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Canes, Brushes and Paddles Oh My!

This indeed has apparently been a hard week for our Restaurateurs Dear Reader.  It began with the virtual spanking the New York Times gave to Guy Fieri’s new mega-restaurant fame since if anyone should indeed know about food, it would be a guy on the food channel.  Now you might think I am a bit of a food snob, but let me give you a bit of advice.  If you indeed come to my beloved city and go to see the spectacle that is Time Square, do not under any circumstance eat there.  I simply don’t understand tourists who come to a city with some of the finest cuisine in the world and decide to eat at a chain restaurant in the middle of one of the biggest tourist traps in the world.  One can walk 3 blocks in any direction and find a selection of your liking that doesn’t in fact taste like 7000 calorie piece of cardboard.

Meanwhile it seems that the CEO’s of some our cardboard peddlers are quite upset about the drubbing the conservative crazies took during the elections.  CEO’s of fine eateries such as Papa Johns, and something called Jimmy Johns have all vowed to fire people because they in fact don’t want to pay for their employee’s health care since making 3 million a year is quite poorly compensated for a CEO.  However will they indeed afford their Yachts!

Talk about entitlements Dear Reader!  Since while our rich friends are indeed crying about having to pay a little more for their ability to be rich, why indeed should I not feel entitled to something.  I of course feel entitled to spank the bare bottoms of naughty girls which of course we shall do on the next installment of the Spanking Updates of the Week!

We begin with a gift Dear Reader, no not the kind of “gift” to minorities Mittbot 2.0 said that cost him the election, since there are more minorities to give stuff to than there are rich people.  No an actual gift.  Namely one Amelia Jane Rutherford in a very see though leotard getting her delightful bottom smacked by our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian!  From Spanked In Uniform.
episode20_9 episode20_3 episode20_4 episode20_6 episode20_7 episode20_8 episode20_13

The English have a fondness of the cane that we American lack.  This is of course probably because our method of corporal punishment in schools was carried out with a wooden paddle rather than their cruel device.  From the many interviews I have run with our young ladies it seems that each one is feared almost equally.  Somehow it doesn’t seem to phase Aleesha Fox when it is applied to her rather nice bare bottom.  From Northern Spanking.
NSI100-SCAA067 NSI100-SCAA080 NSI100-SCAA092 NSI100-SCAA114 NSI100-SCAA115 NSI100-SCAA116

White Republican people paranoia continues today as the head of the Republican party claims hundreds of “unfamiliar black people” showed up to vote.  This strikes him odd since of course that a) there are no black people in Maine, and b) if one wanted to commit election fraud then logically one would commit it in Maine with its whopping 4 electoral votes.  Since he is indeed from Maine I think the more likely scenario is that he is confusing black people with anyone with some pigment in their skin.  Like Italians!  Of course he would be perfectly ok with lovely Stevie Rose voting there since the only color her creamy white skin turns is red when smacked with a hairbrush!  From Good Spanking.
005 007 010 012 017 001

Well it seems that Cake Boy is enjoying himself spanking porn starlet Mishka Devlin wheelbarrow style.  Now I was going to make a snide comment about what he was going to do with the lotion after he finished spanking her.  But indeed, it would be more fun to listen to him maniacally demand “It puts lotion on its skin or it gets the bath brush again”  From Triple A Spanking.
mishka4-01 mishka4-11 mishka4-12 mishka4-49 mishka4-51 mishka4-55

Today of course ends with a Y, which of course means that the Israelis and the Palestinians are shooting at each other and indeed that Jessica is in trouble again on Spanking Teen Jessica or the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass.
1344_003 1344_053 1344_014 1344_060 1344_027 1344_062

You know Dear Reader sometimes we have to take responsibility for our wayward girls behavior.  After all it is indeed a reflection on us.  However it appears that Molly Malone is indeed not taking responsibility for her stepdaughters behavior in school.  Thus headmistress Sarah comes up with a novel approach.  Not only will her daughter be spanked but Molly as well.  From Spanking Sarah.
npp5046004 npp5046014 npp5046022 npp5046027 npp5046028 npp5046040

There are times when our lovely young ladies do something so dumb that you have to ask before you spank them “What the hell made you think that was a good idea?”  This is one of those moments for Chloe Rodgers.  It is indeed one thing to sneak off to the back of the school to smoke but lighting up in a classroom?  She indeed deserves the painful spanking she is getting.  From Sound Punishments.
P2232290 P2232294 P2232307 P2232315 P2232325 P2239696 P2239705

Finally for today our favorite Dirty Old Man has visited the local trailer park and found a new naughty girl and indeed she is quite cute.  Dear Reader Meet the rather petite Katrina who indeed has a very nice bottom.  Too bad its gets punished for the very first time.  From Spanking Coeds.
vlcsnap-2012-11-15-13h47m28s253 vlcsnap-2012-11-15-13h47m59s47 vlcsnap-2012-11-15-13h48m22s28 vlcsnap-2012-11-15-13h49m03s172 vlcsnap-2012-11-15-13h49m17s64 vlcsnap-2012-11-15-13h49m41s40


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