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Casey Calvert Gets her First Spanking

There should indeed be a law Dear Reader that manufacturers must not purposely make a device that simple repairs are needlessly complicated to pad their service bottom line.  It simply infuriates your humble narrator when I go to do a simple repair job only to find the company who made it does its best to thwart me. 

I have indeed come across two instances of this recently which I am still fuming about.  The first,  my electric oven.  A few days ago I was greeted while cooking something by a funny smell and indeed on further inspection it seemed that the lower element had rather rudely caught fire.  So of course panicking since at the time it didn’t occur to me that a fire in an OVEN is all that bad idea.  I quickly unplugged the unit and let itself die out.  So off the the internet I went searching how to replace an element.  It turned out rather simple,  you unscrew the base of element,  pull it out,  detach the wires,  take a new element and do the opposite.  Simple even for someone of diminished intellegence such as myself. 

So my new element finally arrived by mail and I went about fixing my beloved oven.  Upon inspection I realized while the back plate was visible the screws were obstructed by yet another back plate that covered the convection piece.  Had they made the opening another inch or so,  there would indeed be no need to remove this heavy piece of steel.  But of course.  So Dear Reader, a job that should have taken 15 minutes ended up taking more than two hours of Your Humble Narrator cursing the engineers of this device and vowing to track them down and burn down their houses. 

This is indeed akin to taking a perfectly good set of drop seat pajamas and installing a metal plate to the bottom.  Which of course brings us to finishing up this weeks Spanking Update of the Week. 

Country Music Dear Reader is known for their complaining.  Sure music like Rock and Roll does it share of whining about teen angst.  But when it comes to country music its amazing the sheer breadth of unfortunate instances that befall them.  They lose their truck,  their wife, their dog,  even their doublewide!  Strangely none of them have any songs about getting spanked which we all know plenty of their country stars have felt across their bare bottoms.  Hell I think Loretta Lynn even admitted she got spanked quite a bit.   Perhaps Stevie Rose can write a hit song on what indeed it feels like to be spanked with a fearsome wooden hairbrush and then strapped.  From Dallas Spanks Hard
rawhide2_3_06 rawhide2_3_07 rawhide2_3_08 rawhide2_3_13 rawhide2_3_14 rawhide2_3_15

Now since there is an incredibly beautiful blonde girl getting spanked over Karl’s single knee I am sure you would like to hear about my other household repair frustration.  My bathroom sink.  Now my sink has begun to leak and I have not been able to fix it since it relies on proprietary cartridges. So I decided to replace it.  Not a hard task,  turn off the water,  unhook the old one,  hook up the new one and turn the damn thing on.  Not hard even for Yours Truly’s retarded repair ability. 

So getting the parts I thought I needed and beginning the project I realized the water lines to the faucets were proprietary and would indeed have to replace them.  So back to Home Depot I went and upon purchasing my prize I thought I would indeed have a shiny new faucet installed. 

But once again I was thwarted Dear Reader since while sinks usually have two or 3 holes which are utilized it seems that this faucet was shoved through a single hole.  Now how they got this thing in there I do not know but without hacking it in half there is no way I can get this thing out.  So yet another trip to the hardware store to get a hack saw is in my future this weekend.  At least while I am cursing at this thing over the weekend I can picture this incredible girl getting an OTK Spanking over her hot pants and of course her bare bottom.  From Spanking Server
vlcsnap-2012-07-20-10h26m40s66 vlcsnap-2012-07-20-10h27m04s50 vlcsnap-2012-07-20-10h27m45s201 vlcsnap-2012-07-20-10h27m58s82 vlcsnap-2012-07-20-10h28m30s153 vlcsnap-2012-07-20-10h29m20s136

Adrienne Black is once again in trouble at school this week.  It seems her nights out are making her rather sleepy in class.  Of course she could of simply drank some coffee but a hard wooden paddle to her bare bottom is indeed also effective in keeping naughty girls awake.  From Firm Hand Spanking
catwalk_e001 catwalk_e008 catwalk_e014 catwalk_e018 catwalk_e019 catwalk_e022

Sarah Gregory has convinced a new naughty girl to come and try our little hobby.  Dear Reader meet 22 year old Casey Calvert.  At only 5’3” she is the perfect stature to be put over someone’s knee and spanked.  That someone happens to be Sarah Gregory herself.  From Sarah Gregory Spanking.
001 (1) 001 007 008 011 015

You know I love to see Lila Night spanked.  But the girl is so tiny I would be hesitant to use such a large wooden paddle on her little ass.  There is really not much padding back there to absorb the blows particularly with her bent over.  As you will agree Dear Reader that spankings should indeed be painful but not to risk life and limb.  From Real Spanking Institute or the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass

Birching indeed has a long and storied history.  Used on the bare bottoms of boys and girls alike.  In fact the Victorians were so enthusiastic about birching they invented dresses and outfits that allowed the Bircher access to a lady’s bare bottom without violating the rest of her modesty unlike what is happening to poor Clover Rock and Friend.  From Spanking Sarah
npp4052013 npp4052024 npp4052034 npp4052035 npp4052042 npp4052049

Finally for this week Catalina L’Amour learns exactly what happens when you “accidently” steal from your roommate who believes in spanking.  From Good Spanking Classics.
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2 comments to Casey Calvert Gets her First Spanking

  • Those paddles certainly do a good job as the red cheeks after clearly show. Casey Calvert's nude spanking from Sarah Gregory was very nice.

  • smuccatelli

    All lovely spankings on lovely backsides. I'm not really into the birching thing though, even though the two maids plump behinds are quite compelling.

    Can't really address your oven issue, but the supply line connectors on your bathroom sink should definitely NOT be proprietary. And the "one hole" faucet should have a threaded shaft and a nut to hold it in underneath the sink. Of course, since you're shopping at Home Depot, I'm sure you can find an illegal immigrant in the parking lot who can install it for you for a nominal fee… :-)

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