audrey2_12 

You know Dear Reader,  Spanking is indeed becoming mainstream.  Perhaps we should consider ourselves hipsters since we we spanko’s before it was cool.  Now how do I indeed know this?  Well when you have an adult star like Lexi Belle trading bare bottom smacks with Veronica Ricci in the tub.  You can be quite assured that we have indeed come out of our little hobby.  From Spanked Callgirls or the better valued 5 site Clare Fonda Pass
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Well it looks like the manliest spanker in the world is off racing cars, driving motorcycles or other testosterone fueled behavior leaving his lovely significant other Heidi in charge of his young wards.  Of course being that their wards are young incredibly hot women they simply cannot help themselves not to behave.  Lucky Karl has left a number of very effective spanking implements that can be used on their very naked bottoms.  From Spanking Server.
vlcsnap-2012-12-08-17h20m56s169 vlcsnap-2012-12-08-17h21m51s249 vlcsnap-2012-12-08-17h22m14s228 vlcsnap-2012-12-08-17h22m26s95 vlcsnap-2012-12-08-17h22m54s115 vlcsnap-2012-12-08-17h23m26s180

I have a confession to make Dear Reader,  while I do indeed appreciate the short little skirts worn in the game of tennis I absolutely detest the sport.  Not that it is a bad sport,  for when played at the professional level it is rather exciting.  Perhaps not so much as something like Football but definitely more engaging than say soccer.  Though that might be an unfair comparison since waiting for Kristen Stewart’s expression to change is infinitely more exciting.  No the ire about the game is not the game itself but the people who play it.  You see in my young years I was attendant at a country club that catered to such things.  To tell you the truth Dear Reader I have never met a group of insufferable pricks that indeed needed a spanking.   I have broken up grown women fighting over a court,  I have protected children when one of their hijinks ran afoul of what was perceived proper behavior on the courts.  These people were quite frankly assholes. As I sat there as a young man imagining giving a spanking to some of the more attractive Milfs which I managed.  I can indeed appreciate this next series by Spanking Sarah Gregory with the lovely Ten Amorette getting her bottom smacked. 
0101_tennis_team_trouble_gal2-023 0101_tennis_team_trouble_gal2-043 0101_tennis_team_trouble_gal3-002 0101_tennis_team_trouble_gal3-006 0101_tennis_team_trouble_gal3-027 0101_tennis_team_trouble_gal3-029

Speaking of Ten Amorette she apparently stole off to Jolly Old England without consulting Your Humble Narrator.  The NERVE!  But at least Pandora Blake got wind of it and decided to give her a nice hot shower when she landed.  Of course this shower included a quite painful wet bottom spanking.  From Dreams of Spanking.
Dreams-of-Spanking_filthy_BTS001 Dreams-of-Spanking_filthy055 Dreams-of-Spanking_filthy058 Dreams-of-Spanking_filthy063 Dreams-of-Spanking_filthy075 Dreams-of-Spanking_filthy078

So a 15 year old girl started a “modesty club” in her California High school.  Her quest to become the biggest outcast on the face of this earth was inspired by her younger brother who started  the “No Cussing Club”  Well Fuck, isn’t that dandier than a pile of horse shit.  Unsurprisingly they are indeed Mormons who have some how wandered away from Utah and were horrified no one was wearing their magic underwear.  I mention this because I would assume that modesty would not include wearing a Bikini in school.  Which young Riley foolishly tries and Danny Chrighton shows her this is simply not acceptable without a silly club.  From Real Spanking Institute or the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass

Finally for this week while we are Christmas shopping and speeding off the Fiscal Cliff because our Conservative crazies are demanding that we not tax the rich.  It is indeed time to realize how much we hate the holidays and cannot wait for them to be over.  In fact I am quite thankful I can do almost all my shopping online and not have to fight the masses of misguided humanity desperate to get the latest shiny bauble for their over indulged crotch fruit.  Instead I bring you back to a simpler time when we all didn’t need massive big screen televisions and  poor people didn’t get a government paid cell phone since…. well….  it was a luxury.  From Good Spanking Classics
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