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Well Dear Reader after more than two weeks of a government shutdown,  bringing us within 24 hours of destroying the credit of the United States and generally annoying us with the stamping of feet and general temper tantrums because no one was willing to give them their way.  The Republican Retards of the house got exactly nothing.  Yes,  Nothing.  Which is the way you need to treat a petulant child (other than spanking them) or in this case any conservative.  Thankfully the stock market did not plummet to much and the American people have finally gotten a look at just how crazy these people are!

So while the Tea Party Tards go lick their wounds it is of course Wednesday which means its time for another batch of pretty girls to be rubbing their bottoms on the Spanking Updates of the week!

Now never having been a spanking producer,  One can reasonably assume that due to the nature of our kink,  sometimes,  a shoot goes bad.  Perhaps the girl was not ready for the rigors of getting a painful spanking.  Perhaps it dredges unwanted feeling a bad youth.  But I am indeed sure that it has happened to every spanking house you see here.  Today,  I bring you either the best actress in spanking or one that goes terribly wrong.  Dear Reader meet Johannie or favorite Mystery Spanker’s next victim….  ummm… model.  After watching one gets the impression that  someone might have just forgotten to shoot with a safe word or perhaps the model herself couldn’t remember it.  To say she found this spanking is unpleasant would be a rather large understatement. Perhaps since she came in covered with Tattoo’s  our Mystery Spanker thought she had a rather decent pain tolerance.  From her screams and flailing this appears to be untrue.  But it does make for one hell of a spanking.  From Bun Beating Fun.

vlcsnap-2013-10-16-19h22m05s191 vlcsnap-2013-10-16-19h23m00s1 vlcsnap-2013-10-16-19h24m16s252 vlcsnap-2013-10-16-19h25m14s65 vlcsnap-2013-10-16-19h28m42s105 vlcsnap-2013-10-16-19h28m59s18

You would think that our friend “The Cameraman” with all the nubile women around him spanking each other,  he would take the time to put more than a few over his knee to teach them what it feels to be man spanked.  Well,  even he could not resist the bubble butt beauty of Mary Jane’s bottom resulting him putting her over his knee for a good hard bare bottom OTK Spanking.  From Spanked Callgirls or the better valued 5 site Clare Fonda Pass 
002 009 vlcsnap-2013-10-16-20h07m01s50 012 vlcsnap-2013-10-16-20h07m07s117 014

So Crazy Mazie Dee,  brought in some moral support when she came in to get spanked by someone infinitely less annoying than King Joffery.  I of course speak of our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian.  Unfortunately the young 21 Year old Satine,  looks remarkably like Sally Sparks who incidentally is no stranger to have a hard hand applied to her bottom.  Fortunately our friend Triple A,  knows this ruse and administers a rather painful spanking while Mazie waits her turn in a little schoolgirl outfit.  From Real Life Spanking.
mas_sat2 mas_sat3 mas_sat7 mas_sat9 mas_sat10 mas_sat12

So Banksy came to my beloved city this week for a month.  Now if you have no idea who Banksy is,  welcome to the club.  Apparently he is a graffiti artist that has gained fame from those who actually pay attention to art.  So far,  his works have been painted over,  vandalized and other things because.  well…. Fuck you,  this is NYC and unless you get in the way of our power walking to wherever we want to go we simply don’t give a shit.  Besides,  any graffiti that could be done was in the 1970’s and on the side of a train.  Apparently he is big in London for some unapparent reason and from my dinner with my friend the Portly punisher,  I learned that there were places in England that weren’t indeed London.  None the less it seems that he has not done any “art” that has anything to do with spanking,  Which we all know is the proper thing to do.  Like what is happening to this long legged girl in short shorts on English Spanking
npp6036008 npp6036010 npp6036017 npp6036030 npp6036036 npp6036047

So Syrena it turns out was spanked until her mid teens by her stepfather.  Yes,  I admit this is kinda creepy.  But since he did this over her pants rather the bare bottom,  well it seems at least he had her well being at heart.  Particularly when you compare it against two 14 year old girls who were recently arrested for “Cyberbullying” in Flori-DUH.  Now while I am not for Bullying in any way shape or form, Dear Reader.  I fail to understand how putting 14 year olds in jail when a couple of good hard spankings would probably do the job.  It apparently did with Syrena.  The only after affect is that she likes to get spanked OTK style with a good hard hand.  Not the worst thing in the world.  From Real Spanking or the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass
12036_002 12036_009 12036_016 12036_025 12036_032 12036_052

I know the Slipper is a favorite among those across the pond.  But honestly I do not understand what it does.  Ones hand is probably more effective in punishing the bottom of a naughty girl.  In fact the only reason to use implements is to increase the pain level thus teaching whomever is over our knee that whatever behavior she is getting spanked for ought to stop!  Unfortunately the slipper is not the implement to do this.  But when applied to Amelia Jane Rutherford’s bare bottom it does look pretty good.  From Northern Spanking
NSI113-CA022 NSI113-CA023 NSI113-CA026 NSI113-CA027 NSI113-CA031 NSI113-CA041

Finally for today,  Well it is Japan,  So this is what happens when two really hot girls disagree on Pokémon.  From Handspanking.
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4 comments to Capitulation Spanking

  • Indeed. Indeed just keep piling on the indeeds, indeed. That'll indeed, make up for any real substance in your posts, indeed. Indeed. Indeed.

  • iwasrobert

    The Florida girls are being charged as juveniles, and while they might be committed to a residential facility that is highly unlikely given their own histories of prior abuse (alleged, admittedly, but I think legitimate), which are highly disturbing in their own right.

  • Cornertime

    This slipper business is a bit of a misnomer. A traditional slipper was made with a strong leather sole and as you can imagined was an ideal, and readily available, tool for spanking naughty young ladies. If you imagined it without the shoe part you are left with a very effective leather paddle.

    What Miss Rutherford is enjoying in the above photos is nothing more than a gym shoe called a "plimsoll" by the Brits. It is certainly not a "slipper." I have noticed this confusion before. The people who used to run SOL could never get this right but they appeared to be from the North of England so they were confused by a lot of things.

    It is easy to remember – when you get out of bed you put on your slippers, when you go to the gym you put on your plimsolls. You might also want to get out of bed pick up one of your slippers and get to work on Miss Rutherford's pretty bottom. I know I would.

  • Tim

    yes a slippering ,a plimsoll as you said was usedto whack schoolies if needed.

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