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Clare Fonda Gets Spanked for Missing Last Weeks Updates and Irelynn Logeen gets a OTK Spanking

Well Dear Reader the Winter Olympics are upon us and sadly there is no spanking competition included in the venue.  I would indeed have to think that if we ever get such a wonderful sport added it should indeed be included in the winter rather than the summer Olympics.  The summer is simply too hot for delivering a good hard spanking and indeed Dallas’s perspiring punishments would indeed benefit from the cooling temperatures. 

This year’s non spanking Olympics are to be held in Vancouver this year,  another thing I found odd since anyone I have ever known who went there says it rains pretty much all the time and everyone is constantly stoned.  Which might indeed be a place for me to visit some day.  But of course the conservatives of that country have been trying to import the incredible waste of money the War on Drugs has given their neighbors to the south despite not one iota of proof that a little weed that grows naturally is indeed addictive.  It might of course make one stupid,  a arguably true statement but considering the combined IQ of our leaders that came up with the brilliant idea to outlaw a plant it might dumb us down a bit to their level. 


But as we hotly anticipate the opening of the 2010 winter Olympics (rumor has it they are going to light a giant spliff with a flaming arrow and O Canada will be performed by Bob and Doug McKenzie) you of course can bide the time with The Spanking Updates of the Week!


Now last week I suggested that our Dear Clare Fonda needed a good hard spanking for failing to turn in her updates on time.  Alas someone took notice!  Now she apparently mouthed off to James Mitchell since in addition to her bare bottom spanking she gets a mouthful of soap!  Such a shame, considering she looks like she has been working hard on her find bottom since it looks quite toned in those little ruby red panties.   From Spanked Callgirls or the 4 site Clare Spanking Pass.
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Our Dear Little redhead Irelynn Logeen has managed to cross Headmaster Tom’s ire this week on Girls Boarding School.  Looking almost angelic getting an OTK Spanking over her white pants they of course quickly come down as our hear attempts to make that fine bottom of hers match the color of her hair. 
prod0582_pic19 prod0582_pic20 prod0582_pic21 prod0582_pic02 prod0582_pic10 prod0582_pic22 prod0582_pic18


Our friend Peter Schoober is back after recovering from his unfortunate incident with his Toyota and a herd of goats Dear Reader.  Reportedly stating that the unfortunate goats were indeed delicious even after they were Toyota bumper flavored he is indeed ready to get back to his spanking duties.  Picking out one his favorite (and mine) little shorts for the naughty schoolgirl Kathy to be spanked in (where indeed are these schools that require such attire!) her bare bottom is soon exposed to get a taste of the paddle from our superior spanker.  From Spanking Server
snapshot20100210150109 snapshot20100210150140 snapshot20100210150158 snapshot20100210150216


Our Lovely Chelsea Pfeiffer is indeed a multi talented woman.  Aside from being a premiere spanker, a top notch interior decorator (Clare take note), Cat lover, Zombie survivalist and cook she is also quite the gardener.  Now being one myself there is indeed no more aggravating thing than to have ones plants pilfered by someone without asking.  I too find this behavior strange since I have yet to meet a Gardner who would not share their bounty if asked.  In fact most of us feel its quite a complement!  So imagine our Dear Chelsea’s horror as she found her neighbor stealing her fine herbs.  Now given faced with an zombie apocalypse she might not be inclined to share but indeed throngs of undead are no where to be found.  Thus a Spanking is in order.  Ariel X is just lucky she didn’t use the garden sheers!  From Good Spanking
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I was reading a advice column the other day and a rather clueless parent wrote in.  She told of receiving an antique Liquor cabinet fully stocked as a gift.  Now being the rather pervasive drinker I am,  Your Humble Narrator of course salivated at such a fine present.  But the clueless parent didn’t see this gift as a good thing since she had “teens” in the house and how was she going to prevent them from enjoying this fine gift.  Now as we all know once a child hits 16,  they will rabidly seek out liquor and down it with abandon before one can do anything about it!  In fact I hear Mothers Against Drunk Driving is trying to ban all liquor stores in 7 miles of a teen since their keen sense of smell will drive them insane at the sweet aroma of wine.  Now oddly enough I knew a girl back when who indeed raided her father’s stash.  Unfortunately for her while she did noticed the lines drawn on the bottles they were considerably below the contents.  What she didn’t know is that her father drew the lines with the bottle upturned!  Thus caught she confided in me that she wouldn’t ever be doing that again considering the ramifications of which are vividly illustrated below.  From Spanking Family
FAM0016-008 FAM0016-014 FAM0016-054 FAM0016-079


Another girl who’s parents weren’t as clueless as our advice seeking fools was Derek’s parents whom she explained on Girl Spanking Girl spanked her well into her mid-teens.  Which probably suggested to her that she might refrain from drinking her parents alcohol.  Or perhaps if the parents had the respect of the teens they might tell them politely that they are not to tough it.  Those things tend to work of course.  Else a plastic spoon (wooden is of course better) on the bare bottom is also a rather effective deterrent.  From Spanked Sweeties
003 007 011 018


Elizabeth Simpson is on Fetish Flixx this week and gives her old man a bit of a struggle to avoid her well deserved spanking.  And why not? Since it is indeed probably the hardest spanking I have ever seen her get on her bare buttocks.  Now I can imagine why since she managed to run up a 700 pound phone bill (that’s like $1600 in real money) which would cause any of us to give her a spanking she would remember.  And indeed it is hard enough for her to remember. 
vlcsnap-846093 vlcsnap-846410 vlcsnap-846597 vlcsnap-846673 vlcsnap-847030 vlcsnap-847739


Lisa has come back to our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian for a good hard bare bottom OTK Spanking this week.  She apparently missed the discipline that he gave her and for her return he gives her probably the hardest spanking she has received.  From Real Life Spanking
lisa_hard_spanking_P1010145 lisa_hard_spanking_P1010148 lisa_hard_spanking_P1010156 lisa_hard_spanking_P1010157


Dancer is well… A Dancer!  With her well defined curves and rather spankable bottom she gets the cane for not studying her routine this week on English Spankers
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Anna has come to Rough Man Spank for a good hard bare bottom whipping of course tied to their rough signature bench.  She does pretty well for all intents and purposes for a girl with her pants down and getting whipped. 
49001 49039 49042 49088


And Finally for Today I have absolutely no idea what is going on here at Handspanking this week and its highly unlikely that I can make up a more amusing weird and wonderful story than whatever gets this girl a spanking from her student. 
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