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Chloe Elise Spanked in Overalls and A Spanking In Metallic Spandex

Welcome Back Dear Readers to the remainder of the Spanking Updates of the week.  I have noticed that some of you with sensitive eyes have an issue with white upon black.  To tell you the truth one of my main concerns with this theme is the brightness of the text since I too have sensitive eyes.  So indeed let me play with it the text color and attempt to make this fine theme and ugly mess.  Being quite color blind Your Humble Narrator of course has the color coordination of Clare Fonda’s Couches. 


So without further ado (or bragging about the Yankee’s) let us get on with some hot buns spanked!


Your Humble Narrator is indeed not a patient person.  And when I saw the incredibly cute Bailey Sullivan getting her first spanking with Northern Spanking.  I of course wanted to share it with you.  I find the girl quite cute indeed (she has her own site Spanking Bailey which I am not entirely sure she shoots for anymore).  Being another example of the cute girl next door you wish you had growing up.  Unfortunately the first update NSI posted of her lacked well… spanking!  But the second update more than makes up for that with some hard spanking over her bright white panties.  Knowing Lucy and Paul I am sure those will be removed rather shortly. Perhaps my only real quibble is that she looks 100 times better with her hair down. 
Teen about to get a spanking Teen Spanked over her Panties Father spanks Daughter Bailey Sullivan Spanked


Alright I shall admit it,  I have a inexplicable fetish for overalls.  Particularly ones with shorts.  Yes I know they are typically unattractive, and make ones bottom look fat.  Perhaps it was my childhood infatuation with the Beverly Hillbillies.  The fact that the adorable Chloe Elise is getting spanked in Yours Truly favorite outfit is almost overwhelming!  I can indeed hardly see the screen my swoon is so strong!  From My Spanking Roommates or the infinitely more satisfying 4 site Clare Fonda Pass
Chloe Elise Girl spanked in Overalls Chloe gets a spanking in overalls Panty Spanking Bare bottom Spanking OTK Spanking


I have this picture in my mind of Dallas with a big slobbery dog wandering around some un-named park filled with incredible looking girls.  Being the fact that this is THE SPANKO’s dog I would imagine it is indeed well trained to seek out the females with the most spankable bottoms and limp quite pathetically. Once the female of choice heart melts Dallas is then free to convince her to take a good hard spanking.  Kat St James is indeed that unfortunate girl this week.  And while she looks hot in the shiny metallic spandex I doubt it offers much protection against Dallas’s blistering spanking.  From Dallas Spanks Hard.
Spanked in Spandex Painful Spanking
Kat St. James gets her Bare Ass Spanked Dallas Spanks Hard Bare Bottom Spanking Over the Knee Spanking


Now that the old people have quieted down about Death Panels and how dare we extend what they already get to the rest of us, the Universal Health Care Bill in the US is coming to a vote.  Sadly the bill has no provision for spanking those in poor health.  Then again that indeed might be counter productive since young attractive ladies tend to be in quite good health thus leaving us smokers and McDonalds loving fatties as the main receivers.  And who the hell would want to spank me!  But we can dream can’t we?  And the folks from Punished Brats give Andi Rae a lesson in preventative medicine which includes a rather sore bottom. 
Bare Ass Spanking Andi Rae Gets Spanked Spanked Red Bottom Spanked with her pants down


HELP I have been Spanked AND I CAN’T GET UP.  Well at least that what the series “Medical Alert” at Firm Hand Spanking suggest. Our lovely Redhead Allison Miller who took her first OTK Spanking from a male a couple of weeks ago now finds herself spread eagled on a table getting a taste of the Strap.  Besides why should Doctors have all the fun!  From Firm Hand Spanking
Allison Miller Strapped on the bare ass Allison Miller gets paddled spread eagle Hard Paddling on the bare


PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT!  When entering your home with your domineering lesbian roommate when she asks you where you have been until 4:30 in the morning it is probably not wise to respond with “Clubbing and Fuckin”  (Though English Girls have such a flair when swearing).  This (as in this case) will not only ensure a hangover the next day but a rather sore bottom!  From Slut Spanking
vlcsnap-1669487 F/f OTK Spanking Lesbian Spanking vlcsnap-1670127


Well Girls Boarding School didn’t post pictures of Irelynn Logeen debut Spanking.  So being the hard working Spanking Blogger that I am I had to download the entire movie and take screen shots for you Dear Reader.  I had to sit though the entirety of a incredibly hot redhead getting the spanking of her life.  Geez,  the things I do for you guys.  Even Better it looks like Tom is BACK!  Not the Tom we have seen of late, but the frustrated Tom we have come to know and love,  shouting STUPID GIRRRL.  Sometimes one should not fix what is indeed not broken. 
Irelynn Logeen Teen Getting a spanking Spanked on in Pajamas Painful Spanking Spanked over the Bed vlcsnap-1677739


Now this is what I am talking about.  Real Spanking Institute is starting to chug despite Mr. M’s rather sore arm.  Lilia is their newest naughty girl in need of a spanking and a spanking she shall have!  Somehow I think she is rethinking her behavior with the application of that strap her her bare bottom.  She is almost spanked to tears from her first spanking!  Also available though the better valued (In my opinion) 8 site Real Spanking Pass.
Naked Teen Hard Teen Spanking Teen gets a her bottom strapped Naked Teen Spanking


I don’t get Spanking Sites that Debut a new spankee but don’t show her getting spanked.  Yes I is indeed nice to show her with a pristine rear.  But that indeed only entertains us for a short time!  Spanking Casting brings us Monique with long legs, a excellent ass and big brown eyes inspecting the implements with which she is is to be spanked.  She even tries out a few positions.  So spank her already!
Spanking Debut Your going to spank me with what! Bent over and waiting for a spanking Spank me now


When I am old and chasing small children off my lawn.  I do indeed hope that in addition to the onion on my belt Your Humble Narrator will indeed have the chance to spank young ladies like this Gentleman.  Given they might not enjoy the smell of the onion but then again would they enjoy getting caned?  From Strict Spanking
Daughter about to get a spanking Father Spanks daughter naked Image43 Hard Caning


And Finally with her Jeans pulled down and restraining her legs from kicking from the spanking she is getting from my Dear Chelsea Pfeiffer.  Sinn Sage looking quite the cute geeky girl.  There is indeed something sexy about spanking a nerdy girl.  Perhaps it stems from that childhood experience of the smartest girl in the class asking a long a complicated question 4 minutes before school is to be out.  From Spank Sinn
Sinn Sage Gets A Bare Bottom Spanking Chelsea Pfeiffer Spanks Sinn Sage Hard F/f Spanking Spanked Bottom



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