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County Sheriff Bad Girl Spanking


Title:Broken Laws and Busted Butts 2


Starring: Megan, Dee, Allison


Produced By: Raven Hill Studio’s


Distributed by:


Runtime:  01:02:46


Price:  7 day rental $5.99 Lifetime: $12.95 (or a la cart with purchased minutes)


Well Dear Readers after I reviewed Beach Girl Spanking 3 I got a ton of request that I indeed review another one from our delivery challenged Raven Hill Studio.  It seems to your Humble Narrator that if vlcsnap-12187059people enjoy your spankings and actually have a way to recieve the merchandise they purchased they want more!  Who knew!  Furthermore when one goes to a website free of attack warnings (Like Raven Hill’s) they tend to enjoy your material.  My goodness,  delivering your merchandise and not trying to install spyware on your customers computers?  Unheard of!  


Thankfully Dear Reader we have to the rescue.  A site I am indeed putting my good name behind to fulfill what Raven Hill obviously could not.  The sad thing indeed is that Raven Hill  makes some damn good spanking video and indeed if they had simply figured out they actually have to ship their merchandise they  would be a premier spanking site today. 


But alas that is not to be which is indeed why I am reviewing vlcsnap-12187749Broken Laws Busted Butts 2 for the sake of and not Raven Hill.  At the very least I can sleep soundly knowing that you dear reader are guaranteed to get what you paid for.  In fact I am so impressed with them and the people who run it I may just open my own co-branded spanking video site with them.  Of course the Spanking Spot guarantee will be in effect.  For everything but the Lifetime streaming.  It is not that I do not trust them but rather a lifetime is indeed a long time.  Things happen and companies go out of business and if you have to rely on a server streaming your material to you one only has access to it while the bills are paid.  But again other than tvlcsnap-12193609hat I find its a thrifty alternative to watch some of your favorite spanking video’s


Now Let us get on with actually reviewing the movie shall we?  I came across clips of this classic back in  the days of the UseNet and Wulfram’s domination of the internet spanking scene and being a budding spanko I was indeed impressed so let us see if time indeed has been kind to this reverent title. 


Our Tale begins with three girls waiting for the Sherriff Melissa a rather attractive schoolgirl from the early 90’s, Megan a preciously defiant teen with a short skirt and bobbed hair and Allison, Megan’s sister who has come in place of her parents.  It seems that Melissa and Megan (M&M for short) have gotten into a bit of trouble for which they were given the choice of community service or a good hard bare bottom spanking and you Dear Reader of course can figure out which one they chose.  vlcsnap-12197441


Now for those of you unfamiliar with our American West,  this indeed is not such a far fetched notion.  As Sheriff Joe Arpaio has shown us County Sheriffs can pretty do just about anything they please legal or illegal including intimidation of judges, false search warrants and baseless charges.  So indeed spanking is not so far fetched. 


In any case as the girls wonder what is to befall them we find that these naughty girls are not the brightest particularly when one asks “what do you think happens when you come here to get a spanking?”  And while the answer might be the obvious one Megan’s older sister relays some information that she heard from girls that made the visit before. vlcsnap-12197579


Our sheriff enters and begins to go though all the administrative tasks with the girls, which indeed requires quite a bit of paperwork to get their bottoms spanking.  He informs them the first to recieve her punishment is the pouty and defiant Megan and indeed her kind sister insists on going with her. 


Once in the punishment room our Sly sheriff wastes no time in executing the punishment.  Turned over his knee and her skirt and panties immediately pushed aside he begins her spanking.  Now from young Megan’s reaction within the first 3 or so smacks she is indeed wondering why she didn’t do the 50 hours of community service.  With her sister there trying to comfort the squirming girl she reacts like a girl that has realized that she has made a grave mistake. 

vlcsnap-12199747 vlcsnap-12201080 vlcsnap-12202572 vlcsnap-12204463

vlcsnap-12204580 I will tell you Dear Reader,  This is either excellent acting from a spanked girl or indeed she was not expecting her spanking to be so intensely painful.  Our Sherriff does not go easy on her delivering a bottom blistering spanking while ignoring both the plea’s of the now crying girl across his knee and her sister.  Even the spanked girl’s calls for divine intervention are ignored. 


After her OTK spanking the next part of her punishment is of  course the paddle.  Our crying schoolgirl tries to compose herself as her sister pleads with the Sheriff,vlcsnap-12204861 but to no avail!  But the phone rings!  Could it be our crying girl may indeed get a reprieve!  Ah but it is but cruel false hope and the hopeful Megan is put over the horse for 30 bottom blistering smacks from the wooden paddle.  The young girl now quite punished indeed will not be doing any more vandalizing again.  But the Sheriff tells her sister that the phone call was to inform him that there was a problem with Megan’s sisters license found from the paperwork she filled out and she should go take care of it. 


vlcsnap-12207495 vlcsnap-12208267 vlcsnap-12208425 vlcsnap-12209528


Now our poor Melissa is waiting out in the hallway horrified from the sounds emanating from the punishment room and the crying vlcsnap-12217444girl that exits out of it and she is indeed called in next. We find out that she was convicted of driving without a license a spankable offence indeed   Once again put across the Sheriff knee and her panties pulled down our hard handed sheriff amazingly spanks her harder than the first!


Now unlike Megan, Melissa is one to suffer in silence, the bruising bottom beating that he gives her.  In fact she endures at least 5 or so minutes of a significantly hard OTK Hand Spanking before our Sheriff gets a rise out of our poor 90’s throwback.   Now one rather dastardly thing our Sheriff does is ask her when she is indeed ready for her paddling.  Wracked with pain from her stinging bottom our young Melissa apparently mistakes this as an offer to face less of the wooden paddle but of course we know this is indeed not true thus she prolongs her over the knee spanking!

vlcsnap-12222508 vlcsnap-12223960 vlcsnap-12224981 vlcsnap-12225922


But now it is indeed time for the paddle for Poor Melissa.  He gives her an uneventful but hard paddling over the horse

vlcsnap-12242976 vlcsnap-12244732 vlcsnap-12245351 vlcsnap-12245485


vlcsnap-12249465 Meanwhile Dear Readers Megan’s sister has been outside trying to figure out the issue of her license. Finding out she owes more than $600 in tickets a smarter careless lady would have run for the door but since she took her younger sister to get spanked she of course needs to set an example!  Again disturbed by the crying girl rubbing her tender bottom running out the door as she waits. 


Facing her father’s car being impounded she waits to see if she can work something out with our spanking Sheriff.  Pleading with the Sheriff about the possible impound he reluctantly agrees to give our blonde Allison a spanking in lieu of impounding her fathers car.  A wise vlcsnap-12253652 request on her part since one would cringe to think of the spanking he father would give her should such a thing occur.


Now indeed Dear Readers, kicking and screaming for a girl getting a spanking must be in the gene’s since Allison is even louder than her younger sister.  Our dedicated public servant with his sore hand indeed gives her a pretty good spanking with what is left of his strength all the while trying to control Allison's kicking legs and managing not to get a headache from her screeches. 

vlcsnap-12254889 vlcsnap-12255861 vlcsnap-12255128 vlcsnap-12259260


But she is not to get only a handspanking.  The other girls got the paddle after all.  Ignoring her pleading once again our hero law enforcement officer puts her over the spanking horse to deliver a butt burning paddling on her now glowing ass. 

vlcsnap-12263708 vlcsnap-12265255


So I guess the fair question is if this most classic of spankings has held up though the ages.  The answer is a resounding yes!  Perhaps one of the best spanking films of the era.  In addition to these bottom burning spankings they have a amusing blooper reel that I found quite entertaining.  It does add a bit of length to the movie but I would argue it is indeed fair.  The movie does suffer some issues common at the time such as some minor focus issues and almost hilarious acting by the girls.  But these are indeed minor issues making it still one of my all time favorites


Once again if you’re interested Dear Reader this fine title can be found here Broken Laws and Busted Butts 2



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  • iwasrobert

    A bit off-topic, but… Brushstrokes you are a man of your word with regards to the guarantee business.

    This is a key point of difference between The Spanking Spot and other, I daresay lesser, affiliate-based blogs. Perhaps the guarantee deserves its own page with a link in the top navigation bar? Basically it's free advertising for you and a reassurance for nervous first-time visitors.

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