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Birched on her Bare Bottom and Lilly Paged Spanked on her Pretty Panties

So I went into the local pizza shop for lunch,  and I was ordering my food, the local Catholic High School must have let out since right behind me was a gaggle of 16 and 17 year olds of course clad in the traditional Catholic School Uniform.  As I fought to avert my eyes lest be branded a dirty old man leering at such girls I began to wonder who in the world designed these things! 

This we can firmly blame the sexually repressed Catholics (probably priests).  The designer lost to history inadvertently brought to our attention the pure hypocrisy of it all.  If you want your sweet innocent schoolgirls to stay that way why indeed would you dress them in short pleated skirts hiked up to mid thigh?  Now I know Dear Reader,  these of course were a year or two what we consider “of age” thus we should magically not be imagining spanking them.  But while I agree with such laws why then do we insist on sexualizing them? 

This is not a new phenomena,  Miley Cyrus didn’t just appear and decide to gyrate on a pole at the tender age of 16.  No you see there is indeed a reason girls evolved to have the ability to give birth at mid to late teens.  Now if men were not sexually attracted to them at that age then there would be no need to be fertile would there? 

Now given we live a civilized society,  we cannot just go about spanking anyone we want.  Of course this society seems intent on infantilizing our youth until they are 30. But the moral of this story is the lowly catholic school uniform has indeed proved that throughout history man has struggled with such thoughts. 

But enough Dear Reader today is indeed Thursday thus it is time to begin looking at all the wonderful spanking our Hardworking Spanking Houses have brought us. 

Let us begin with the lovely Lilly Page who is unfortunately not clad in a school uniform.  But looks as innocent as can be in the rather cute green sundress she is wearing.  Now the other key to keep our innocent girls quite innocent is to impose rules.  Namely reasonable curfews that our dear Lilly has violated.  Which of course earns her a spanking over her pretty white panties which I am sure will be coming down before to long on Punished Brats.

Lilly Page Father gives his teen daughter a spankingTeen Spanked by her father Lilly Page Spanked  Spanked over her panties OTK Spanking

Sometimes of course rules for our young ladies are not enough.  They have a habit of ignoring such rules like Blake’s refusal to clean up her room.  Young ladies also have a habit making rather foolish decisions for anyone who knows the famous Coach, knows that such young ladies will end up over his knee,  panties down around their ankles getting a rather sore bottom.  From Real Spanking or the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass.
7817_024 Teen Spanked in her bedroom Spanked over her jeans 7817_070 Paddled on the bare bottom Painful Bare Bottom Spanking

Sarah Gregory is of course the quintessential girl next door.  Now what she is doing in a prom dress getting spanked by our lovely Clare Fonda on Spanked Sweeties I know not.  Now I had a number of somewhat attractive next door neighbors who incidentally attended Catholic School.  Every afternoon I was treated to her prancing up her driveway in her uniform trying to figure out how indeed I could convince her to go over my knee for a spanking.  Of course it would not be the first time since I spanked her when we were like 9 years old which indeed would be a foreboding to things to come.  Also available though the 4 site Clare Fonda Pass
Sarah Gregory Spanked on her prom Sarah Gregory Spanked Clare fonda Spanks Sarah Gregory on the bare ass Bare Ass Spanking Spanked Girl

Aside from the gaggles of flirtatious dressed schoolgirls, now that the warm weather is here there are quite a few ladies who fit nicely into short shorts such as Lynn demonstrates this week on Real Life Spanking.  Judging from the look on her face when she see the birch she is to be thrashed with I believe she wished that she wore something a bit more substantial. 
lynn_birching_housework_P1010166 Spanked in Short Shorts Panty Spanking Bare Bottom Birching Spanked until she cries lynn_birching_housework_P1010187

Most of us have had the displeasure of stumbling across our fathers porn collection (God help me sometime in the future).  But what indeed would happen if a pretty girl like Debbie stumbles across a secret door to find her uncles private dungeon!  Well he of course teaches her not to snoop with a good hard bare bottom spanking.  From Spanking Mags
vlcsnap-2010-05-05-13h59m22s17 vlcsnap-2010-05-05-13h59m49s27 vlcsnap-2010-05-05-14h00m26s146 Spanked in a dungeon Dungeon Spanking Bare Ass Whipping

Now there are some uniforms indeed that’s soul purpose is to make the wearer look ridiculous.  Cheerleading Uniforms come to mind,  while hot, If you think about it are quite silly.  As is this reformatory uniform that our little Clover is forced to wear while she is being strapped upon the table on Sound Punishments.  Oh for the record our spankers have had a bit too much to drink since they mixed up the 2 video’s of clover.  They are both there,  just mislabeled. 
vlcsnap-2010-05-05-14h12m50s158 Clover Clover Spanked Girl gets a whoopping vlcsnap-2010-05-05-14h13m48s229 Painful bottom spanking


Speaking of Cheerleaders here is one sans Cheerleader uniform.  A quite naked Teen Jessica gets strapped for umm…. Well does anyone ever need a reason to spank Jess?  From Spanking Teen Jessica or the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass
Jessica about to be spanked by her mother 700_009 700_019 Teen Jessica paddled Naked Naked Spanking Spanking Teen Jessica Girl Strapped on the bare bottom 700_095

Of course with all this talk of girls in School uniforms it would indeed be nice to have one.  And English Spankers comes to the rescue with our naughty Rachel being caned for the headmaster having a “spot of bother” with the dear girl.  Aside from the very nice spanking she gets,  You have to love British idioms.  They don’t make much sense but they are quite amusing. 

npp1070006 Schoolgirl spanking Spanking a schoolgirl Schoolgirl caned on the bare bottom

Finally the one thing that spankers dread and spankees shout in glee is a hurt spanking hand.  How indeed can one spank naughty bottoms with an injured hand.  Now our young Japanese schoolgirl thought she had this all figured out when her mother broke her spanking hand.  Unfortunately her mother called her older sister when she started paying her mother no mind.  From Handspanking
k6-07 k6-14 k6-21 Japanese girl spanked Spanked by her sister Japanese teen spanked


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