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You know Dear Reader, the fact that my resemblance is not unlike a troll I know something about being ugly.  Now there is nothing wrong with winning the opposite of the genetic lottery,  It has to happen to someone.  But it is quite disconcerting when you encounter a high concentration of us. 

Much like the Midwest girl who was known at the prettiest in her class and arrives in LA to make it big only to realize the city is literally filled with beautiful people with varying degrees of more and slightly less attractive than she.  I have realized that my workplace seems to have the habit of hiring the most stupendously ugly people they can find so much so a few females have told me I am attractive!

Now not to appear misogynistic but being a straight male I usually notice the lack of attraction of the females before the males.  To be quite sophomoric,  I would say that the by far most attractive female might be a 7 in my beloved city.  But even that is an exception than the rule.  The truth is if you walked into my office you would get the impression we scoured my adopted New England for the most physically unattractive people we could find,  including (before I get yelled at), myself! 

So this post is indeed dedicated to the ugly people in this world (which apparently all work in my office).  We shall celebrate this by viewing the beautiful people in the world getting rather painful spankings on the beginning of the Spanking Updates of the Week!

We begin today with two girls that are the antithesis of ugly,  the wonderful Molly Malone and of course the oddly named Bow who as any teacher knows when one leaves two schoolgirls in a room together only mischief can indeed follow.   From English Spankers
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Now there has been another controversial case concerning the use of corporal punishment in the schools. You see Dear Reader we have apparently become convinced that short people should indeed be entirely covered in bubblewrap.  In Ohio this week a young girl of 11 years old was acting up in school.  After numerous suspensions and various other punishments showed ineffective the school contacted the mother about paddling her.  As you might imagine she gave her permission since if you can’t keep your kid from acting up at school,  why not let someone else spank her.  She was horrified,  mind you that there were bruises on her buttock as we all know occurs when applying a wooden paddle even to a clothed bottom.  So in a reasonable and acting under good faith she brought the girl to the emergency room since bruised buttocks are almost always life threatening. As proved here since after her spanking Elizabeth Baxter quite publically dropped dead.  From Sound Punishment
_DSC1152 _DSC1159 _DSC1175 _DSC1179 _DSC1186 _DSC1220

But what I ask is the essence of beauty?  After all in the west up until most recent times it is a woman who exhibits a well proportioned child bearing body vs the boyish looks that celebrities sport now.  In ancient china is was the size of females feet.  I am sure indeed that some would find my significant other quite homely and others (hopefully the majority) disagreeing with that description quite vehemently.  I for one prefer the more petite girls for a spanking since Your Humble Narrator is indeed height challenged in addition to reveling in ones ugliness.  Thus it is no surprise that I delight in the petite Mei Mara making her debut on Punished Brats.
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In other news Valerie Bryant (aka Firm Hand Spanking Moderator Sabrina Scott) gets a lesson on how much bath brush spankings hurt.  In addition since they allowed her to keep her panties on and just hike them up offering no protection they don’t have to do any really bad photoshopping. 
tlc_be001 tlc_be011 tlc_be014 tlc_be020 tlc_be022 tlc_be024

Our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian is back from vacation,  as many of us face whenever we spend a week out of the office.  The there is quite a bit of work backed up.  Now for you and I,  it is generally unpleasant.  but when you spank girls for a living I cannot think of a better excuse to go back to work.  From Real Life Spanking.
christa_friday_reminder_P1010446 christa_friday_reminder_P1010450 christa_friday_reminder_P1010451 christa_friday_reminder_P1010455 christa_friday_reminder_P1010458 christa_friday_reminder_P1010461

So Real Spanking has a new girl,  Dear Reader meet 26 year old Samara who is no stranger to spanking.  Somehow she likes it! Also from Real Spanking Pass

Finally for tonight once the older sister and the mother saw that this incredibly hot schoolgirl could summon Mothra.  Well the notion of getting spanked on the bare bottom vs the destruction of all of Tokyo seemed reasonable.  From Handspanking
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