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Do Moms Need Spankings Too?

Welcome back Dear Reader for another week of fun filled Spanking.  Yesterday of course was Mothers day.   I mention this because there are really two times in our females lives where they mistakenly think they are two old to be spanked.  The first time is when they reach young adult hood.  They feel they have left childhood behind and indeed are way to old to be paddled for their misdeeds.  As we see week after week this of course cannot be farther from the truth.

The second time in their lives when they have such delusion is of course when they become mothers.  They are of course responsible for the upbringing of another human being. Surely they are responsible enough not to be spanked for their misdeeds.  But indeed Dear Reader as we know no girl is ever too old for a Spanking.  The addition of young ones simply means that one has to take care not to make too much noise when you have their mother over your knee otherwise explanations could indeed be awkward.

Now I am not suggesting you Spank your mother for Mothers day.  That would be rather weird if not outright repulsive.  But one does need to acknowledge that she probably needs one from time to time.  Perhaps in addition to the grocery store flowers you bought in haste on Sunday morning you should present her patriarch with a paddle or some such implement.  After all mothers do get rather bratty on mothers day.

But Alas Dear Reader with the start of another week,  it is of course time to kick off our weekly look at what our other hard working spanko’s are doing out there.

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