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Bikini Spanking, Kailee, and one fine Schoolgirl Spanking. Part 2 of The Spanking Updates of the week

Ah the end of the week Dear Reader. Time to take a glass of wine (or a martini) and kick back and get ready for the 80 things on the honeydo list. If of course any of these projects are unreasonable you can always pull out the naughty honey list and put her over your knee for for a couple of quickie spankings.

But tonight is your own Dear Reader. You can surf the spanking net and imagine yourself with a harem of naughty girls like our so fortunate and hard working site owners. So I hope you enjoy Dear Reader the second part of Spanking Updates of the Week!

I know I have said this before (numerous times) But I gotta get my lazy ass over to eastern Europe soon. The problem is whenever I think of the place (and never been there) I think of the grainy dingy portrayal that Hollywood gives the region. But with women who look like this who the hell cares if it rains all week. From Spanking Server
Spanking Server Spanking Schoolgirl Spanked

Yup this one gets Spanking of the week You really can't get a F/f scene much better then this. Its even going to get a doubleshot tonight. From Firm Hand Spanking
Firm Hand Spanking Bikini Spanking Bare Bottom Spanking Firm Hand Spanking Bikini Spanking F/f Spanking Girl Spanks Girl

My favorite British Tomboy gets a nice bare bottom spanking for arriving late. This little tart is growing on me quite a bit. From Slut Spanking
Slut Spanking OTK Spanking Spanking

Kailee what the hell are you doing on Bad Tushy! You didn't tell yours truly about this! And I thought this was a non-spanko Site. Well Its Kailee whom I am deeply in love with, her beautiful Multicolored ass, and….. Well its Kailee. Another Doubleshot tonight.
Kailee Panty Spanking Spanked with a Paddle Bad Tushy Kailee Spanked F/f Spanking

Well Bryanna got a good spanking in last week. Lets see if her spankee (now her Spanker) returns the favor. From Spanking Bare Butts.
Spanking Bare Butts Bare Bottom Spanking Girl Spanks Girl

This is that salt & pepper haired girl from the Xerotics websites. I think I would really really like to see her take a very hard spanking over a guy's knee. She is friggen Glorious!. You can find her at Spank My Bottom (via Spankpass)
Teen Spanking OTK Spanking Spanked Teen

ooh an IT chick getting a spanking. Now I thought most of them were outsourced to India (not that I would mind spanking a few Indian girls.). Nothing like a tech geek getting spanked in Prison. From Bars and Stripes
Bars and StripesPrison Spanking Spanked Prisoner Bare Bottom Caning

And Finally for tonight Another very sexy schoolgirl spanking from Spanked Cheeks. Whomever took the Stills for the movie is a spanking photography genius. It reminds me of some of the old spanking pictures I used to download off the Usenet. I applaud Thee
Over the Knee Spanking OTK Spanking Schoolgirl Spanking


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