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Chloe Elise Gets Spanked and Her Mouth Washed Out With Soap, Pretty Blonde and her Friend Spanked For Not Wearing a Seat-Belt, And Francesca Lé Gets her First Spanking On The Spanking Updates Of The Week.

For my long time Readers I assume that you noticed that Your Humble Narrator chose not to spew forth my liberal ideology on election night.  I felt Dear Reader since the far reaching effect that some of you feel The Spanking Spot has to influence  136 million people voting, I didn’t want to unduly influence the election.  But Dear Reader today the Party of reason and wimpy wine drinking windsailers has vanquished the party of Ignorance and Fear.  So for the next 4 years they will desparately cling to guns and Religion. 

But I actually fear for my Republican friends!  for the next few months will be quite a interesting time in their party.  You see Dear Reader Democrats have had quite a bit of experience in losing in recent history.  When that happens we tend to go smoke a doobie,  perhaps sing kum by yah, Listen to Nick Cave and in a few days we feel better about ourselves.  Republicans on the other hand when faced with the spanking they got yesterday pull out the knives.  And there will be blood.  The problem is Dear Reader, is that while most of the concepts that gave rise to modern conservatism were quite good, The Republicans made a deal with the Devil in 1980 to bring us the small government utopia.  That deal with the religious nutcases that dominate in our most rural and ignorant areas will now more then likely eat the party alive.  There are simply no more reasonable moderate Republicans left!  The corporate elite might hold the money Dear Reader but the Religious Lunatics hold the zeal and the brawn. 

This of course will neither bode well for Democrat or Republican, Dear Reader.  For a party who holds almost absolute power (the Democrats) Absolute power corrupts absolutely.  And the opposition party who believes that the world is 6000 years old, people who blow up planned parenthood clinics aren’t terrorists and we should keep someone artificially alive who hasn’t moved in 10 years simply won’t be accepted outside JesusLand.   Yes indeed Dear Reader these should be an interesting few years.

Now that the election is over I promise that I will stick to spanking for the foreseeable future. Though Barbara Bachman will eventually really need a Good spanking.   So without further ado.  Lets go to The Spanking Updates of the Week!

Lets begin with the Caning of 19 year Old Claudia.  A very shy country girl from outside the big city she has come across an ad promising needed money for a starving college student for the simply act of getting caned! Coming from the eastern European Countryside we can at least assume she is familar with spanking so this would be a piece of cake right?  Wrong!  Though honestly this simple yet very attractive country girl blew away my expectations.  I figured it would be over once they broke the cane across her naked ass.  But Claudia gritted her teeth and continued getting a total of 21 strokes.  She didn’t make it to all 50 but I give her a standing ovation for her attempt.  From Mood Castings
claudia_002 claudia_021 claudia_023 claudia_030 claudia_035

Our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian on Real Life Spankings who is indeed NOT from Amsterdam has quite a busy schedule.  Stacy and Sharon who made their spanking debut a couple of weeks ago just “happened” to be in his neighborhood.  Not {gasp} wearing seatbelts!.  Now the one thing my mother always drilled into my brain was to ALWAYS wear your seatbelt.  The ironic thing is the only serious accident I was ever involved with I was thinking the exact same thing as I got flung out the side window since I was indeed not wearing my seatbelt.  Well lucky for these girls AAA (or triple A) teaches them a lesson on why seatbelts are absolutely manditory. 
stacy_sharon_seatbelts_P1010515 stacy_sharon_seatbelts_P1010522 stacy_sharon_seatbelts_P1010532 stacy_sharon_seatbelts_P1010542 stacy_sharon_seatbelts_P1010549

Now this is good.  This is the Adult actress Francesca Lé coming to meet our lovely Chelsea Pfeiffer at Good Spankings (or her 2 site special).  Now,  I happen to be smitten with a Columbian Girl as of recent Days.  This Francesca Lé is a spitting image of her! hmm,  perhaps I should run a bit of a background check.  Not that there is anything wrong with her profession but I would have to assume that should they be one in the same considering what she has experienced other then my spanking she might be a bit dissapointed. 
431px-Kristal_Summers_Francesca_Le 004 016 016a 026

So this gentleman is not our lovely Pandora Blake’s significant other.  Poor Bastard……  Well he does get to spank her after all so perhaps we should not take pity on him. From English Spankers
english-spankersnpp-831009 english-spankersnpp-831031 english-spankersnpp-831080 english-spankersnpp-831057 english-spankersnpp-831105 english-spankersnpp-831084 english-spankersnpp-831121

Well there is no Sara Bergman getting her bottom beaten but she watches her friend Birdy dressed quite inappropriately for work (and perhaps clubbing).  Sarah will get her ass spanking in the next update.  Meanwhile poor Birdie appears that she will be out on the town with her red ass peaking underneath her way to short dress.  From HD Spank or a 14 site special for 139 euros
vlcsnap-635619 vlcsnap-635918 vlcsnap-636119 vlcsnap-636402

Now I have to know how many times Chloe Elise’s mouth was washed out with soap in her lifetime.  The girl while pleasant and beautiful has quite the wicked tounge.  Somehow Your Humble Narrator thinks that it “just” might have gotten her into trouble in the past.  Then again I find it hard to believe that anyone tasting soap would willingly do it again.  Chloe why don’t you tell us!  From Punished Brats
IMG_017 IMG_041 IMG_043 IMG_064 IMG_065

I’ll tell you a little secret.  Clare totally fucked up taking pictures the tomboy Sarah Faye getting the crap spanked out of her.  She told Your Humble Narrator in confidence.  Thus I tell you Dear Reader.  While she managed to get the majority of the pictures of this girl getting spanked.  It took a bit.  What do you think Dear Reader,  should her Tushy get Tanned for her carelessness?  From Spanked Sweeties.
IMG_3131 IMG_3073 IMG_3095 IMG_3108

I will have to say Dear Reader that thoughout Yours Truly’s life I have always hated ties.  The problem is when you put a tie on a female (particularly in a schoolgirl uniform) the useless ties suddenly become quite an interest.  More so when they hand uselessly when their owner is across the knee getting the OTK spanking of a life time.  From Spanked at Home
mov043_pic20 mov043_pic21 mov043_still12 mov043_still14 mov043_still38

When I was young I was made to go to CCD.  For those who don’t know the term its pretty much a catholic indoctrination by idiots who have never once read any of the documents that make Catholicism less idiotic then other religions.  I tell you this Dear Reader since in my CCD Class was the “IT Girl”  Cheerleader, popular girl , etc etc.  Interestingly her mother was our idiot attempting to indoctrinate us young impressionable souls.  Well our “IT” girl made the mistake of ignoring then mouthing off to her mother at our little CCD Class.  This of course was met with a quick smack across the face and then her bent over a desk getting smacked in yet another part of the body.  Well Donna was brainless but she indeed wasn’t a criminal unlike our other “IT” Girl Rachel Lloyd. From Bars and Stripes
rachel_theitgirl_159 rachel_theitgirl_164 rachel_theitgirl_168 rachel_theitgirl_174 rachel_theitgirl_182

And Finally for tonight.  I know there is no bare bottom spanking in this one.  But Wow,  just wow.  From
n1-16 n1-21 n1-25 n1-39 n1-40


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  • Sorry to correct you again, but when I said that it was my other boyfriend who objecst to my doing spanking parties, I didn't mean to suggest that Tom isn't also my boyfriend. You know I have two, right? This is one of them. The one that tends to spank me in films, and who wouldn't mind me doing parties :)

  • g'day brush,

    the stunningly exquisite francesca le has shot many vids with chelsea pfeiffer, among other companies, as I think you know–your blog headline seemed to imply she was getting her first spanking.

    guess i'm just being a spanko-nerd. I'm also a Huge Francesca Le fan (tho, who isn't?) and have created several shrines..errm…well, blog posts about this Goddess.

    Love those panties Sarah Faye has on in the pix you posted here. Lovely brat she is.

    Good bloggin to ya,

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